The Most Fun and Interesting Hearthstone Decks.

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“Hello. My friends my name is both mathematician. And this is a lemon sunny. Today.

Today. We have prepared a list of the most interesting decks for each class in to do this we. Followed. The meta and took an analysis of some decks from popular resources.

We also found some interesting versions of popular decks and collected some unpopular but interesting archetypes over the past week. We conducted tests on many decks and selected the most fun decks that actually have potential news of the balance changes came as no surprise to us. We had expected that the road would be damaged and told about this in the last video in general the nerf will not change the game considerably definitely. The rogue will lost popularity.

A new leader of the meta will appear perhaps it will be the hunter. But there will be no cardinal changes in the deck building. We will see all archetypes that already known on the competitive play. But several new decks may appear after all therefore.

We believe that our decks are relevant after the nerve. So if you re tired of boring popular matter decks. Our list may be useful at least in the first weeks after the nerve of course. These decks won t take you from rank 20 to legend in one evening.

But with the right treatment and experience you will be able to advance up the ladder. However you should be careful. If you do not have a large collection of cards because the fun with these decks may turn out to be unreasonably expensive. If you use an interesting day that is not included in this list leave the code of the deck in the comments with hashtag hast and fun let s collect as many good decks as possible in one place and make hearthstone a little more fun for all residents of azeroth.

Now let s get to the list of the most interesting days. Rogue was the matter leader and had the most popular archetype in the game fortunately it is a history now after damage of tempo rogue miracle rogue has a good chances of success in general less than 1 of players use this archetype..

This deck has huge number of different variants. Now we want to offer you a special version known as bunny hop aroma according to hs replay statistics in the last. Week only 2000. Players have used this deck this version has a win rate of 50 in his stream.

Bunny hopper played this deck at the legend rank and had a very good win rate. Miracle drug is one of the oldest decks your main task is to control the early game by using minions and spells to efficiently. Clear the board and generate board presence then destroy your opponent in the late game with heavy damage miracle rogue always plays many cards and performs. Many actions so you can often set up a very large edwin vancleef on the board in the late game.

You can perform a combo. That adds. Many copies of heist bar and tog waggle into your deck. Then draws three of them that cost zero mana.

You can see something similar in trawl. Dan s mean video in general. This is a very fun deck that deserves your attention the most popular warrior archetypes are bomb and control. But we want to give you an alternate option mecha thune warrior.

This deck is one of the best answers to control warriors and rogue decks. Yet this deck is not popular among players. We found a very interesting version of this deck with da undertaker for you this version costs. Ten thousand five hundred and twenty dust and has a win rate of 51 percent in general the gameplay of the snake is very similar to control warrior.

But your main goal is to draw as many cards as possible to empty your deck. Eventually you should put your mecca thune on the board as a trojan horse your enemy will think that you have a hopeless situation since you decided to use the most valuable card in your deck. The main enemy of this strategy is polymorph at the end of the battle. You should have only three cards in your hand with these cards you will be able to use the combo.

With da undertaker in a rage and devastate. The main advantage of this deck is surprise since this version is used very rarely before we continue don t miss our video about packs..

We carried out new calculations and found out that buying a classic set is not as profitable as it was once was let s talk about the shaman. If you like this class. You have a diverse selection or locker types have almost the same level of poppy. But we want to show you the dragon shaman this archetype appeared immediately after the release of rasta kahn s rumble and was always very unstable this deck has always had a very low level of popularity.

The objective with dragon shaman is to hold back the opponent s development of the board with dragons while simultaneously putting down threats. You have many removal tools across all phases of the game in the form of lightning storm hex and hag ah this scheme. These can all stop your opponent from establishing a board additionally hagath of the which rewards you with a random shaman spell each time you play a minion. This will allow you to always have a full hand of cards.

It s time to talk about mage over the past few weeks. Players continued to experiment with decks for this class mage is now very diverse in its strategies. But has only two effective archetypes spell and dragon. It seems to us that spell mage is the most interesting deck this deck has been showing strong growth over the past few weeks.

This archetype has 6 popularity our version of the deck costs. Eleven thousand six hundred twenty dust and has a win rate of 52. This state can lure and generate many extra resources. So the playstyle is very similar to miracle a number of new cards in the rise of shadows set have given this take a new lease on life on the cyclone generates.

Many extra spell resources for you in the late game. Archmage antonidas will help you to get several extra fireball druid has gone down in popularity in all levels of clay. The token archetype presence at legend is very small unfortunately. Other successful decks just aren t around nevertheless for those of you out.

There who are intrigued to try something new your only choice is a heal archetype this version of the deck costs. Twelve thousand eight hundred eighty dust and has a win rate of only forty nine percent. The general strategy for heal. Druid is to take advantage of the multiple healing synergy cards introduced with rise of shadows to gain huge value over your opponents with all the healing in the deck.

You shouldn t have too much of a problem bringing loosened bark back from its dormant state time after i m in the late game also you can use minions with copy effects to get more copies of loosened bark secret hunter has grown in popularity and is becoming more noticeable mekin mid range hunter have also seen an uptick in play rexha. Has 5 different archetypes right now it seems to me that m..

Laga. Hunter is the most interesting of them. Although it has the lowest level of popularity and a mediocre win rate. We want to show you the version of the deck that i use it costs 90 to 80 dust and has a win rate of 53.

The aim of malygos hunter is to orchestrate a situation in which you can burst down your opponent by playing a lot of cheap damage spells critically you must use these spells after playing minions with spell damage effects this deck contains only four minutes. One of them is geppetto joy buzz. An important component for combos with perfect luck you can use this card to get malygos in very so or alexstrasza the very next turn you can then unleash your barrage of burst damage as in addition to this on your next turn you can repeat all of those spells with zildjian now let s talk about the most popular deck for the priest and no this is not resurrect priest. The situation has changed in the last two weeks.

And now the new leader is miracle priest with chef nomi. Its statistics at legend continue to rise despite its relatively low overall efficiency. We have prepared the most optimal version with the highest win rate for you but can 49. Be considered a good result despite this the main advantage of this deck is cost.

This is the cheapest deck on our list. If you are lucky enough to get mo me. In your packs. You should try this deck miracle priest is a new archetype introduced with the rise of shadows expansion.

That relies on drawing a lot of cards with the help of northshire cleric and gadgets and auctioneer in order finish the game with nomi. The deck features ways to generate more copies of chef nomi such as seance. The gameplan of the deck is to draw as many cards as possible while answering the opponent s threats. We believe that this deck is one of the most fun on honest warlock seems to have a crisis of innovation.

Sooo warlock is the only effective archetype and has been gradually losing influence in the meta since the lack of new ideas makes the game quite boring therefore we want to advise you to play handlock. There is not one hand lock list and for now players are trying a variety of different approaches despite this we found a version that not only has high efficiency. But also uses lord jaraxxus this card wasn t available for a very long time. However hand lock is gaining traction and the lord is seeing gameplay again the decks basic game plan revolves around life tap.

You want to abuse a big hand size making your minions cheaper or more powerful. So if your lord jaraxxus hasn t been utilized in a long time you should try this plan and finally let s talk about paladin paladin is still very diverse in its strategies and has 7 different archetypes unfortunately not many of them have good results competitively..

This leaves paladin at the bottom of the bit waiting for balanced changes or a new expansion mech paladin is the. Best the class has to offer this archetype has. 17. Percent popularity this version of deck.

Costs 11000. 360 dust and has a win rate of 56. The deck games magnetized mech minions during the mid game. Before generating a huge tempo swing with cankers endless army to finish the game.

We do not think that this deck is fun. But this is the only thing that we can offer you at the moment as other rocket types are more like mems and have a very low efficiency. Some time ago. We asked about your favorite play style.

The results did not surprise us. Most of the players loved the control play style and only 10 admit that they loved aggro thank you very much for actively participating in our polls. Finally we want to ask you a new question has hearthstone become more fun after the rotation and release of rise of shadows. I was very afraid that after the release we would get a very monotonous game.

But my fears were not confirmed for me the game has become very diverse and interesting what do you think we created a youtube boom. Find the button on the screen. Please vote and share your opinion in the comments. Full right.

That s all for today. Thank you for being with us and special thanks to chris for text editing. We will meet a new videos good luck music applause. ” .


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Today we have prepared a list of the most interesting decks for each class after the nerf.
In order to do this, we followed the meta and took an analysis of some decks from popular resources. We also found some interesting versions of popular decks, and collected some unpopular (but fun) archetypes. News of the balance changes came as no surprise to us. We had expected that the Rogue would be damaged, and told about this in the last video.
In general, the Nerf will not change the game considerably. Definitely, the Rogue will lost popularity, a new leader of the meta will appear (perhaps it will be the Hunter).
Therefore, we believe that our decks are relevant after the Nerf. So, if you re tired of boring popular meta decks, our list may be useful, at least in the first weeks after the Nerf.

So, Has Hearthstone become more fun after the rotation and release of Rise of Shadows? Vote and tell me your answer in the comments!

1:46 – Miracle Rogue
3:02 – Mecha Thun Warrior (with Da Undatakah)
4:15 – Dragon Control Shaman
5:04 – Khadgar Spell Mage (with Antonidas)
5:55 – Heal Druid
6:43 – Spell Hunter Malygos
7:46 – Miracle Nomi Priest
8:47 – Jaraxxus Handlock Warlock
9:36 – Mech Paladin
10:25 – Vote Results

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### Miracle Rogue

### Mecha thun Warrior

### Dragon Shaman

### Spell Mage

### Heal Druid

### Malygos Hunter

### Nomi Priest

### Handlock

### Mech Paladin

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