The Millionaire BETTY WHITE as Virginia Lennart complete version

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“Paul i m not from one of the first families. I don t have a a family at all not a leonard from virginia. I m not a letter from i m i m a hamburger waitress from keokuk iowa. My name is michael anthony and for many years.

I was executive secretary to john beresford tipton. The financial wizard. Who started out with the capital of 14 and turned it into billions and this is his sixty thousand acre estate silver stone where he lived and worked and indulged in his many interests and hobbies one of his hobbies was giving away a million dollars. Another was collecting sunsets you sent for me sir mike.

How many sunsets would you say there have been since the beginning of time mmm. Quite a few sir that s the thing. I admire about nature no two sunsets alike. No two people each sunset says farewell to the day in a different manner.

Let s see how this person says hello to a million dollars. The name of the young lady. Mr. Tipton had selected to be our next millionaire.

Was virginia. Leonard and she had worked in this little hamburger haven for almost a year. What would you like sir i d like a few words rare or medium. My words are very rare it s a business matter miss leonard you know my name you know if it s a lawsuit.

I saw that customer deliberately put that piece of glass in his plate. No no nothing like that this is of great importance to you and inheritance of a sword amy come on in here. Okay. Shears check.

It must be good it won t bounce. If that s what you mean and it s tax free 1 million certified dollars. If you ll just sign this paper agreeing to the conditions who am. I supposed to murder.

The condition state. You must tell no one where you got the money. Why would you give me all this money why not the benefactor and you will never know who is i still don t understand naturally if you were married you would be allowed to tell your husband. The circumstances.

But you may not reveal them to anyone else or the money will be reclaimed by the donor. Oh. I will tell you can say you have a lot of money. But you may not tell the exact amount or circumstances.

A lot of money yes awful lot of money now. If you ll sign here closed for good forever. Virginia. You ve been drinking too.

Much of that papaya juice amy amy. I ve come into a lot of money an awful lot of money. I m rich i m wealthy where d you get it oh well i inherited it from my family thought you were an orphan. I would i am.


But well you see all this time without my even knowing it i had this this terribly wealthy uncle where does he live virginia that s it virginia one of the finest families. The leonard s of virginia that s why they need me after the state and you re gonna share it with me well go to europe we ll rent a car and we ll drive up all through france and sweden and denmark isn t there an ocean in there somewhere. Oh. Maybe.

I always flunk geography. We ve talked to a travel agency tomorrow teaching. I really don t know what to say well. Then say yes.

No no jenny. I couldn t do that it it would mean leaving this place and giving up my business. And why don t we go to italy in rome and venice. Hey.

Did you see that picture with a girl tossed a penny. And that fountain in rome. And and she got herself an italian count well huh. I ve got an awful lot of pennies.

Who knows maybe i ll meet my prince charming is believed to have been made in the 16th century and brought here from kalamata family estate in florence. There s this joint belong to now this joint. This palazzo. Now belong to the young conte lamotta.

The last of his name the rest. What do you mean the last hasn t he got any children you signor conte is not married not much did you hear that from italian count and they re not married. If you would please follow isn t that magnificent needlework. It s one thing.

I never learned knitting how you got to pick me up on the way back my feet. Are killing. Me honey. Give me.

A baby. Come here. Yeah boy. Come here baby.

Come on honey. Hi. Donal amico. There was a little gray poodle that ran in here.

Yes. That s the berean oy. He be alright. He lives here is if it counts dog.

Yes. He belongs to the count. Good. Even made me know could help me well i better.


I suppose you know the count know him. Well i mean you work for him you must see him sometimes hmm av. Nice mm anything much about him one way or the other what does he look like grandfather. He said to resemble him.

But the present cobb is young the guide said i m not married that s really nice yes. It should bring a lot of money the count selling it that s why i m thinking you down. I don t suppose there d be any chance of my meeting him oh why not you know em. He likes pretty girls well.

If you d be kind enough to help tell me where i might meet him maybe i could bump into him accidentally. Well where you go to the. Friendsi gallery in the afternoon. Not about 4 00.

So won t you drop in that s a good idea. So i could buy this picture that d be a good way to meet him an expensive way yes. What ll i wear what type of girls you like violets. One of these the favorite painting so maybe.

She s his uh his ideal type hmm well good thank you will you be at the gallery. I must bring the painting there then i may see you i m not a word to the count okay keep it to rock anything signor conte ojv amo. Tanto jim. The piece better emme.

There it is there s the painting and that must be the count emmy. He looks so but you re not from where. I m sitting you know my feet feel better already hello. I ve seen every picture in europe.

But you know they re always got another art gallery tucked away somewhere. And it s always up here to ten flights of stairs your friend seems to like paintings. Very. Much doesn t she well naturally a girl with her background would be artistically inclined.

She s an ffd you know and if fv he that a title to be desired hmm first families of virginia. That s what it means and she counts in one of the best the leonard sir. Virginia. I see beautiful isn t it oh yes a pity to sell it has been in the family for many generations.

And i suppose it was your mother s favorite. My mother s well we can only hope that someone who turns out to be a good friend will buy it i wonder how much the gallery is asking for it two million liras will you excuse me madam. They want an awful lot forage. Oh.

How much two million lira million. How much is that in dollars. It s about three thousand. But the painting is worth twice that price it seems like an awful lot of money signorina may.

I congratulate you and your excellent faith. You want to have it as a mother picture a magnifico they introduced myself she rents up from the few rains. The calories how do you do i m miss leonard virginia. Minard.


And this is my friend. Mrs. Means you do i was counting truths. They come to you.

But i can see your read acquainted well not really. But i d love to meet him missing your ena. This is my admirer of pray miss your comte paulo lamotta. I m delighted to meet you i brought your property baby.

I see don t know please thank you i m sorry. If i hurt you you were right i deserved. It i had no business being there no business at all oh. It s forget it over sorry well as i said before we count likes pretty girls you like wrong don t you i love it best of all the cities.

I ve seen paris was wonderful of course. But here i don t know that there s a different color in the air. You know when i was a little girl. I used to read story books about how the prince and the princess always lived happily ever after in the magic city.

I could always picture. The prince. What was he like oh. He was dark and strong and had eyebrows of course.

The princess always had long golden curls and big blue eyes. My book in the magic city funny you should ask about that i could never picture. It before no i know the magic city is wrong you ll be happy here. Oh.

I can be very happy here. I could be happy. Wherever you are and then i think my long white gloves. I think they re right for an occasion like this one coming up hey.

Doing this just a bit for a dish of tea well he s taking me to dinner after i meet his mother. Oh dinner wow. It s a different story amy do you really think he s serious listen. When an italian family man takes you home to meet his mother.

He s serious you re in i mean how lucky can i be honey believe me if he gets you he s the lucky one. But what if his mother doesn t approve of me don t worry i think. It is very pleasant that miss leonard does not speak with that southern roll southern drawl not too proud you trained yourself from your saturn well i we ve moved away from the south when i was quite small to california. So many americans live in california.

No no we moved to keokuk iowa. Oh. Your family did they miss their beautiful southern home. Well.

I suppose they did at first well you see americans think nothing of moving thousands of miles to new places as for me i would miss y all. Most of the things that you see in this room have been in my family over 500 years first count will amader yes. He lived here once in this very palazzo. Where fall is living now where his son will live after him well thank you mother what i think virginia getting hungry.


Now area a long drive thank you thank you very much you know it was the welcome. I gotta virginia. Didn t touch your dinner and you haven t spoken for now. What s wrong nothing i just want to go to my room.

My mother thought you were wonderful do you enjoy meeting her no. I didn t i didn t i never had a more miserable evening in my whole life sitting. There pretending and lying hey oh. Paul i m not from one of the first families.

I don t have a family at all not a leonard from virginia. I m not a letter from anywhere. I m a i m a hamburger waitress from keokuk iowa go what but i wasn t gay for so the popkin on coney island told you lie to me. I was a friendly.

I don t like being lied to and i don t like cows either i m so sorry. Virginia virginia. What s the matter what happened i had to tell him i m is the hamburger waitress. I don t belong in a family like this oh come on jenny you re a good kid.

And you ve got a lot of dough at least you don t have to hock your uncle s picture for my money. We re going home call the desk and find out when the next boats leaving well i happen to know. There s one sailing from genoa tuesday. Oh and get tickets for the boat.

You can let s make sure we ve got everything what about the train tickets. I have the ticket sammy no of course well what car are we in to 41 to 41 good. Then let s see let s see you paid the hotel bill and i mailed. All the postcards and then i checked with the travel agency about sailing time and the pack oh without the passports i have the passports oh thank heaven sweet peas compact lipstick sunglasses seasick pills that s mrs haines right there case i ll be gosh you re piccolo.

What time is the tracking you have to know are we leaving on time. Plenty of time machine your ena trainees in about two minutes semi well. We just barely made it you would wait until the last minute hoping the phone would ring. Oh.

I didn t really expect him to call don t look so beat honey. You will forget all about him as soon as we leave here no no i won t i ll never forget him never gets a chance. I m coming to america with you what about your mother. Oh.

She ll be all right you know she can sell two paintings a year and live like a queen on it as for me. Well. I can always make a living for the two of us in some way honey. I think you d better tell him you re taking senora paul.

There s something i just have to tell you is i you know all about you and your fame or the family. Yes. No i don t have a family. But i do have an awful lot of money that s fine did you get it sitting hunger games.

Honestly i m a very wealthy girl sure what do remember come back to mend. Oh. No matter warren s other way you ” ..


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