The Maximum Length of Cables You Use

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“This episode of takeo. A weekly. I talk about the cables that you can use use inside your home theater system your laptop and your desktop and actually tell you the maximum length that can be used with them without using any kind of single booster and regardless of its quality. My name is dee smith.

This is sticky way weekly and of course you can always shoot me an email and ask tq. A weekly comm. If you have any questions comments and even suggestions for topics and you can always find me on twitter that s at ze dax is you can find me on facebook facebookcom. Slash ze dax is 1981 and of course on google that is steve smith 1981 or you can go to tq.

A weekly comm or you can interact with others. On previous episodes shoot me an email by the contact form or even go to the subscribe option to see every single way you can find me on the internet for my shows and my social networking information. This episode is about the maximum length of cable. You can use a laptop desktop home theater system regardless of its length whatever regardless of its quality excuse me and without a signal booster whatsoever so basically generic cables maximum lengths that can use with them no particular order whatsoever so we re gonna start off with the usb cable.


Which is the most common cable gonna be in the house usually had about a hundred milliamps 1500 milliamp for usb 3. Which is not really unimportant because the cable itself cannot go more than 15 feet. So for those trying to reduce their latency while playing really far away from the tv thinking. That that s gonna reduce the latency compared to wireless.

It s not actually through at those differences you are better off going wireless in a case for those like me who have a sound system that have the optical toslink option. You actually cannot go really much further than five feet. The specification says 10 in practice. It s always been limited to about 5 feet.

Without any option. However for those that say that s pdif digital coax option is better. It is only. Better if you don t expect anything more than one.


Meter. 35. Feet designed for high five racks. It has that very specific length because of the way ox actually were designed at that point for your ethernet cable.

I know wireless exists but for your ethernet kable expecting ten hundred and even thousand bass ethernet connection cat6 cable means that you cannot exceed a hundred meters or 328 feet. Which is still quite far and this is the longest cable. You re gonna get on this entire list for those who like that hdmi cable. Their 1080p and of course their 3d your hdmi cable cannot exceed 25 feet.

But if your media player is 25 feet away from your television. How do you deal with the remote literally for those that actually like displayport cables those cables are pretty neat because they have two different standards. You have your passive cables. Which can go up to three meters and your active cables that can go up to 33 meters.


Or. Almost a hundred feet for those who don t like vga one a digital signal don t have any of the other stuff you re probably using dvi dvi cables can actually support a resolution of up to 1920 by 1200 at 16 hertz with a maximum length of 46. Meters or 15 feet or less and if you are stuck using vga cables. Because you re in a business environment or because you just never bought any other cable.

Because this usually comes free with just about every single monitor you can buy that cables length equates to very sums to something very specific 1600 by 1200 at 16 hertz at 3 feet. So yeah. That s pretty short that s all of the cables. You won t generically use with any home entertainment system computer.

Whether it be tower or laptop or anything else in that kind of environment. So if i forgot anything which i don t think i did. But if i did you can always drop that down below. If you re watching on youtube.


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