The Last of Us Remastered Grounded Difficulty Walkthrough

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“Guys it s brian with ps4 trophies and i m gonna play grounded mode on on the last of us remastered here on the ps4. I don t know if m gonna do a full walkthrough on ground and mode here. I made just depends on how many of you guys like the video and watch it i really bought the game really just so i can play it again because i love this game. So i m really really excited that it s back it came out last june and that s actually one of my first hit videos.

I never uploaded was the first collectible guide. I did in the regular game speaking of collectible guide. I am gonna be following my own collectible guide. Because i don t remember where the hell anything s at so.

I m gonna try to do all collectables and everything in grounded mode probably a biting off more than i can chew. But we ll see if you want to go to my web site ps4 trophies. Gaming comm i do have a full text walkthrough of the collectibles as well as i do have a playlist of videos for all of them as well so here we go where we re kicking it off here make sure i have the subtitles on tom tommy listen to me. He s the contractor he s the contractor.

Okay i can t lose this job. I understand wood let s talk about this in the morning. Okay we ll talk about it in the morning. You know scoot that is our daughter sarah huh.

What are you still doing up it s late what time is it it s way past your bedtime still today honey please not right now. I do not have the energy for this here. This is your birthday you kept complaining about broken watch. So i figured you know you like it.

I think this is it s nice. But i think. It s stuck. It s not.

What no no. Oh ha ha..

Where did you get the money. For this drugs. I sell hardcore drugs. Oh good we started helping out with the mortgage.

Then yeah. You love her a little hillbilly accent. There so as you guys know. This is uh the prologue.

This is about 20 years prior to the actual main story of this game. I can only assume you guys have played through this game. If you haven t i apologize. If i mention any spoilers.

The shits about to hit the fan graphically. This is a definitely an improvement on me hello. I won t say it s like night and day. Difference it definitely looks a little better.

It s not gonna come through on your end through youtube in addition to that i can t exactly record this on the highest settings either i did it would take youtube about three days to upload dad daddy daddy s downstairs sarah we re gonna go and find him definitely feels much nicer with the dualshock. 4 controller. 8. Calls that s a i can read the text on the phone.

I couldn t read that on the ps3 version again you might not be able to see it as clearly an end detailed watching it through youtube of course hit that 1080p button definitely helped as well the game just feels so good. I m so excited to be able to play this again. Here. You are sir are you okay.

Yeah. Soon we ll come in here..

No come. Here don t go near the doors. Just just stand back. There the head.

You re kind of freaking me out don t go near the door. So that s good. I m feeling going near the door somebody ride with them i think they re sick or jimmy. You ve got to get here.

Do you understand me. Yeah. You have any idea. What s going on out.

There. I got some lotion. Oh shit you got blood all over. You let s just get out of here.

You saying half the people who save you lost their minds. Just please go. I m gonna tell them what happened later hey. Sara.

How you holding up honey. I m fine go hear us on the radio. Yeah sure thing thanks no cell phone. No radio.

Yeah we re doing great this man wouldn t shut up. He said..

Where to go. He said. I always put up roadblocks on the highway no getting into travis county. We need to get the hell out take the 770.

They say how many are dead probably a lot fellas. One family on mangled inside their college first have this happened they got no clue. We had the only town first nursing is just a sound the less constant. It s louis s far.

I hope that something s made it out sir we sick of course not how do you know i said. It s just gonna sit we re good didn t jimmy work in the city. It s right he did fine trust me see they need you think you re doing keep driving. I got a kid joe so do we have room keep driving tommy.

See what i see should have everyone s got a brother had the safety back here good backtrack holy shit turn here come on people move. What are they running from you try you can t stop your toning fucking crap through going up there behind me to their day hold on okay that hurts so we re gonna have to make a run through through the city hey you back i don t know if anyone noticed. But tommy kind of reminds me of alexander skarsgard. He plays the vampire in new blood.

I don t know if i m the only one that thought that vinnie a little bit. I don t know maybe. It s just me using the ps4 controllers so much better don t look sir i feeling i m gonna regret playing this ungrounded difficulty. I did play it on survivor on the first one.

But that was a year ago. You know i m not entirely sure i remember all encounters great tell me take a lot more down the other go got another affected right there thank you tom you tell me that we won t see until we go to his dam. I believe it s chapter 7. He s gonna be fine.

There s definitely improvement in the visuals at least from a further distance here s where shit s gonna hit the fan spoilers. So i do want to thank you guys for watching hit that like button enough of you guys like this i ll upload i ll definitely upload the next chapter but it past that you know maybe maybe not we ll see hey it s my don t think her leg is broken right there we re not sick we ve got a couple of civilians in the outer perimeter..

Please advise eddie what about uncle tommy oh randy you safe tango background okay sir there s a little girl yes. Sir somebody we ve just been through hell we just know for scenario see me. I knew. This would be okay baby.

Stay. With me. Please. Sarah baby.

Don t do this to me all right that s it for chapter one guys i ll upload chapter two the quarantine zone and we ll go from there and i want to thank you for watching. Please like comment and subscribe past. 200. The governor has called a state of emergency.

Hundreds of body slamming streets panic spread worldwide to release report from the world health organization. Showed that the latest vaccination tests have failed. But the bureaucrats have the power we can finally take the necessary steps. Los angeles is now the latest city to be placed under martial law.

All residents are required to report to their designated for lights have continued for a third consecutive day and winter rations are at an all time low. A group calling themselves. The fireflies have claimed responsibility for both attacks. Their public charter calls for the return of all branches of government.

Their mysteries broke out following the execution of six more alleged fireflies rise with us remember. When you re lost in the darkness walk for the light believe in the fireflies. ” ..


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