The History of Automotive Climate Control Part 3: 1936-Present

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And it s being a and it would be a cooling effect. These bags were important for two reasons. Number one the vehicle broke in the middle of the desert. Which was common in that era engine failure tires failed because of the very high temperatures in the desert.

The the people in the vehicle could drink this for water and if it was common for people to have very serious consequences if their vehicle failed while crossing the desert. The other use for this water of course was for the for the radiator. The vehicle overheating was very common and so this these desert water bags were were very popular i mentioned climate automatic climate control or make temperature control previously the 39 and the 40 era cars while. 64.

Cadillac was the first automatic temperature control system. As we know it today. The control featured an off position. Automatic defrost and a thumb wheel to select the temperature.

So this was the first automatic temperature control system as we know it today. The same vehicle offered a manual control. This was in their their big luxury sedan that they offered the manual control in this era. The factory air conditioning systems were really relatively expensive.

So the aftermarket jumped in and we re offering hang on air conditioning systems and there were numerous aftermarket companies in business in the 60s and 70s offering a hang on air conditioning systems and a lot of them advertised that you could actually take their conditioning system with you when you change vehicles you could move the ac system with you 1966 buick riviera featured flow through ventilation even this era when air conditioning was readily available ventilation was still considered a a popular item and an important item for a lot of vehicle owners and the other reason that i wanted to point it and show you this slide is this was the end of the era for what we call the venta panes. I showed you the event of panes earlier. This was one of the first vehicles to get rid of the vent of paints. But with the air conditioning systems you didn t need you didn t need them.

Although on the smokers..

Like them. This is an interesting patent this this patent was awarded to this robert kearns. He was a professor here at wayne state university here in detroit this this patent was for electronic control of winch electrical windshield wiper systems there have been previous patents for mechanical control system for windshield wiper systems. But mr.

Kearns was the first way electronic control from windshield wiper systems this led to multi million dollar lawsuits that he won and generated a movie called flash of genius. Which is a interesting story and if you haven t seen the film. I recommended it it tells the complete story on on how this thing involved how he won the lawsuits 1972. Saab.

Offered a heated seat again these were common today. But 72 is one of the first years from at this fair for the young people is how automobiles were designed up until. The computer aided design era. This is a drafting board.

This is called sweep that s called the compass those triangles these things are called nerd packs. Computers were just starting in this era. But this is how it was done up until computers took over and this by the way was how the it was people were dressed in the automotive industry in detroit up until. I would say about the 1990s.

We got more casual but coats and ties and white shirts were very we re essentially mandatory this was a forecast that i majored in 1992 as i said when i wrote the book for ford motor company. I made several predictions and i didn t dream these up there have been articles in the trade journals that forecast various things integrated air conditioning and radio controls push button electrical electronic systems voice recognition voice control individual zone control fuzzy logic and electoral luminescent lighting instant comfort total quiet operation integrated sensors and again i didn t dream these up. But there were inkling of inklings of it on the horizon at that point in time essentially everything is in production today 97 saab offered ventilated seats in 1999. The lincoln navigator was one of the first vehicles to offer heated and cooled seats by a company called america they re located here in farmington.

Michigan and these seats use ptc technology to actually heat and cool the seats positive temperature coefficient is that it a pt caesar is the acronym and this is this is one of the first applications and of course. These are very popular too this is the state of the art. Where we re now into a modern times 2013. Lexus ls features enhanced interior heating for faster heater output cold weather nearly instantaneous heating and the winner headlamp washers power rear door shades rear seat cool box rear seat air purifier for zone climate control including rear overhead ducts and infrared rear passenger temperature sensors power rear sunshades heated wood steering wheel we wanted to be father and rain sensing windshield wipers again a lot of that stuff was on that list that i showed you a moment ago.

All kinds of stuff comes over the internet and this showed up one day. And i thought this was a real interesting ear control. It s some sort of bathroom faucet that they hooked up. And i don t know if this is a gag photo or real photo.

But anyway. I thought this was cute and finally this is the quintessential heating or air conditioning service fix. This car features a hundred ten fold generator about it to the trunk and 110 volt room. Air conditioner mounted to the side window of the car and it is one alternative to repairing the factory fitted air conditioning system and that completes the overview of the book i appreciate your attention for watching.

” ..

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