The Greatest 4-Player Races in Mario Maker 2 Multiplayer Versus

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“Can i try to take that na na helmetless you can have it just kidding kidding ha ha. Gotcha. My boy boy should i put someone in my mouth. Oh can t put her in my mouth.

Oh you want to play like that that s how we re playing alright. I m out see ya no no don t put me in your mouth. I gotta just keep going i am so susceptible to i want let s go i was in her mouth r1 v1 v1 v1 record is absolutely untouchable who am i on luigi alright well i lost it s over laughs in the chat. I thought i was i had thought i had to run to the left or the right all right just give him a little head start little cheeky head start and we re moving up oh.

And we re moving up. Mario. Mario is gonna have a go at my kido note. Oh.

That s mario you bet on toadette mario. You made a mistake. My dude mario you done screwed up my dad should have bet on your boy it s not over yet it when is it gonna be over okay can we get a gg ski can we get it gg ski you gotta love that we just beat everybody to the punch now we just have a very long time to think about what we ve done watch this. Oh no never mind never mind never mind now i actually have to try are you gonna jump can you jump no i went too early so i got nothing i got bupkis on my store.

My store was weak. They were not buying anything a lot of power ups those might be nice. But we are in the power up list gang and we re gonna make it all the way to goal. Without releasing right on the control stick and without any path.

Okay okay perhaps i had to hit left just like will you will you forgive me for that perhaps i hit left just a little all right don t tell anyone totes bros. So it s vs bros. We re gonna win now totes vs bros. What is toe that doing can we just run to the right do they not know the first rule.

Mario maker multiplayer alright. We re going to left. Oh. No oh.

No. There s just. Oh. Oh.

My god i was tough. That was really tough to watch that much matt that last match was not laggy now alright let s go toad. You gotta have some faith in me alright. I know it s not easy.

I know it s a dog eat dog world out there. Oh wow. That was easy that was close it s actually really close. I m glad my my head was there because if it wasn t i don t think it would have made it maybe we ll bring out a adult bevy.

Too later. We ll see you know wow. Okay. I thought.

I was i thought. It was gonna get smushed. Oh. This is great we love this.

We know. Oh. Oh. Bro bro.

You got to do this for me..

Bro. Yes. I love you everybody give it up for mario. And the oh geez 50 coins for the fans.

Oh i couldn t get the pal thing. I tried to get the little pile thing where it like hits them with the cape. You know what i mean give it up for mario. Everybody oh goomba who lack it should i get in there should i get all up in that cloud.

I feel like i want to i m trying to get all up in that cloud. No no okay flying whatever i ll finish. I still got five stars five stars out of five stars on that one. I m gonna get.

I m gonna get boosted like hard ooh. Wow. That s nice screw that fire flower. I m trying to not trying to be slowed down right now what do we talk about earlier on the water lungs.

You just hold right then you swim you just keep swimming. Just keep swimming like like finding dory or whatever i mean ooh ouch. They are no longer swimming. They are no longer swimming.

Wait why oh no you need to kill a little you kill pork your i think. There s probably like one daddy yep. There s one daddy luigi. My dog we need you to need you to put it put in some serious damage here.

Thank you luigi okay now i might build up oh. We slowed down no no no no. Oh my god this is this is weird. This is oh i had to do it i had to be inside of him to get the key.

Please understand i know it didn t look good. But sometimes sometimes you got to do what you got to do to get the dubs key. You know i m in his mouth should i stay in there. But that definitely that definitely seemed cooler in his head.

It did not work at all i love this little nighttime music. I feel like i m about to sing a lullaby you know someone s about to go to sleep. Is it you chat someone sits some put someone in the gym. I might have just made the biggest game or play ever arguably or what am.

I doing no i m not a gamer at all i am not a gamer. Despite these glasses. These spectacles. You might think i m a nerd gamer.

Not true false super false just get it just just get it out of here just end it detours. I got to move my head oh what a play by a youtube content creator red falcon. If i didn t move my head. There that would have been tough to edit.

This is just anxiety inducing. Then and then and then and then who am. I luigi are you forgot. It s been like an hour since we started the game.

Oh the blows of joseph s blow. So if joseph just hit it somebody hit it thank you oh i definitely want this okay. Great good mechanic. Now everybody waits you what it what do you have to run.

This is weird chat..

Because normally when you do these you just mash. The hammer without running. But now you have to run. Which sucks cuz.

You re gonna have to shoot out the oh. No you know what actually you can buffer. It never mind come on baby. Oh.

I m too close. I don t understand this do i go under going under. I don t know at what point. He s getting out there we go well there s like a very specific point.

Where he gets hit you know oh no tow that tow that is firing. No don t float out no. It s over gg skis. Oh.

What that make some moves here. I m sorry. I was a good race. Though it was a hell of a race.

This this doesn t seem menacing at all he gave me the cat wow. He walked so i could run everybody give it up for luigi. What an absolute legend. We re gonna get with what good answer survey.

Says. Oh oh yeah that s kind of mandatory to beat the level boot boot gang. I can t hold the p switch anymore i really just need you to give me like a last second leaf can we do that it s the last second koopa. You got me excited for a second boxing him out boxing him out okay all right.

I got i got the rebound on the second one. Though ooh. There s an oh he went over all right all right all right luigi. All right let s go mano.

A mano mano. A mano where s he going let s go chat. Let s go get to be happy. I m not depressed.

Anymore. I don t know as panga and raised about it they ll probably tell you hey hey hey. You thickness thickness. However your boy is small which wins in the end does it win in the end.

Oh my god luigi s a god i think i m dead. I m dead luigi is struggle on the struggle bus. He s on the struggle bus because he can t fit through here. Oh no i don t really wear them often.

But thanks. Whoa whoa. Maybe i need to bring out nerd phalke. A little bit more.

Often you know i don t want last time. I just dream of class. I m probably been a while i think judging by how many people forgot dang guys dang trying to go through the level. When you could just go over can you imagine that jack couldn t be me couldn t be me.

And you could couldn t be me i still might lose..

I m getting cocky wow. Thank god that didn t wall me off what was that i m throwing a tantrum on the internet. But it s not bad. It s good it s it s it s performing it like 96 of what it used to himself can t complain too much about that all right let s go.

These levels are comfort. One slide theme by the way that s when you know it s about to get silly when the slide theme comes out number one indicator on whether a level is silly or not slide theme okay get out of here tow that get out of here. I m winning this level. I don t usually get aggressive like that but you know i have to do it for the boys you understand right she understands thanks for understanding.

I am not if you think i m fooled for a second on this level. I m so suss of it do you think the is that the flag is the flag the bricks okay never mind i ve seen too many of those man. I got my god i got bugged out like some competitions or i don t know i want to get like a world record in something i want to grind something you know you feel me. But i don t know that s not really animal crossing style that s that s kind of just like am.

I done did i just end the level for myself am i supposed to bring the clown car down and break these i ll hit this too i guess all right whatever toad whatever fine all right let s go little mario. This is all you baby rose toads oh no they broke up they broke up that s okay we re still together. We re staying together for the kids right now okay. We re staying together for the kids.

Oh. No boy who s gone all right i got to do it for mario. I ll do it for the kids how much more do we have because i don t know how much longer. I could be alone.

Oh. Do my chat is moving really fast somebody s reading me right now. I can t hold on guys hold on twe 98. What let s go gonna get some smiles in the chat.

Wait hold on i don t actually don t want to blow this toadette is here and has a fire flower oh this is bad news. We re gone we re gone. We re gone were gone were gone were gone were gone were gone. She just light a fire under my butt nice nice nice.

We love that we love it you want to play let s go. Yes. Good content right here. This is great this is great we love this we love this all right they never get to see me play anything that s not mario kart.

So this is like really funny. He s gonna morty. Which one am. I you re luigi the one with the arrow on you time to jump just like subs.

I feel like i m behind ok. When you come back. I ll have one guys even if he even if we don t win. We re just gonna tell him ii.

Won so then i don t have to play. Anymore ok. So like when he gets back do you like everyone right like he won he won the last game. It was amazing you know you win yet totally psyched to ascend you want to twist that was popping off.

You 100. That was absolute slyness go to the yeah. Wow yeah. I won i was watching you re gonna fall right there.

So close let s go this next one all you okay you could just let this guy carry you the whole way if you wanted yeah sometimes. When i feel like taking a drink. Oh you just kill them just go this is so we stay on the platform. Yeah.

I can you throw people in this one or now yes..

Oh my god okay. So just. Be careful. Yes.

Oh. Dude. Let s go. Toed.

Top. Oh. Watch out. Oh.

Watch out. Oh. No i got hit right unfortunate timing go for it you can cut it my hair be a video chat that s good powerup oh troy said i don t need that first that i don t need the mushroom. He wants you to win is anybody in front of you nice.

We re big now you re making huge moves that was not it s not meant to be you dude the ball jumps. Hilarious. Because it s the same button is it s the same button. It s jump isn t it yeah.

Mr. Gros you got coins on his way out. Though yeah. All right at least.

I made sam rich before we. Thanks for next time. Say. Goodbye chat next time next time to get the stuff.

I have a star. I have a star. I m a star boy light. Oh oh i missed that other one that s not necessary right definitely.

Not necessary. Right ha ha mario mario. I think he s dead mario. Nice.

We love that it s been about an hour. But we re touching the flagpole once again we broke the seal. This is gonna be hot. Oh.

I shouldn t have broke out. I m sorry. Luigi s an angry little gamer isn t he he s like miles finch. Oh.

This is great. I m just holding right yeah. We love that level that was so much fun. ” .


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