The Funimation Trashfire Continues to Burn

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“Like funimation s having another case of southern technical issues. Really weird. This is something something that funimation seems to have a recurring theme going on with which it s something that i ve experienced personally is i don t i don t use funimation but going off reddit threads and post. I see on social media.

Seems like there s this epidemic where things with funimation. Just don t seem to work properly and oddly enough one might even find a correlation of these technical issues getting worse over the last few months since this whole vic mignogna controversy started. I don t know if there s a correlation there and i don t know what the correlation would be but you can speculate on that take a look at this post by my friend. Alex.

Where she wrote left this for almost an hour waiting to watch the new santos on anime refuses to load at funimation and at funimation help refuses to answer tickets emails or twitter dm s frustration to the point that i want to do something really bad i have to censor that part. But it s not a not a good thing that alex wants to do and what alex really just wants to do is to watch some anime that s all they want to do they don t want to do this thing that they are feeling stressed out about they just want to watch some anime funimation. I mean isn t that literally like your slogan or something you should be watching isn t that ironic so i ll play a piece of our clip. Here now.

It s a minute and 20 seconds of straight up buffering. We re not gonna go through the entire minute in 20 seconds. But just take a look. It s it s telling enough this whole thing reminds me of the the news back in february.

Where funimation allegedly wasn t letting people on subscribed from their subscription service. A reddit user wrote just gonna leave this here. Funimation be doing shady stuff again i ran through the anime. I wanted to watch black clover and some others and wanted to cancel my subscription.

This is what i found after the canceled subscription button didn t do anything after i clicked it shows some coding there and writes for those who don t know html the tag. It s effectively the guts of a button. The internal workings that make the button work on any html page. Which is every internet page ever basically they keep my subscription button is tied to this stream.

Notice how this string has a link in the directory called accounts subscription. Which when clicked leads back to the same page as you re currently on then continue to write the canceled subscription button has no such link instead the pound symbols. There. Which doesn t go and where this effectively means anyone who does click the cancel button will have a go nowhere fast effectively rendering them unable to unsubscribe.

It s like i pulled my light switch from the wall cut the wires behind it and then placed it back like nothing ever happened. And this can only be done by the site developers for funimation and for the record. I ve already sent the support request for a cancellation. I just wanted to let anyone interested know what may be going on behind the scenes.

If this is a fluke or this is some magically changed back to being functional after some funimation people see this then i guess. It s all good. I just found this incredibly dishonest. Minor edit.

Just so people can actually see that the line of code applies to the cancel button and post another picture. They re backing it up and what s really weird a follow up i went to that reddit thread a moment ago. And it s actually deleted..


I don t know if the user deleted it or if a moderator deleted. It i don t know. But still seems kind of weird anyways. Why don t we talk some more about the funimation subreddit that s a good one another post.

Here says am i the only one having these issues i use amazon prime netflix crunchyroll and now funimation since there were a few shows on here that i couldn t watch on other services. Seems like that person s regretting that choice already continues to write. But all the streaming platforms. I ve never had so much trouble just trying to watch a show i either watch on a ps4 or using the roku tv app.

And the tv app is completely broken as it defaults to english voices. No matter. What you do and is pretty buggy to move around in then there s the ps4 app. Which is normally alright but recently for ping pong the animation the subtitles are showing up 10 to 15 seconds before the actual dialogue is spoken which makes it nearly impossible to follow at least for episode.

5 and onwards now granted most of the shows. I ve watched on the ps4 app. Have actually been absolutely fine. The website is abysmal to use trying to change the order of the queue is impossible as far as i can tell is it just me that s having these issues.

I i don t think so. If you take a look at the reddit. It s filled with tech support issues. We ll take a look at some more post in a moment.

Anyways yup continued on right. Why isn t this service up to par with other similar streaming services. I don t see any reason to continue using this if issues like this are still here after the amount of time the service has been running just want to know if the problems. I m facing have easy fixes or if it s maybe something on my end.

If i m the only one seeing these issues thanks. There was a few responses one user. Said i haven t been able to watch funimation on my ps4 all week. I didn t try yesterday.

But it just buffers the whole time every time i try to start a show another user wrote. It s not you funimation is garbage and another post. He wrote ps4 app. Not playing similar to what we just read clearly this is not just that one user having a problem here this person writes.

I have a ps4 and it seems like the app is working great. But it won t play anything. It s just a black screen with the loading wheel. This is an ongoing issue and i can usually work around it by backing out or restarting the app.

But today nothing is making it play all i want to do is see the new episode of attack on titan this poor fellow. If they re watching the new season. It s about to be wrapped up it s getting really intense they just want to watch that new episode come on funimation this person s paying for your premium service..


Really worth the money isn t it they then wrote debating on going to crunchyroll maybe they ve hatched their apps. More often and yes. I submitted a ticket. The other day about the issue.

But i m pessimistic about the outcome and from the prior post. It seems like those tech. Support tickets are not exactly going so well for people well. This user also got some responses.

One response was i m having the same problem. But it s happening for every show. I try the ps4 app is complete garbage and i doubt it will work. I ve tried dozens of times for hours of closing and reopening even deleting and reinstalling the app.

But it still won t work so i m stuck using the mobile app. If i want to watch anything good luck with getting it to work i hope you get further than i ve managed before we even move on from this one can we take a second to reread that this person tried dozens of times for hours closing and reopening. The app. Literally the definition of madness.

They re the same thing over and over again for hours this person is literally going mad potentially because this app. Won t work they just want their anime funimation come on you re supposed to be watching right you should be watching. But can you be watching that s the real question funimation. Some responses keep exiting the app and then close and try again.

I had to do this. With almost every episode of tokyo ghoul. The past week can you imagine a world where the best advice. You have is to just keep x the app and closing.

It and reopening it again for who knows how long could be 20 minutes could be two hours to be all day. But no problem eventually it might work it might work and keep in mind. If it does work well you just got to repeat that process every single episode you want to watch great way to spend your time isn t it another response corroborating that says. I finally got it to work.

But you re totally right. It s with pretty much every episode. Now that shield hero is over. I m probably gonna cancel and just use hulu for a while another user wrote.

How long do you let the loading wheel go. I ve let it go for about two to three minutes. Sometimes and the episode finally starts. I usually only have this problem on sunday night though probably because everyone is hitting the server to watch attack on titan so there you go i guess you have some options you can either force close.

The app and restart it x number of times and hope that it works or you can just let the buffering continue on and on and on for maybe two to three minutes and it might work then. But that clearly doesn t work for everybody so who knows what are you better off doing re starting the app or just letting it buffer infinitely seems the letting it buffer approach. Didn t work for this guy..


Though. Who wrote sometimes i let it go until it stops and the screen is just black. So no more buffering for them. But they don t get anything at all what a complete mess another user wrote same bro.

I m trying to watch attack on titan symbol dub. But like you said four minutes on end. It s just the buffer wheel and another user wrote. I m in the same boat.

I want to be chill about it. But i just feel angry so these people are arguably losing their mind. Listen for hours and hours of restarting. The app and other people are just getting angry.

I just want to watch their anime they re paying for this product and stress in the mouth. It s making them upset. It s doing pretty much anything except making them chill. And relax and enjoy the entertainment that they re paying for you think that s bad take a look at this dude who alleges that he was subscribed again after canceling so he says subscription automatically reactivated.

I stopped after a free trial. I logged back in today after two months and found that my sub is still active. I m 100 sure i cancelled the free trial slash auto renew. I triple checked.

What s going on here holy smokes this stuff just gets worse and worse. Here s another example of some more technical problems. Wright s web page won t load alright. So for pretty much a week.

Now. My funimation. Just does this. It s literally just like a blank page.

Oh. But they have the shopping cart in the corner. That s good. So you can check out and buy stuff you just can t use anything no worries.

Though funimation gets some money in their pockets. So it s all good. Now. Here that might be going to vic mignogna soon.

Though so we ll see we ll see about that the bottom of the text writes every time. I go to the web site on top of that i tried going to the website. Multiple ways and hitting the log in button..


Which proceeds to just load for a while and then loop back to this page. Any ideas really wanting to catch up on some shows. But nothing i do seems to change anything finally you know we ve established that the our funimation subreddit is full of people just trying to watch anime. Who are having tons of technical issues with the product with funimation and what does the moderating team for our funimation do brag about hitting 3000.

Members said instead of hitting those tech. Support issues and helping resolve them they re here bragging about all the people in their subreddit. Even though most those people just have problems with the product working this moderator wrote 3000. Members and counting hello everyone we hit 3k subscribers on the subreddit today.

Which is awesome to see is it is it when most of them are complaining about the product. It s really awesome isn t it isn t that great if you really feel that way holy smokes. You re not even hiding the fact that you re taking advantage of these people. I m still very happy to see the subreddit grow you re happy to see it grow when it s growing because of technical issues holy smokes and become more active with discussion the discussion where people are complaining again about the product.

And there s a lack of any help you have you have users trying to troubleshoot with each other that s really the only help they re getting is from each other for the most part then continues on anime news and announcements. I hope that this will continue to be a place for people to come to when wanting to discuss the service or anime with others on another note. I d like to keep the doors open for suggestions to make this place better. I m still in search of someone who d be willing to help out with the css on old reddit because i ve done all i could with the new reddit look.

If you have any suggestion for changes here want to help out with the css be sure to leave a comment or message. The mods speaking of mods fun. Dimension. Moderator baxter.

That s pretty fitting house. Joined the moderating team here. They ve been around here for a while posting news of upcoming. The enemy and joining in the discussion.

Happy to have him here anyways that s all i got for you guys thanks again for getting this place to 3k. So you know instead of helping. The users on their subreddit who need technical support issues. They re they re asking for help they need help they they want help with the coding of the subreddit screw your complaints and your problems screw you getting help for the product.

You re paying for these people want you to help them for free help them for free and give them your money like your literal schmuck on wheels over here. If you found this funimation trash fire. Interesting be sure you hit the thumbs up button and subscribe. If you re not and if you are subscribed hit that notification bell.

So your subscription to most likely actually work the things you gotta do some shout outs for the people who promoted my last video on twitter. Thank you guys that video being imagine censoring an anime character vic mignogna screw bronwyn removed from ruby banner on itunes shouts out to cameron lee os glenn knows betta random fandoms stormy hashtag i stand with vic anime tony farva sue. Mr. Anime three four three misty hali or misty misty howler.

My dad pi receptive blasian domo and rose thank you for the health and promoting that i appreciate it and i ll see you guys next time ” ..

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