The Ending Of 10 Cloverfield Lane Finally Explained

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“Cloverfield lane. Tells a small story designed nto stand on its own. But it s s also deceptively full of complex plot twists potent. But understated nthemes and a few ties to a larger cloverfield mythology.

Let s unlock. This bunker of secrets and explain nthe ending of 10 cloverfield lane. Though they seem to have nothing in common non. The surface a look back at cloverfield may provide some clues about the aims of 10 ncloverfield lane.

The original movie is about a giant monster s narrival in new york city. But that s just a backdrop to the main drama through its found footage. Conceit. Cloverfield nshowcases.

A group of twenty somethings. Sending off their friend. Rob. As he prepares to move nto.

Japan to start a new job cloverfield s inventive first person angle non a classic godzilla formula makes it an effective thrill ride. But it s the naturalistic ndepiction of young adults in 2008 america that gives it a surprising amount of weight in short. It s a giant sci fi blockbuster ninterrupting an intimate indie drama. About people struggling with regret.

Their perspectives are shaken and shaped by nunimaginable horror making their real needs clear for the first time. That brings us to the sequel. 10. Cloverfield lane.

Introduces us to a heroine nin. A hurry in the opening sequence. Michelle is anxiously npacking a suitcase her eyes darting to the stormy horizon. Outside.

Is she desperate to escape a monster invasion as it turns out. She s fleeing from an ill fated nproposal and ignoring calls from her boyfriend..

Leaving behind an engagement ring and taking na bottle of whiskey. She hits the highway out of new orleans in the midst of the drama that will soon follow nit might be easy to lose track of just how much is being set up about michelle s character nhere. The fashion sketches seen strewn around her napartment. The radio news reports about massive blackouts and even the bottle of whiskey nare all elements that will pay off later most importantly.

We learn from her boyfriend s ncall that she has an apparent chronic problem with commitment. It s clear that his words strike a chord with nher as she grows increasingly distracted listening to his voice from behind the wheel. We had an argument couples fight. That s no reason to just leave everything nbehind running away isn t going to help so distracted.

In fact. That she s unprepared nfor. The truck that sideswipes her into a violent wreck. Michelle wakes up in a strange cinderblock nroom.

That s half grey and half painted pink in some sort of sad attempt at cheerful femininity. She s hooked up to an iv drip and her leg ninjured in the crash is in a brace. But the brace is chained to the wall someone nhas saved her life. But is also holding her captive that someone is howard stambler howard.

Soon explains that he s taken michelle ninto. His private underground bunker in the aftermath of some sort of attack. He s fuzzy on the details. Muttering theories.

Nabout everything from russians to martians howard. Has known for years that something nwas coming. Though and has been preparing for this day for years. Michelle s room.

We gradually learn was supposed nto be for his daughter megan. Why isn t megan here instead. According to howard her mother turned her nagainst him it s an explanation couched in the disturbingly nfamiliar language of abuse before she can come to any conclusions about nwhether or not she trusts. Howard michelle becomes aware of a third person in their midst.

Emmett is a young man who helped build howard s nbunker and made his way to it as soon as loud sounds and lights in the sky. Signaled..

The nonslaught of whatever invasion has occurred friendly and na ve emmett quickly becomes nmichelle s ally in solving the bunker s mysteries. It may not be immediately clear. But emmett nserves a few functions in the story. His most obvious purpose is to give michelle nsupport and someone to talk to as she navigates her situation.

He also provides some important exposition ninforming michelle that howard was always known for his doomsday prepper mentality and neventually sharing an important revelation about a photo that howard claims is of his ndaughter megan. Most ominously. It s significant that howard nseems to barely tolerate emmett s presence. Howard s consistent irritation toward emmett nsuggests that he has more specific goals with the bunker than saving lives.

Unsurprisingly michelle remains hesitant nto trust. The man who chained her to a wall and told her martians may have attacked. She remains not entirely convinced by his nstories. Even after he brings her to the bunker s heavy locked door to show her a pair of mutilated npigs outside as evidence of what the air itself will do to anyone who breathes it so at the first opportunity she bashes him nin.

The head grabs his keys and makes a break for the door. But before she can open it she s met by a nwoman begging to be let in screaming and desperate as the skin seemingly melts from nher face fully convinced that the air outside is indeed ndangerous michelle resigns herself to remaining in the bunker. The decision is made easier by a seemingly nsoftened attitude from howard. Who talks her through the process of stitching up the head ninjury.

She caused while sharing stories about his time in the navy. They soon enough move on from the disturbing ndeath. They ve witnessed. But the memory lingers.

Over the film. Until the very end as the only two people who can relate to each nother. Michelle and emmett naturally end up sharing stories about their lives. Before the nbunker.

They talk about tattoos. They ve always wanted nwith emmett. Saying that he would ve gotten plenty. If he d known that the when asked if he has any regrets howard replies i focused on being prepared and i was and here we are later after the occurrence with the woman nat.

The door emmett tries to comfort michelle by assuring her that there was nothing she ncould. ve done to help this brings up more talk of regrets michelle nis haunted by the time..

She saw a little girl being abused by her father and did nothing nto help while emmett s life was changed when a lack of confidence stopped him from getting non a bus to start college at louisiana tech. Michelle and emmett settle in for life. With nhoward. Though.

The peace remains. Uneasy in a particularly uncomfortable game night nhoward fails to associate the word with michelle struggling with words like n. It s a disturbing indication of how much he s ninfantilized her the tension comes to a head when michelle ntasked with crawling through the bunker s vents to fix an air filter discovers a window nto the outside into which someone has scratched the word nearby she finds a bloody earring which nshe recognizes from howard s photo of megan. But when she shows the picture to emmett nhe recognizes the girl not as megan.

But as a classmate of his little sister s who disappeared nfrom the area some time back regardless of how correct he might be about nthe dangers outside. It s now clear to michelle and emmett. How dangerous howard is he s been using the bunker to hold young women ncaptive in a deluded attempt to replace his daughter and michelle is next michelle has a plan she envisions a makeshift hazmat suit constructed nfrom the bunker s shower curtain and various household items she and emmett begin assembling the materials nwhile evading howard s notice unfortunately it doesn t work for long and nhoward calls the two of them to help him move a barrel inside the barrel is an acid capable of dissolving nhuman bodies down to the bone howard makes it clear that he knows that michelle nand emmett are up to something and that if they don t confess. They ll end up in the nbarrel emmett accepts all responsibility for the nplan and howard accepts his apology by calmly shooting him in the head howard insists to a shocked michelle that nlike everything else.

He s done this to protect her soon after he undergoes some sort of bizarre ndad transformation. Appearing clean shaven and neatly dressed for the first time as he noffers michelle ice cream. The uneasy tension of his demeanor has been nreplaced by an even more terrifying sense of total unchallenged delusion. But michelle s real call to action comes.

In na silent scene that finds her going through emmett s belongings and finding the bus tickets nto louisiana tech. He d been holding onto for all these years her resolve is bolstered with the uncertainty of the world outside nleaving. The bunker is less about saving her own life than it is about not letting regret ndefine her death. The film s climax kicks off when howard discovers nmichelle s nearly complete hazmat suit and she narrowly escapes.

His wrath by momentarily ntrapping him in her room. When he breaks free and corners her near the nperchloric acid. She has no choice. But to push a barrel over starting a fire as soon nas the acid hits an electrical outlet.

Fleeing through the vents from a burned and nfurious. Howard michelle uses the can of liquid nitrogen to break the exit s massive padlock nand. At last escape this final flight out of the bunker is fast nand intense. But a careful retracing of the movie s plot reveals just how much of it has nbeen set up all.

Along michelle has successfully constructed a hazmat nsuit. Thanks to her interest in fashion design..

That s part of her character from the very nbeginning her knowledge of the ventilation layout is nestablished by the earlier filter repair sequence one of the film s most intense moments nin its own right and the liquid nitrogen trick was subtly foreshadowed nby. Howard s casual aside about doing the same thing in the navy michelle has spent her time in captivity. Learning neverything she needed to survive in the open air of howard s farm michelle nbriefly panics when a hole tears in her suit but the sight of birds flocking overhead nunharmed tips her off that the air may not be as toxic as she believed sure enough she removes her makeshift plastic nbottle facemask and can breathe without trouble but then a horn sounds nearby alerting her nto the presence of an enormous alien craft sailing over the crops as darkness falls. Another ship rises up from nbehind.

The house and an enormous tentacled beast emerges. Michelle takes shelter in howard s truck nand. Though. The creature lifts it up and nearly devours her she has one more trick up her nsleeve and it s yet another plot point set up in the movie s earliest scenes with the bottle of whiskey.

She took with her nwhen she left home she fashions. A molotov cocktail that not only burns the alien. But ncauses a chain reaction with the gases in its body obliterating. The monster in a huge nexplosion.

The most important reason for 10 cloverfield nlane s surprise final sequence. Though is to bring michelle s character arc to a significant nfinal moment. She commandeers the car left behind by the nwoman at the bunker s door at first following radio instructions for survivors to gather nat baton rouge her escape is interrupted by another radio nmessage silently reflecting on how everything that s nhappened to her has given her exactly. The necessary skills she turns toward houston nas.

Stormy skies reveal more ships looming in the distance. The movie ends on this moment of decision nwith. Our heroine barreling toward danger. It s far more than open ended sequel setup nhowever.

It s the first time. Michelle has committed nto facing a problem head on instead of running from danger or difficulty. We ve watched her go from a scared uncertain nperson racked with regret to a decisive competent hero ready to give herself over to a noble ncause everything about her time in the bunker. Her nbattle with howard and her honesty with emmett has brought her to this place check out one of our newest videos right here.

Plus. Even more looper videos about your favorite nstuff are coming soon. ” ..


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