The Division How To Beat Falcon Lost Challenge Mode Guide/Tutorial

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“The incursion on challenge mode is currently the only way to get level. 42 gear gear set pieces or better. Known as gear score 240 items and with them being only way you would think that grinding. This mission over and over and over again is the best way to go about making yourself as powerful as possible.

And you are completely right about that the problem is however is that especially when doing the incursion for the very first time it is incredibly hard to complete it gets easier every time that you do it not only because you will obviously get better at it. But also because you will have better gear with you of course because you got that from completing the incursion. The first time so in this video. I m going to walk you through it step by step and let you know exactly what you should be doing in each and every route.

So um let s begin talent wise everyone in the team pretty much wants to run the same thing first up you want to take critical safe. This is the most important talent. This will increase your damage resistance by 40 after using a met get on low health. Now for those who don t know you are considered low health.

If you fall below your last health segment. So pretty much if you fall below 33. The thing that makes this talent so good is that it doesn t just work with the met kit. But it works with any healing and considering that you will pretty much always be standing in a healing station with the strategy that we are going for you will always have an additional 40 extra damage resistance when close to dying.

Which helps out tremendously for the second talents you want to go for combat medic. This is probably the best talent in the game right now because not only does it heal you. But it also heals any ally in a 20 meter radius. It heals any healing station or mobile cover.

And it also adds a 40 percent of your maximum health on top of your own net get boost meaning that if you activate the met kit. When you are at low health. It will instantly bring you back to about a hundred percent. This is insanely overpowered.

Because you will also have to 40 damage mitigation from the critical safe talent now next up a little bit less important. But still very helpful you want to take on the move now. The reason that you re going to take this and you re going to find this out a little bit later into the video. But you will almost never use cover inside of the incursian.

The way that i do it and this set on triggers. Almost every time that you kill an enemy making you 30 more beefy on top of the 40 that you can already have from critical safe. The last talent. It s really up to you there is no obvious go to talent here in my opinion.


I personally like to run with adrenaline or position. But again if you have a better choice that works for whatever you want to do then just pick that four skills you pretty much want to run with four survivor links. This is by far. The safest option you no damage link is just more of a quality of life thing.

As you can burst down the enemies. A little bit quicker and the healing uilt is just not nearly as reliable and also not as useful when it comes down to survivability and utility. Because you know you re going to see this also later into the video. But the way that we do things like planting the bomb.

Well you re also going to need a survivor link for debt. So. It s best to just have for besides. The survivor link.

You want to have one guy billed as a complete healer. Just full out electronics with maybe. A little bit of stamina enough to give him about 70 or 80 k. Health.

This healer will generally be the guy with the lowest gear. Score basically the one that you have to carry he needs to go with the first eight with the overdose mod and he needs to get the healing station with immunize er. Then any of the other free guys needs to go with the mobile cover that s very important again you will see you later down the road. Why.

But besides that the rest of the team can pretty much spec into whatever they prefer we like to run with a couple of extra first aides with the booster mod just to give a little bit extra survivability and damage at times. And i personally really like the flashbang sticky bomb. Since it also disables drones for a very long. Time making them a very easy target another.

Very good plan is to pick the support station with the ammo cache. Not only because well you re pretty much going to need ammo anyway. But also because the ml cache support station will decrease. Everybody s skill cooldowns.

I believe that goes up to 50 faster for normal skills and 30 faster for the signature skills and of course. The ammo and of course. This cooldown reduction is not dependent on how much skill power. You have so it s best to put this on one of the damage.


Carries. Now once you ve all decided who s going to play what it is time to start the incursion obviously the first thing that you do is the ladder down the tunnel. Where you will find the first two shotgunners now to take them out the easy way you want to stay as far away as possible take any sniper of some sort and then shoot them in the head for some reason these guys do not react to you and you will be able to take them down well with a lot of ease. Then after you re done with that just get ready to sit behind cover and wait for the drones to spawn in don t be scared by they re still standing up shotgun guys.

Though for some reason. They they just don t die. They just don t do anything. It s it s weird.

That s what i m saying once you get through dead parts. It is time to start the real thing. You know it s time to start the incursion admittedly. The first part is the most annoying part because you re right away faced with a lot of shotgun guys that do a whole lot of damage.

What you basically want to do is set up two people to the left side of the window and two people to the right side of the window and basically just kill all the enemies from this position. Now after a minute or so. The tank will actually start to shoot missiles. Which are pretty nasty and leave a big damage over time effect.

Upon explosion and this tank will fire those four about every ten to fifteen seconds. Not the best way to go about this part is to just jump away when the rockets arrive go back in and you know the area of effect is gone and then shoot whatever you can until you are forced to jump back out if for some reason you re having trouble with enemies that find themselves on the platform to the left side of you there is a little gap in between the closed door and the wall over here that allows you to shoot bullets through and damage. The enemies. Again this can result in some free damage and even multiple free kills.

Anyway when the third round starts. One of you guys needs to pop the survivor. Link and then everybody needs to jump out of the window. And run straight ahead to the underground area in the middle of the map.

This is by far the safest place in the incursian as the tank will not be able to shoot its missiles at you the turrets will not be able to shoot at you the enemies. They won t really come down here very often and when they do it s only the shot gunners and it is in very specific rounds. Which we ll get to very soon this place is where you will be spending. The next 30 to 60 minutes of your time depending on how experienced you are and pretty much how much luck you have in you no enemies coming to watch you and whatnot because that s what you re going to do you re gonna sit here until the incursion is over at the start of each and every round.

You basically want to drop down the mobile cover and their needs either the right or the left bridge. And you want to have four people sit against it two on each side. What the mobile cover does is aside from protecting you it also reduces the incoming damage by 50. So everyone is pretty much 50 stronger when they re using this cover as i said the only enemies that will come down here are the shop gunners and they spawn in round four round five round eight round nine and round 14.


So in these rounds. You re going to have to play extra careful the way you want to handle. It is that as soon as the first shot gunner drops. One guy activates.

A survivor link and the whole team will end up with a 80 damage reduction on top of the already applied 50 damage reduction. Which pretty much makes you impossible to kill. And the best thing is is that with the master mod for the mobile cover you can keep the 50 damage reduction for a whole 10 seconds even after the mobile cover is destroyed. So if you re all set up.

And you pop your survivor. Link and you re up against your cover. And it seems like things are going bad well actually. It s not going bad because nobody is ever dying.

Besides the shotgunners that you have to deal with there will also be enemies such as snipers or heavies that are pretty much the complete opposite and they will never come towards you no matter what they will sit behind and basically stay. Where they are and that is great it means that you cannot kill them as fast. But it also means that you can take your time you can slowly peek out and lend headshots. Whenever you can see them so.

My advice is is to just kill whenever you can kill whenever. It s safe but above all be patient and play very safe. Always have the healer sit under one of the bridges. Don t even let them shoot and basically just turtle up.

But of course. There s also one more objective besides. Surviving the 15 waves and that is to take down the tank and that is actually pretty easy. The first thing you have to do is to obviously get the bomb now sometimes you will get very lucky and the bomb basically drops right next to you.

But other times especially in the later rounds sniper a heavy or first wave agent will spawn with the bomb and he will basically just stay where he is in this if you kill them you have to go and pick the bomb up when you re doing this it is again best to be safe protip right here. It is best. If one guy activates survivor. Link and a other guy rinsing.

Get the bomb. This way. The runner has another survivor link in case. Things get nasty.


Usually. This isn t needed then he gets the bomb with a lot of ease. But again it s better to be safe than sorry planting the bomb may seem like a daunting task. But it s actually the easiest thing to do in the whole incursion because you send in two guys.

One with a bomb and one. Without the bomb pretty much to go on a suicide mission and planned it the way you do it is you want to run out you want to go to the left side of the room. Then with the survivor link. The guy with the bomb can just run to the back of the tank.

And hold the action button to place the bomb and from the moment that it is planted the two guys that went in can either try to stay alive and run back to the middle of the map or they can just die. It doesn t really matter as long as our two guys in the middle are still alive you see the incursion doesn t have checkpoints. But it will give a free respond to any player that is dead after damaging the tank. It s basically like a mini checkpoint a reset for everybody so the guy who has the bomb only has one task the planets and it makes zero difference whether he actually survives it or not you just have to go on the suicide mission with a survivor link and after you successfully damage.

The thing. It is pretty much rinse and repeat you drop a mobile cover at the start of every round. You know you use your survivor link. When there s enemies that rush.

You and you basically play the waiting game until enough enemies show their heads now i know that watching a guide like this might not do the trick for some people here. Because there might be just at one specific part that you don t get or that you have trouble with or that one specific part where you just keep dying. So that save you the effort of figuring it out yourself and having to ask around and that stuff. I have a one hour and 15 minute long video of a complete walkthrough of the incursion with live commentary between me.

And my teammates and a life explanations of everything that we do on the spot. You will see my gear. You will be able to hear our communications. You will see how we handle specific situations.

That might not have been clear in this video. And i guess that was pretty much everything that i have to share with you right now as always thank you for watching. I hope you enjoy it and i hope it helped and i will see you guys later or like they say in the netherlands. See later you ” .


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