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“What s up guys. It s nick today. I m gonna be showing you guys. Guys.

What is by far and away the best dps pail that you can possibly up right now no questions about it this build is absolutely insane damage and you can use pretty much any gun you want with it you can use lmg you can use an ar you can use rifle and there s very minimal like setup that required to change any of your weapons. If any at all you could really just run the exact same build and use any of those weapons. This build is fantastic. If you re trying to solo heroic to legendary with friends dark zone anything that you want to do this build is going to be more than good enough to do that by the way obviously i don t have zombies.

But i m trying a new setup with my camera. Because my streaming pc. Was having some problems. So.

I m setting up a whole bunch of different stuff. So. If this doesn t look very good please let me know if it does look good please let me know trying a different thing. But it doesn t look good my apologies.

I m just trying to get this all sorted out. But yeah real quickly before i get into the video. If anybody needs help farming or setting up a bill just like this maybe you don t have a lot of time. And you know you need help farming.

The gear or you need help setting the gear up once you already have it so you need help you know farming like the season pass or anything like that please refer to email me and nick to biz at gmailcom. And i would be more than happy to help you out with that additionally. If you have any other questions. Or you just like to see me play the game make some new build talk crap with me or whatever i stream over on twitch at pretty much every single day at twitchtv.

Slash nick. I d love to see more of you guys around. And yeah. If you liked the video please make sure to drop a like and subscribe for it is similar to this one.

So let s just get right into the build first off we re trying to talk about specializations. Honestly you can really use whatever you want i think gunner is the best because the it is the overall most well rounded spec especially for doing damage if using like a fully auto weapon. Which most people are going to be either using an ar an lmg the reason for this is i mean. 5 rate of fire on kill is very good generating passive ammo is very good weapon handling.

While you re not moving is very good. Killing enemies. Giving you 10 are more kills. Good your third reload being 50.

Faster. Is really good your armor kit is just standard better than the default armor kit. And the riot foam grenade is pretty good for like tc. So overall the gunner tree is very well rounded and it s just an amazing thing to be using and but if you want to use something else you know that s not really all that big of a deal if using like a rifle you can definitely swap the sharpshooter for the increased headshot damage buff.

If you want to use demolitionists for the grenade launcher and you like having the 5 damage targets out of cover you can do that there s not that big of a downside using either or i just think that the gunner is typically going to be your best bet alright. So getting into the build let s first talk about weapons. So personally i like to use lmg. These are mathematically the strongest weapons in the entire game currently.

But if you want to use an ar you can definitely do that and i ll give you guys. Some tips on other weapon types that you can use and succeed with i m just gonna go over the talents quickly. And what you want to roll in them pretty quickly and in terms of like what alum geez. You want to use you either want to use an mg.

5. Or you want to use a nig of the mg. 5..


Has a higher built in headshot multiplier. Which is why it s typically going to be better for clearing like normal npc s than the negev would it also just has higher base damage. But then again does have a bigger mag size as well as higher rpm. So i typically like to have a second to give was strained and then i swapped to it and to melt.

The boss typically bosses that don t have a headshot hitbox. Then a gab will end up edging out the mg. 5. Especially if you re able to shoot over a hundred bullets in that period of time then again is going to be better for bosses especially if you strained.

You ll be able to just melt. The boss that doesn t have a headshot hitbox kill. It really quickly otherwise the bullet king is fantastic for killing bosses. As well and just overall.

I mean having an internet mac is really good. I unfortunately don t have a bullet king. Yet. I d probably use it from time to time.

But a normal mg. 5. With fast hands is very good you re pretty much never want to use this without fast hands. Unless you re just trying to dish out insane amounts of damage in a very short period of time.

But if asin s is really good for a sustained damage over a long period of time. Because it just makes you reload much faster and i mean having a 5 second. Rail is pretty bad fast hands will make it a 17. Second reload.

Because it gets capped by the animation. If you didn t want to use fast hands you could use strange is really good killer is pretty good in solo and breadbasket is decent. But yeah that s what you want to use on your lmg in terms of the attributes on your lmg you are don t want to get rate of fire or crit chance you can t get damage of targets out to cover because you already have it that s pretty much the three that you would like to focus on so. If you re running in a 1a.

If you re running a lmg. If you re running a salt rifle. You want either rate of fire crit chance damage how to cover or you want a damaged armor. All for those actually are going to be the best ones.

Personally. I think the two best are damaged hogs out of cover and then damage to armour and then rate of fire damage armed and ready to fire kind of like in between each other and then quit chance depending upon your build setup could be really good as well because you can get about 10. I m talking about rifles. The only rifle that i think is that worth using is the m1 a in terms of talents that you want on it you either one breadbasket getting the named one is pretty easy because it always rolls with lucky shot.

I don t think lucky shot is that good. But it s pretty easy to get this one. I have a decent role of it otherwise you would want like killer rangers pretty good. Boomerang is pretty good all those talents are really good.

I think the best one on an m1 a is probably guy they re going to be bread basket or rifleman. But all the others that i mentioned are pretty good as well and pretty much the exact same thing for an hour. If you want to use an ar. I d either go with the famas or i would go with a p.

416 slash the police m4 and then same thing for talents you probably on an ar you probably want strained. You don t want strained on my name because kind of hard to keep it up. But on an assault rifle. Where you re shooting full auto.

Strange is really good killer is really good the other ones that i mentioned are also really good like bread basket and stuff like that those are gonna be pretty decent ranger not so much on a it s all rifle on oh sorry eyeful you really just want to get strained. Because the reload time is not the big deal in terms of mounting your weapons. I typically just go full crit chance..


I m am g5. I like to run in one accuracy. Mod. You don t have to do this.

I just think you know it helps with the spread so it helps me just hit more shots and the more shots to hit the more damage you re doing so to me i like to run one accuracy mod. If you don t want to do that just lap on a crit chance mon you ll be fine. I run large pouch on my mac here same exact thing for every single gun. You just want the magazine size in the holes in the bottom there and then you want crit chance on your rolls.

I didn t really talk about smg that much but i mean pretty much as apply what i said about a ours to smgs and you re perfectly fine so when it comes to the actual gear. There s a few different things that you can run. But most builds are going to be pretty similar personally. I m running three brief providence.

And then the named overlord kneepads. The named petrov gloves and then a cheska backpack. The reason. I m doing.

This is it s pretty much just an all crib built all you want is all crit. I m gonna mention a couple things like coyotes mask and the holloman mask. But we ll just talk about the rules first and then i ll go into other pieces that you could swap with but honestly you just want crit everywhere. As you can see three piece providence gives me.

10 head shot. Which is really good. But then i m getting 10 crit chance 15. Crit damage and then of my attribute rolls.

I m just going full into crip. The reason for this is that there are a lot of npcs that do not have headshot hit boxes. So stacking into crate is going to just give you damage towards put every single thing that you re fighting. It s very consistent and it just does more damage like more often than not stacking.

Crit damage will just be more beneficial than going for headshot damage at all just because of the way that could damage scales with your weapon damage and stuff. Like that. And it s just better overall because a lot of things don t have head to head boxes. So it s very easy just get a lot of critters.

All the brand sets and another brand. Said that i would take a look at trying to get would be one piece ambra. This and three piece providence are interchangeable because both of them get 15 crit damage. So as long as you have those in there.

It s really good other than sacking a lot of credit. Alan time right after this other than sacking a lot of crit. There s two named items that are particularly good so. The petrov gloves give you 11 percent damage to armor.

This is the only thing you can get damage armor on in terms of your actual like an gear. Like your gloves or anything. Like that this gives you damage armor. Which is very good and system using lmg.

It s perfect as well as running the overlord kneepads. This gives you 15 percent damage to targets out of cover. This is by far and away probably one of the best items in the entire game. So you 100 want to get this and if you re running a rifle.

This complements that very well another named item that i don t have yet is the holloman. This is really good. It s only particularly good in either heroic or legendary wear things with health actually survive for a long time because this is going to give you 21 percent damage to health..


Which is a huge number and that s multiplicative on top of all of your current damage so this will be a ton of damage against like red bars or against the dago s or any like weak point like on a tank in the mission. Where you re trying to get the bullet king anything like that damage to health is going to be hugely beneficial but outside of that if you like challenging missions or stuff you d probably just rather have the crit because the downside to this is that you re swapping you re losing one attribute. As well as like a providence brand set. So it s not really that great in like a solo context.

If you re not doing like heroic and stuff. And even if you are solo. You probably want to be running the coyotes mask anyways. Because if you re using the 0.

To 15 meter buff or any of these buffs. Rather you re getting a lot of credit. I talked more about this in a separate video and i ll leave a link to that right here so if you want to watch that watch that but more often than not if your solo. You ll be running at coyotes mask.

In which case. You won t even be able to use a yawl mask. Anyway and again. If you re running the all masks.

You re swapping. A red. Attribute and a brand set just to get that damage to health and just like my friends rolled. Here.

It s hard to get a very good roll that doesn t have another like yellow or a blue or something on it so i d say it s only worth it if you re doing legendary outside of that don t worry about it too much just try to get three b s providence like one piece cheska for a crit chance. And then these named items here and then maybe a sombra or something like that for the crit damage. You can put either of those in any of these pieces here and you ll be fine so in terms of talents on the chest piece. I m running perfect last cannon.

This is of course puts me in a pretty scary spot where i m just going to be taking a lot of damage. But my damage is amplified by 30 and amplified damage is multiplicative on top of all the damage that you have so this is just a massive dps increase. However if you aren t comfortable with i m taking additional damage. You could very easily swap to sometimes like when i do a heroic mission.

If i m like trying to solo it or something. And i m taking a lot of damage. I ll just swap to obliterate this is pretty consistent damage. I ll pretty much just have this up all the time if you re running a rifle obliterate isn t too good it s okay though you ll get the stacks up.

But you ll quickly lose it if you re not shooting continuously so not that great for a rifle. But for anything full auto obliterate is really good and if you want some more survivability. You can use like the target guard exotic you can use unbreakable. Potentially and trench.

So like that personally i just like to use perfect glass cannon on the sacrifice. And you can get a normal glass cannon as well perfect glass cannon. Just increase your amplified damage by 5 and then it makes you take 60 more damage. Instead of 50.

My role isn t that great again you just want to be balancing weapon damage crit damage crit chance and crit damage and mine. Unfortunately has explosive resistance. But not the big deal in terms of your backpack. The talents that you want there are a few different ones.

There s a named providence piece called the gift that gives you perfect vigilance. This is really good it makes it to where you deal 25 more damage every second that you have not been hit. But then if you get hit you lose that buff for four seconds. With the perfect piece you lose it for three seconds.

Maybe i have a piece in my inventory. And i can show you guys what it does i don t have one in my inventory. But 25 damage is probably the best ones that you can get it s very consistent overall vigilance is probably like i said..


The best talent outside of that concussion is particularly good in both the group and a solo contact you can get this up a lot of the time just extra weapon damage pretty much all the time composure is okay. But it s only 15 weapon damage. And again you have to mean cover not that great manso full force is very good for solo. But not very good in group especially not good when you re trying to kill like nbc s i have a ton of health.

You re not gonna have this up most the time so i d highly recommend vigilance and then concussion. Those are my two recommendations for that outside of that and sample force is okay. Composure is okay and then bloodsucker maybe. But the survivability given bloodsucker is pretty negligible as is i tried clutch not worth in my opinion and then everything else not all that relevant again this is a damage built.

This is not a survivability built outside of that for skills and stuff like that i like to use the reviver hives. This is good and pretty much any situation. And i also like to use the fixer drone. Considering that we are so squishy the picture drone just sits there and heals.

Me we don t really heal in combat at all so having something that is healing and healing. Me a little bit to where i don t have to like spam. My mech. It s over and over again that helps me out a lot other than that the defender drone is okay and like pvp or something.

But that s pretty much it in terms of like pistols or something you can use whatever you want you can use a gun that has finisher maybe the orbit doesn t really matter you can use whatever you want there here s my stat sheet this is with my mg. 5. Equipped one thing that i should mention is that the reason that i have this much crit chance and this much crit damage. I m not going for 60 crit chance.

The reason is because usually somebody will be in my group running a coyote s mask. And if they are i ll probably be benefiting from the 1525 meter buff. A lot and if i was creek capped. I wouldn t benefit from this much at all because this give me 10 crit chance and additionally.

If they gave me the 25 meter. Thing. I wouldn t benefit from it at all i d benefit zero from it so being a 45 puts you in a happy middle ground. Where you re not losing too much crit chance to where you re natively not going to have a lot of you know overall damage without the mask proc being at 25 meters.

But you re still gonna have pretty good damage regardless of what mask proc you have this is just what i m running right now if i were to run my mask. I would swap my crit damage mod here i think it s a 1071. I d swap that and then my stats would look like this and i m still at about the same amount of crit chance. I just lost some a crit damage in the form of providence.

But that s definitely worth it because i d be gaining 25 crit damage more often than not and then if i wasn t not a big deal getting 10 crit chance. And that puts me right near the cap. And then 25 crit chance. And so a little bit under that.

But it s not that big of a deal. I recommend hovering between 40 to 50 crit chance anything higher or anything lower you re just going to be losing out on too much crit damage or losing out on too much quick chance either way so yep those are my recommendations. But that s pretty much it for the build obviously my survivability is not that great. But that s what this build is for were doing damage and killing things before they kill you in terms of sh t stuff.

I made a video about this also leave a link to that this is how i have it at the moment. I don t have a lot of sa g levels then i mess it up a few times. But i will just leave a link to how i did that before all right think you have so much watching. I hope this helped if it did please ensure to drop a like and subscribe for videos over this one make sure to follow me on twitter.

Twitch on tv. Slash nick too and follow me over on twitter at nick to yt. Thank you guys for watching and i will see you guys later peace incoming. ” .


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The Division 2 – Best DPS Build Guide! AR/LMG/Rifle 40 Mil DPS

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