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“Everybody and welcome back it s quartier and today. We re gonna be looking at at something a little bit different than i usual. What s cool see i had problem with my xbox one. It was overheating.

It s not very old. And it seems to be a lot louder than what it used to be when i first got it see i first noticed this with the noise. That my xbox. One was producing and after that i felt the top of it see whether or not it was a fan and guaranteed after five minutes.


It could cook. My bacon. So i needed to find a way to actually suss out whether and i was an internal damage that affected the fans or whether or not it would just have been dust are clogged in there fortunately. It was a bit of dust and i can help you out right now to start clearing it.

However if it is internal and this doesn t work contact the retailer or xbox. One to try and solve your issue first off you need a hoover. I do have one in my presence right now. But you don t really need me to show you our hoover is our outer dome or not and what you need is to basically grab the end bit of it not the entire hoover do not place an entire hoover on this it will break it honestly just dogs don t be that stupid guys alright.


What you need to do you know that little hand bit that gets the corners and all the edges grab that out i ll grab a hand hoover. Which ever one you desire whichever one s closest and it uses for you and what you want to do take out the game unplug the xbox. I just do this because i feel like if i leave the xbox on mustn t do this i will probably break it even further so make sure the device is off and what you want to do is that on top right of this xbox one you will see an indented section. You will see like you can clearly see ones blank and shiny and the other ones indented so what you want to do is grab.

The hoover and you want to place it on these indents and you can see it going diagonally and you want to follow that pattern. You don t want to be going up and down bunch of times you want to lightly put. The hoover dad. What put the hoover on top of this xbox.


One and follow it diagonally and keep going across it until you feel like you covered the whole area feel free to do it once twice three times as many times as you want does that smashing it into it though just lightly put it on and just keep going down. Like that then once that stone pulled it all back in turn it back on and after five minutes check it see whether or not it s made a difference and it fit as that is awesome guys. I m glad if it did work please leave a comment down below to tell me that it worked. Which will be just awesome and on my screen right now if you.

re wondering it. s mine it s one of my latest. Videos rip. Bob.


This episode is pretty funny. I quite enjoy it so the link will be at the end of this video for that and if you like this video guys please make sure you subscribe. I m pretty sure i probably won t be doing any more these kind of videos. But if i do i will serve them abroad.

It for you guys and i hope to see you in my next. ” ..

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