The best scene in Girls Last Tour (And why you should watch the show)

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“There is one scene. You should show someone from 2017 s. Girls. Last tour in in order to convince them to watch the show.

It has to be the eight and two second ending scene of episode five simply titled the sound frame. What s great about the scene is that manages to encapsulate everything that makes this show enjoyable while presenting it in a manner. Which clearly conveys the themes disposed excellent characterization and captures the subtlety of the atmosphere in tone. This eight minutes consists entirely of the two main characters tito and yuri levitan the storm inside a collapsed.

Concrete shelter during which they put out some helmets and cans and experience music and then the storm passes well glues this scene. Together and really what holds the entire show together is cheeto and yuri their voice actors provide voices which are completely monotone but have enough flexibility to really bring life to these characters these characters become the lenses to which we view the scene and thus the world of girls last tour. Although let s imply that they ve known each other since before the tour their attitudes towards each other oftentimes feel like they re only together because of the only ones left and other times. It feels as though they could very well be sisters or best friends this conflict of personalities can even be seen with the animation of the scene as when yearly whacks cheeto.

It carries a lot of color and excitement. But when the tables are flipped..

It s like that of a teacher or mentor. But if it sometimes rocky friendship was the only basis of their character. Then this should be as two dimensional as 90 of the animation. What s especially interesting about their relationship is two things their entire understanding of humanity and the world comes from each other and the perception is to what they deem valuable.

Although the pair do run into multiple people during the run of the show. They often offer different perspectives to that the main duo for example. Kanazawa is all about drawing out maps on paper and even though he owns a digital camera. He doesn t take photos of them a decision.

Which ultimately comes to bite him in the bank. Well ichi who after spending ages building a glider to explore another city feels nothing but relief after it comes crumbling around to it these views are in stark contrast to mainly cheeto is after one of her journals have burned. She s furious at uri uri herself is often in contrast with these people. But she demonstrates it on an emotional level near the end of episode.

One cheeto is suggesting that the two share food ration. But instead uri points have gum towards cheeto and takes the whole thing she values herself above cheeto this causes cheeto to realize that people aren t inherently good..

Ud also raises her government response to kanazawa and even though cheeto says. She can lower her gun. She keeps it up and aimed at him. And even though uri assumes issue very good person for letting them use her showers.

She dimensions. How not everyone is good a lesson learned after the gun is pulled on him. When it comes to knowledge about the world that s when we see yuri falter. She can t read and so cannot understand a good majority of things written or inscribed in the world.

She also lacks understanding of things in her environment. When the to settle enter a room with a roof and four walls for the first time. Yuri has no clue as to what a bookshelf made me. But is more than aware of what a pantry is beauty sees no value in things that have no immediate benefit to her whereas cheetos ever.

See things is valuable to a people or culture. Such as her journals this ties in with the show s two main themes..

That of appreciation and that of hopelessness throughout the entire show. We see the girls appreciate different things from things. Which have a direct impact on them like hot water baths in episode. Two the things.

Which serve them. Though purpose bar art and their own function as shown. Most clearly with the church of stone pills to even finish that can be more directly called out as seen with the music in the rain scene and this form of appreciation is hand in hand with sphere of hopelessness is the old phrase beauty is fleeting and the show emphasizes this in every way to make the hot water baths. Appear the girls have to destroy some pipes.

Which are previously delivering it to somewhere else as they make their way across the land and to the church. They have to blow up the building and accidentally destroy one of the many stone gob pillars and even the music that they are able to korea. Is only facilitated by a crumbling shelter of concrete and while the message of hopelessness in the show has mostly been interpreted to being thankful things i think the emphasis that the fragile nature of art is more prominent even cheetos beloved journals. Have been on accident by yury.

Just because she wasn t paying attention. And this is the beauty of the sound of rain once inside the concrete shelter..

The girls stop hooking around and figure out that most of the things around the mahalo and making noise as rain falls onto the pieces of starts making noise. Yoda combines two scouted cans and even their own helmets to make this small song and as the credits roll on by we the audience get an understanding of what that means to them it appears out of nowhere. And there s a brief moment of beauty and humanity immediately after the credits. The rain stops and just like that the music the art that was just created is so effortlessly stripped away from them never to be heard again.

Which makes what yearly says afterwards even more surreal. She asks was the world always like this and i think this is what hits home most for me that no matter. How hard you try you can only preserve art and beauty for so long before by one way or another. It is taken away from you i ve seen some suggest that the message of the show is that of to combat the feeling of hopelessness you need to appreciate the everyday beauty.

But i think it s saying something a bit more melancholic something more in line with the tone of the show that you should appreciate the beauty. That has been created by someone else because the beauty may only exist for a small fraction of time. But its existence provides hope in all into those who see it and i m sure that for everyone watching they have at least one piece of art that resonates that same feeling with them resonating like a raindrop falling on a can in the middle of a ” ..


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