The Best Celebrity Cameos In Davids Vlogs

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“Right the woman that was all over you at the parties to the brand new new car and i don t know why i don t either. Oh. My god little back sorry about david oberon. Thinks we re gonna get him back right now.

But i m actually giving him the greatest gift of his life. Because while he s a bad person. He helps all our career. So far we ve all remember when we had a tv show on like totally yeah.

I never thought that it d be so simple but man drinking jobs are gonna come back for another season. Yeah. It s okay so david there ll be no vlogging in my lobby. You know my ex wife has a new boyfriend.

So today and get fucking payback. I m about to kick this motherfuckers ass right now you re gonna assault your ex wife s new boyfriend. I don t know if i can do this with you fuck you david and fuck you josh i m doing this with or without you shit you john stamos. My name is jason huge fucking hair is even better in person in the mood to kick some ass right now why are you so angry.

What is it no time to talk john gotta. Go come on now motherfucker. I ain t leavin until i see your pussy ass. Whoever s fuckin samantha needs to step out here right now and raise their hand jason you see samantha yeah.

Samantha and she has kids wyatt and charlie so jason s head. So you can t no no. No no no no fucking way. A josh hold.

My jacket. Yes. Exactly. Why would he hold the jacket jason okay all right listen up john stamos.

I m gonna steal some of these oranges for later as i don t have any money for food right now but before that happens i m about to kick ocol. Jesse s ass. I ll be back in two seconds to kick your ass. There s the play let s just get out of here right now.

I know how to fuck him up what s the point pissed it on his car. This is my car. This is my car that s john stamos. But john whose car is this my car you pee.


I kiss. Jimmy kimmel katy perry. I knew that was tati denied that s not a matter it goes. When my daughter was born.

When my son was born and today. What is this that s that s the pope isn t that supposed to be on there like the dashboard no i m not that rule. I had my own bobblehead you do have to pose for it too really yeah. I spent four hours in a in a room.

This is howie mandel. Oh. They don t know who i am. He s the host of deal or no deal my fourth favorite judge on america s got talent and overall a really really cool dude.

I googled you yesterday wow. So they are a big fan. I found out you re worth you re worth 40 million dollars. Am.

I yeah you i think that s crazy. I didn t know that s what i m working on think about money well just to prove it yeah. I m doing this stupid thing. Carries.

An interim driver s life. Now this is my registration your middle name is julian. I asked about the germ thing since when were you so afraid of jared. I can t remember it not being afraid.

I just can t shake hands. I m medicated haven t shaken a hand in in about ten years congratulations okay. We gotta wrap things up thank god let me touch up on one. Thing because i ll touch you no.

No so you get a 700000. In episode for america s got talent. Oh. My god that can t be true you know what i just realized i make so much money and i m so successful there s no reason for me to spend any more time that s a free start when it reaches closest friends.

We re gonna see our rich friend. I m excited do you want to come with how much is this bag is it 90000. Hermes confidentiy thousand watt dollars. I please see your garage.


Oh my god oh my god pink dress love pink lamborghini a bentley how much do you make a year like a super businessperson or were you love dick love money that s like jason right now. He can only get food and dick watching you guys communicate. It s like watching two cartoons from the show. I can t wrap my head around the fact that you guys are real people it s so insane.

It s just standing next to you mixture should look like a completely same person jonah right to it jason s trying to steal my kids choice or you what kids choice all right i have three if they re. It s not a big deal k. If you want i m sorry. I don t know where they are right now.

I don t keep them around yes of course you can see it it s right here. It s a real kids choice award. I m not gonna see its iconic. But it s it s icons a good part is he doesn t know where you live.

Though right samantha from the girl scouts do love. The girl scouts hi. How are you today buddy man that s just where your girl scout cookies then actually not selling girl scout cookies today we have salad dressing this is newman s on their uniforms becoming a little provocative no thank you big boy no an incredible amount of body hair. It s actually runs in my family.

Apart. Armenian armenian. Don t you think you should maybe get a wax after they just wax it this morning. It s that really fast.

Okay samantha old are you 14 right now you re 14. I don t mean to be rude. But you re 14 and these things are ginormous. What do all these badges man this one give blowjob you gave blowjob just through like you know guys under 18.

Not you bad boy guys. I m not samantha jason nash combined. Yeah. We know yeah we know jesus you don t have to say the from vine part.

You know jason if i give this to you what do you want to do it i want to shove it in my hand. Rob riggle is outside my apartment right now sorry sorry says everything okay. What s going on i live above you no idea. I could smell the pot coming up it s all the way yeah.

I can smell the weed that s what i was looking for right. There any what he s trying to say is he wants a hit. Oh shit. I m gonna have to confiscate the weaver no this is that oh gee but because 3000.


I can t give that yeah did you just say if i want any will be one kenobi old fucking ass listen rod. I know i m a dad i m an older guy i ll talk to these guys no dad i m not a granddad. I think we re about the same age. Josh peck.

You know me oh yeah. Coming man. That s why. I was a kokoda.

Yeah. I hope you for me. If you don t have shit to worry about all right i m not gonna bust you dr stone you should really think about gets my friends i m right here yeah david friend of yours. He s always shit because of his girlfriend.

Okay come on i m right here eight million subs. When you re a teenager. You re sucking up to these guys maybe we do some like common ground. They taught me french with his daughter flirts are there in the hallway.

Yes daughter s 13 dom. Let s write up his adrian. What s your favorite movie. Quick tommy twists for you twice.

I wasn t into a story. Dumb. Not talking about you need to get some new friends thanks guys take the babies that s all about to fucking kill them all right fuck this up talk dude. A stick.

I want the weed. I want to fuck out and by the way the correct answer was stepbrothers 21 jump street hangover. You that s a really bad mistake. Yes.

This is a big fucking mistake. That s a bad mistake. Oh. No he doesn t know how do you fucking.

Allow this shit to have he s the cut. I mean you fuck oh you re a fucking cop doors already closed. I m fucking in a white tank please don t fucking fuck. My fucking day like know how fuck this isn t how it s supposed to be you re making this a big deal alex no not because i m scared because he s yelling at me it d be terrifying come on nice space your fears wow that s awesome kill yourself no i ve never interacted with a room like a superstar before all down.


So nervous what s up guys. I m david dobrik and today. I m here with jennifer lopez or jlo. I still haven t asked her what i can call it what i can call you tell me jennifer jennifer.

It s on her earrings. Today. We re gonna be doing the fear box challenge. It s definitely been through a lot whatever you texted.

Why do i have to touch it. Because. This is all it s gross probably. Really stinky.

Too. Mom. Thank. You thank.

You it works made me cry. Oh. Jason told. Us that your huge badge boom.

I hit hi. The street is you ve a little birthday surprise for me the street is right. It s scary to me. What are you guys here to talk.

Drake. Josh reunion. How was josh s wedding. I m happy he found lovin.

I didn t have to be there i m just happy. He s what tell drake that yeah how is it being with your past employee for my birthday can you give me a famous helen catchphrase. ” ..


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