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“Has arguably one of the best quests in oblivion. So it s no surprise that that an entire expansion based around the mad. God would be just as amazing the of the shivering. Isles is fantastically alien.

And the characters are well. They re pretty weird. Oh. No oh no no no no no.

No no no. No no and of course. The quests themselves are superb and absolutely ridiculous so here are the 5 best quests in the shivering. Isles cats can be extremely scary.

I mean just look at this guy look at his vicious eyes. He ll switcher throat in an instant. So it s no wonder that ushnar gro shadborgob would be afraid of these furry felines that cat beggar is following me don t look. He s standing right over there.

But unfortunately for ushnar. A khajiit named bhisha has been following him around everywhere. He goes so ushnar wants us to get rid of him permanently. Which starts the quest ushnar s terror.

He doesn t care how we do it as long as bhisha is gone now as it turns out bhisha isn t actually following ushnar but instead following ushnar s dog he has a nice dog. I like dogs if you ask him to leave he ll refuse. But if you give him a hundred gold then he will decide to move to the adjacent city bliss of course. If you don t want to waste a hundred gold then you could just kill him.

But honestly neither of these choices sit well with me. If i m going to take care of this pesky khajiit. Then i want to do it in style. Maybe.

One of the locals has some information his dog can be a terror. I once saw him sick it on a guy who tried to steal the dog s food. He told me the dog can smell it s food on any one ushnar let that dog tear that poor khajiit apart hmm that sounds promising..


I bet you ushnar has some dog food in his house bingo. Now to give it to bhisha you re giving me free food. You re a good friend. Thank you yeah.

No problem pal. Oh. God. This is getting way too out of hand.

There we took care of that pesky khajiit. I mean sure ushnar s dog is. Dead but it s just collateral damage uh. Ushnari took care of the khajiit.

I m just going to collect my pay now three hundred and eighty gold and a hundred and fifty five thousand clubs holy crap dude. What are you doing with these unfortunately if ushnar does die then you can t get the real reward. Which is a dog of your very own i happen to have one of my old ones still lying around. I ll send it to you man what a cute little guy just look at all his muscle.

You know what i was better off without one after completing a relatively generic quest we suddenly find ourselves trapped on a balcony with an interesting character i swear this guy reminds me of something but i just can t put my nose on it and so begins the quest baiting the trap. But where are my manners. I must get into my professional tone. If the idea of becoming a dungeon master in what amounts to be an unfair and somewhat simple game of dungeons and dragons.

Then this quest is up your alley adventures have entered the dungeon of xidilian. And it is your job to present them with challenges that they must face at each chamber that the adventurers enter you have the choice of pressing one of two buttons. The first button will release some physical challenge on the adventures while the second button releases. A mental challenge forcing the adventurers to slowly go insane makes no sense should we did watch the toast.

Now while it can be fun watching the adventures fight hordes of monsters. I find it more enjoyable watching them lose their minds especially when they re trying to get into a locked cage filled with treasure. If only we had the key wait do hear something honestly. I m just surprised the keys themselves.

Didn t kill him too bad. None of those keys fit the lock hahaha. If you wish to be merciful..


Then this is the way to go as nosy guy claims they will become residents of the shivering isles unfortunately. However they are in fact removed from the game never to be seen again so really it doesn t matter that much. But you do get a pretty sweet sword at the end of it so that s all right i love a good mystery. I mean i did grow up on scooby doo.

After all. And it seems like oblivion. Has the best mysteries. Like that one with the painting that one s pretty good.

But the lady of paranoia is even better. I m not saying that it s because you can electrocute people. But uh that may be a factor ooh. We ll just have to start torturing people to find out also rather than looking for some stupid painting.

We re trying to find a traitor attempting to murder the duchess of dementia. Now that s important work plus. We get a sweet title lead the way grand inquisitor all right let s find our first victim. I mean suspect and here s two of them.

Now. What do you have to say for yourself kithlan. No conspiracies here. Go pester someone else don t lie to me herdir get him ready to talk now huh.

But anya has been looking scared lately looking scared eh that definitely sounds suspicious. She must be a traitor. I mean i can t think of any other reason. Why she would be scared at a time like this shock em again after some more interrogating.

It turns out there actually is a plot to kill the duchess of dementia. Which honestly is a surprise to me i figured we would find out she was just overly paranoid. But i suppose they ve already pulled that trick. Once i would be weird.

If the devs did it again sometimes a quest is good not because it is especially epic or impressively designed but simply by how satisfying it is and the quest final resting is one of those cases it starts off when the most annoying guy. I ve ever experienced an oblivion tries to get our attention over here. I need to talk to you it s important hey you come over here i have to ask you something something important will you shut up..


I m trying to electrocute people over here all right what is it best not to talk about it here. What why did you spend so much time getting my attention. If we can t talk now all right. I guess.

Let s see what this guy wants you must you must kill me. Yeah. I think i can do that. But.

Remember i don t want to see it coming take me unaware. Oh. I guess we can see what this guy does during the day. Then please don t stop take me unaware not like this jeez man.

Wait a few seconds before you start flipping out. I barely had time to move. Yet does he does he just stand there all day apparently. But i hope that someday maybe big gust of wind will come and push me off so i can end it all well.

I ve never been called a big gust of wind before. But i can make those dreams. Come true what yep satisfying indeed. Oh also the reward you get for killing him.

It s called the ring of happiness. I guess it just wasn t his style while traveling through the mad gods boot. We come across an old fort called vitharn unlike most old forts. This one is not filled with bandits.

But in fact filled with ghosts attempting to murder each other now i don t know about you. But i m intrigued and so starts the quest ghosts of vitharn all right let s see if we can get inside sealed by a supernatural force are you sure. It isn t the giant chains that are wrapped around it i suppose we ll just go through this tree instead after entering the keep we discovered that vitharn had been besieged by a group known as the fanatics. The defenders of vitharn failed to protect the fort from the invaders for reasons.

Which become painfully obvious. The fanatics are about to break into the courtyard. It s a good thing..


I ve kept all the weapons and armor in good condition. If i let those soldiers use them they d be all dented by that seems a little counterintuitive bat. Everyone wants my weapons. But they re my weapons mine.

Not that it would matter if he did give them weapons. Though since apparently nobody is going to use them anyway. I m a farmer not a soldier. I don t know how to use this weapon.

Well it s still better than using your fists as it turns out there are four specific defenders each with their own unique problem that we need to solve whether it s because they re poorly equipped distracted or what do you need i tried to warn the guards to bar the doors of the reservoir. But i wasn t in time now i do the dance of death yatadedee well i can see why you didn t survive. The battle alright. We ve solved three of the issues now to speak to the count of vitharn and discover the last problem take my helm with it you can take my place in the defense of the gate.

Oh we need to fight huh here s an idea how about you get off your lazy butt. And just do it yourself ah fine there we ve defended the castle and lifted the curse. Although i m starting to wish i just left those idiots to their misery. Let the soldiers fight the fanatics.

I ve better things to do at least. We have a cool helmet alright. There was my top five. But this is definitely not an exhaustive list of all the good quests in the shivering.

Isles songs of forks follow you so make sure to tell me your favorite quest down in the comments. And while you re at it check out my video. 5. Best oblivion.

Quests and the follow up video. 5. More best oblivion. Quests focusing on the best quests from the main game.

I will see you guys in those videos. ” ..

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The Shivering Isles is fantastic. I shouldn t even have to say more than that, but YouTube likes it when I type stuff in this box that nobody reads so here goes. Sheogorath s Quest in Oblivion was amazing and the idea of getting an expansion based around that is even more amazing. And you know what, that is pretty much what we got. So here are the 5 best shivering isles quests.
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