The 200 ($260) “GTX 1070” Black Friday Sale Scam

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“Everyone welcome to the black friday special edition episode of the series that doesn tn t really have a name. What we do in this miniseries is we take a at items that are listed online on places our ebay and other websites of items that do seem too good to be true in today. I ve purchased myself a gtx 1070 this cost me 200 british pounds. It s a little bit more money than i usually spend.

But in the spirit of black friday. A tradition that we seem to have adopted over here in the uk. A little bit. I thought i d go all out knowing.

That there is a money back guarantee with my order now for a little bit of reference. The cheapest gtx 1070. Here in the uk is retailing for about three hundred and fifty pounds a pretty good price and i was actually keeping my eye out for a cheap one because i have been saving up a little bit and i might upgrade my 1060. If i can find one cheap enough this what s in this box probably isn t going to be that 1070.

But without further ado. Let s get into the package and see what has actually turned up if anything because it feels very very light..

So a little bit about the sellers profile first a lot of positive feedbacks on the buying side of things what these scam cells. Usually do is they purchase items to increase their positive feedback and then when it comes to selling they re gonna get a lot of negatives because they re obviously ripping people off as you can see we have some fragile tape. That s what we like to see so opening this up here at both ends. Because there really isn t that much tape on this thing.

Ah hole. Here we go lots of padding look at this oh okay lots of padding that s a good sign. This person takes care of their products. Removing the tons of amazon style packaging.

Hi. There. Oh okay. If you guys know of any gtx 1070.

That s this big please let them know okay ready for this. I m sure..

This is gonna be exactly what we ll do oh my goodness. What is that that s tiny very well packaged. I have to admit very very well packaged can this game to this i don t want to damage it anymore okay sliding out of the packaging. I m gonna give you guys the first look actually i don t it s gt 710.

I see so yum. What s this so that doesn t even look like a pci connector look. I don t if it s gonna focus. But look at that that s so weird.

This is not a gtx 1070 someone s even ranked 7 10 on a label at the back. Please focus on that why have you wrote it now and it s written down here oh my goodness it s actually the smallest graphics card i have ever seen that is actually perfect for htpc builds of course in the tradition of these videos. What we must do now is actually put it in the system and test our gtx 1070 to see how good it really is when it comes to playing a few games. So without further ado.

Let s get a few good shots of the card close up and then we ll put it in the system to see how it performs this has now become the gt 710 mini review so i hope you guys enjoy why why was it sent in a massive box. So let s get into it so this 7 10..

Is passively cooled as you can see which means. It only requires 300. Watts of power. And it has all the connections that you could possibly need.

I actually really liked the look of this little card and it would make a great card for an http c or media system. But how does it perform in games. Well. Let s take a look so first up we tried bioshock infinite a game that i do really enjoy playing it s one that s been out for a while now at 720p here dirt3 is another one of my favorites.

Which will rank very well on this card in fact most older titles will run fine at 720p when paired with a processor like the rison. 3. I am showing you games that are performing at at least 60fps to give you some idea of what you can hope to play yourselves should you want to purchase a super cheap card like this one. Although.

I wouldn t really recommend it there. 4 dead..

2. Is another title that runs fantastically. Even with the high in game settings. And probably the most demanding game of the day skyrim ran.

Very well at 720p as well with a few hiccups here and there i guess in conclusion guys. The same as always don t fall for things that look too good to be true especially at this time of year. Although. It is always fun to find these scam parts.

So that you don t have to end up with them thank you for watching if you enjoyed it leave a like if you didn t leave a dislike subscribe to the channel. If you haven t done so already and hopefully i ll see all of ” ..

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