Testing XYRON STICKER MACHINE – Easy Stickers without a Printer!

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“Just broke it irg crafty people how are you today in this video. I m m going to be testing the xyron create a sticker machine actually two of them wide version. Where you can create stickers up to five inches. And i also have a mini version where you can create stickers up to an inch and a half and the reason that i decided to get these xyron products.

It s because of you guys so if you don t know if you re maybe new to my channel welcome by the way. I do have a craft kit testing series. Where i test a lot of random crafts kids. I swear i explained them better than i am explaining this intro.

I happen to test a crayola sticker maker granted this one was geared toward children. It was spoiler alert not the greatest. But it was really interesting so if you want to watch that i ll link it in the description box along with my entire crockett testing playlist today. Though i m going to be unboxing and testing both of these products.

Giving a demo. My autofocus. I ll be giving a demo of both of them and just kind of showing you how to make the stickers. How to use the both the machines.

I also went ahead and bought both types of refill adhesive for the two machines um. Let me get some scissors. And we ll get into this. The famous oil spill scissors.

Oh really right here. It is it looks really official. I m excited to try it out let s take a look at the little one first this one shaped like an axe..


There are so many different things that you can turn into a sticker such as a doodle or drawing some sort of print out these are just emojis from some past video. I ve done magazine clippings you can take sticky notes and cut a shape like make this into a star that would be really cool also scrap of paper these have quotes on them. I also want to create another personalized doodle for this video. So really quickly let s just do that first and then i ll show you how everything works and also if you didn t see this video.

Yet. I just made a giant sharp you can this artwork thing just gonna do a fun dude with some crayola super tips markers and i m basically just going to make petal shapes and kind of do like a mandala design. And i am doing this on cardstock paper. Just so.

The sticker is a little bit thicker than regular computer printer paper. But you can do it on anything i cut it out and here is what it looks like i am going to turn this into a sticker. But i have to first figure out if i need to put it in face up or face down. I believe that this symbol means that the print is on the top.

But just to be sure so i don t ruin this. I m going to put a little scrap in first we re going to try this really ugly hard these are the instructions not very big at all i mean. There s not much to it really it just says the different parts of the machine you re going to place the item on the feed tray which is here gently glide the item forward while turning the handle clockwise toward me if i m sitting behind it but wait for me if i were to be in front of it gosh. It seems jammed i just broke it it won t go through you just have to turn it really hard hey guys only i could manage to mess this up we re in it happens it literally vanished.

I just wasted all this now the hunt for the missing sticker continues. There is i really messed this up it folded itself maybe it s too thick. I think through needs higher cartridge. I feels a wasteful.

Luckily i have our placement. So we gain another chance fresh right at the box. It s good to go this time please here..


There s nothing don t know it s doing the thing again where it s like no exactly only part of it has adhesive on the back. Which is actually a really great adhesive. This is so sticky. We may have to downgrade to the regular thin paper and see if this works i am not happy about this this is how i feel but angrier so there this is our next digger groove and are you working.

Thank goodness let s see if we can get the cardstock to work though it worked yay so thin paper and thick paper. Now let s do some real stickers. Oh no oh as well thanks. And we have a success.

I have three successful stickers and then the first one that i tried it just has the top part that didn t get the adhesive. I think the very first turn of the machine you kind of want to turn it a little bit to start the adhesive to get sticking together. If that makes sense and then put your piece in. Now let s try the smaller sticker.

Maker which is the 15. Inch. One so you can do stickers that are up to this wide right here hopefully. I don t have issues with this one start off with this little star here.

I m going to put it in here. Oh no it s a little bit thick outfits. I m just gonna wide it down in there and pull yeah this one worked really nice so you re supposed to rub it and then peel. Then tear this one was really easy so aside from this nonsense.

I would highly recommend the sticker maker maybe this one is a little bit more user friendly than the giant one this one. But it s truly amazing that you can create a sticker this big. The only thing about this is the stickers are not protected on the front..


So if you want them protected. You would have to use some sort of clear varnish or mod podge or put tape over the top of them oh rose there s hairs all over this or mine. But someone needs to vacuum and maybe should have watched some review videos before testing the product. But i wanted to make it fair and just go by the instructions that they gave because that s what a product should have is you should know everything so xyron.

If you haven t ever see this video. Which i doubt i would recommend maybe putting like some troubleshooting in here. Yeah. I don t know i don t know definitely way better than the crayola sticker maker and definitely really really easy to lose use use it s really easy to lose really easy to use as long as you don t run into this hiccup.

So i will still go ahead and recommend this i just you know would be very very careful on your first roll to make sure that the adhesive is joined to the wax paper like parchment paper type stuff. Because there s two rolls in here. The clear and the white and just turn it very slowly and if you do here anyway click yes or if you feel it getting caught then and you know something s going wrong. If you happen to enjoy this video.

And you want me to continue testing different craft kits and products. Give this video a thumbs up to let me know if you are new to my channel. And you never want to miss an upload which happens every single friday go ahead and turn notifications on by ringing. The bell and also you can click subscribe to become a channel family member.

I d love to have you as you can see this adhesive is really really sticky it almost looks like a slug has left its go behind here. I know that s kind of gross. But i mean it s really sticky it is what i m trying to get at it does coat the entire back of the sticker. When it works properly.

Which like i mentioned it did work properly for the entire second cartridge that first one just kind of messed up well. It really messed up it stays stuck to the wax paper or sticker. Backing really really well..


And it also does when you peel it off and put it on a piece of paper like so it stays down the corners. Do not flop up it s hard to get your fingernail underneath the corners. So i would say that this adhesive is ten out of ten just a little note. Some of the adhesive may be coming out on the sides that s not coming out from underneath.

It was just kind of stuck to the paper and didn t get removed during the rolling process the exact same thing can be said for the smaller sticker maker. The x shaped. One. I believe that this adhesive is up to the same level.

As the larger sticker makers with the little machine. Even though. I did rip very close to the edge of the first sticker here you can see that there still is a lot of excess paper. That doesn t get used so if you cut right at the edge.

There s gonna be at least an inch between these of sticker paper that essentially gets quote unquote wasted. But this is just how the product is set up i don t think that s something that you can avoid. But it s not that big of a deal because you are getting really nice stickers with the repositionable adhesive you can put that down on the page and if you don t like the placement or you want to move it later on you can definitely do that so it comes off really easily. But at the same time it is stuck to the page quite firmly.

I hope you have a fantastic day and thank you so much for watching i m gonna go to bed. When are you all ready for bed alright bye see you next ” ..

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