Tech21 Evo Frame for S7 Edge – Review

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“Everyone so today we ll take a look at tech 21 0 frame for samsung samsung galaxy s7 edge and yeah take a look at that so this is also very popular case for samsung galaxy s7 edge and it s really expensive but i got this at a good discount because these things are on sale right now at digital walker. So let s see what s inside okay. So yeah. So it looks well it looks nice so this one is a bit soft.

You can see it s made of tpu. There it bends a little this the backplate is it s hard well. It s not that hard. But a little bit hard plastic.

So it doesn t really bend that much but the sides the edges. There dpu..

The material cpu and so you can be sure that your phone is protected from scratches. I really hate it when when a case who wishes which you intended to protect your phone will be the one to the cost of scratch. So that s not going to happen here so there s a branding. There at the bottom says tech 21.

I m not sure if you can see from the video. But so it s engraved from the back. Okay let s put it on so it s easy to snap on no problem. There in the most difficult case ahead.

I had the snap on was the spec. Clear impact protection..

This one was an easy snap and look at the fit and look at the curved edges. So you ll see there there s a little bit of bump also so that if you lie your phone flat that bump will protect the screen on a flat surface like that so it s similar to respect a case that i reviewed earlier so it s a it s a good fit. And you will see them you will see that it covers a lot more than the usual case. But still the sensors are not obstructed.

The buttons are not obstructed here. There you go and pretty good cut out for for the ports at the bottom. So you won t have any issues. Plugging with your with your headphones up and the usb.

So let s try usb there you go so it s nap. Perfectly so it s not it s not an obstruction..

Then so that s a pretty good cut out. I ll try another usb cord. Just to be sure. So.

This is a lot another one generic one so you can see it s a big bigger. It s a bit bigger still snapped on perfectly there you go so that s a major plus because a lot of phone cases are really i just hate it when you have to remove a case. If you just need to charge your phone and look at the cutouts here and then you can see how thick or how thin. The case is there you go so it doesn t add a lot of dimension to the phone.

I mean it doesn t add a lot of thickness. It still is thin as possible and and yet well protected overall..

This is a really good case one of the best that i ve that i ve reviewed for samsung galaxy s7 edge see there so it s a nice deer your phone still looks great. It s still slim and yet. It s protected and really that s all we need and check okay the buttons are easy to press. So the buttons are covered volume rocker.

But it s easy to press. So no issues there okay so this is really a great case and i highly recommend this thank. ” ..


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