TCL 50-Inch 4K Roku TV Review: More Roku Than TV

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“Hey what s going on from dogs bui hd here and this is the 50 50 inch tcl roku 4k hd tv from 2016 sent to b4 broku to review you all it costs 500 which tells you a lot right there. It s not a fancy flagship 4k television meaning. It s not going to deliver the top of the line picture quality instead. It s going to balance picture.

Quality and value for the price. For 500. This is one of the cheapest new 4k tv panels on the market in terms of the build you won t see anything too flashy. Here.

It doesn t feature a curved display. Nor does it feature a razor thin body or bezels. The bezels are about fourteen point five millimeters. Thick and there are two glossy plastic legs that hold this tv upright in terms of ports.

There is an audio video input port facing away from the television on the side we have from top to bottom an ethernet port for hdmi. 20 4k capable and hdcp 22 inputs for 4k disc playback as well as one hdmi port with a rc or audio return channel. Capabilities there is a usb port but it s not usb 30. So you can t play back your own 4k content via this usb port unfortunately there is a cable antenna coaxial port.

Audio out s pdif port headphone jack left and right rca port and reset button. Also hidden on the back is a power button and navigation buttons. So while this is clearly a television in my opinion this product is more roku than tcl tv. Which you ll see when you power it up you re greeted with a very familiar sight.

If you ve ever owned a roku device. The ui is simple nothing too fancy. But it works very well on the left hand side you have the main sections like home my feed movie store tv. Store and news search streaming channels and settings and on the right hand side you get to see what s inside each section.

The roku operating system controls the tv functionality and roku experience you ll see options do switch inputs up front and center under home. I really like this because it makes switching inputs. Easy you can hook up a game console and easily switch to it from this panel. You can also rename inputs to better keep track of is what and you can view.

What is playing via each input without actually changing inputs below those inputs you ll find all your channels..

Which is another name for. Apps what s great about roku is they have over 3000. Different channels and they all have the main apps that you come to expect like netflix hulu hbo now amazon video spotify google play movies the list goes on and on you can search through individual apps to find the shows you are looking for or use the dedicated universal search feature to search for movies. Tv shows.

Actors streaming channels. And games. There s even a search button on the remote. You can hold it down and speak your request.

Bill murray. It s all very quick to the roku 4k. Tv. Features a quad core processor.

To help deliver fast results in my experience. I haven t noticed any major lag or stuttering. If you glance back at the remote you ll see that in addition to the search button. There s a power button a back and home button a play pause button and dedicated go to buttons for netflix sling tv hbo.

Now and amazon video on the right hand side for the remote is the volume toggle and mute. Button and on the left hand. Side there is a 35 millimeter. Headphone.

Jack. Where you can plug in the included headphones and listen to the whatever is being played through your tv. Through your headphones a great feature to have if you have other people living in your home. But in terms of picture quality.

That s one of the reasons. You are all here. The roku 4k tv is decent. It features a 3840 by 2160 resolution.

So content is going to look more crisp than a 1080p display..

The display features an led backlight in an advertised 120 hertz refresh rate even though it only features a native 60 hertz refresh rate since the refresh rate is relatively low you re not going to find that fake soap opera effect. When you re watching tv. Which i think some people who really like but where the tv fall short is color vibrancy contrast and high dynamic range in the settings. You ll see there are very little customizable options to tweak the picture quality you can change the brightness from brighter bright.

Normal dark and darker that s about it though when you jump into a specific input like hdmi one you can press. The asterisk button on the remote to view more in depth. Picture settings. There are some default picture modes to choose from then some additional settings like backlight right in his contrast.

Sharpness color. Tint color temperature and game mode and in my opinion. You re definitely going to want to tweak these settings. I set them up according to thx s recommended settings and the picture quality has greatly improved.

But even though the picture quality isn t up to par with a flagship television from samsung lg sony vizio or even tcl for that matter and there are a limited number of options to tweak the picture quality. The tcl roku 4k hdtv is still a bargain you essentially get a standalone roku 4k media player. Which would retail for at least 100 on its own and of course. A 4k tv together all of this cost just five hundred dollars.

That s half the price of the budget friendly flagship vizio p. Series of 4k tv that was recently released so i ll leave a link to purchase the tv through amazon. Maybe just want to look at more specifications. The link will be down below.

In the description. I ll also provide a link to costco. Which is selling the 50 you p120 model for 100 less at 400. That s a pretty darn good price.

If you guys enjoyed this video and would like to see more videos like it hit the thumbs up button subscribe if you re brand new thank you roku for setting this unit out to review as always i m bo hd from foam comm. I hope you enjoyed this video thank you for watching and i will see you the word ease. Now you can also type the asterisk and then boost and press enter. And it will show you all the files that end with the word boost.

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If you have any problems with the software. Well this has been a presentation by es repair. Thank you for watching. ” .


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