Tanmay Bhatt Bee Snapchat Feminism Vs Sexism – YouTube

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“Guys there are certain questions that miss was asking that he s claiming. I got got didn t get the answers i totally it all yeses. I got right he those snaps don t listen to him this guy s an asshole look at his face louie you miss one. I had some minor issues with the last joke that you d put out you know i feel like the setup could have been far like crunchy or you know pargana.

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It ll take for example net you dose then await them in the number one professional. A ok who s nice su cara you can win or who moved my cheese surprise. Me told you become positive voices professor lucas of cabal tak deco camp say kuru focus kuru want a medeco conquer oh honey his money honey his money so i said what sultana and no sexism fruit food when i was sugar all except stabilizer bitching. Which is you know girls give adam.


A such a bilakoro deeper deeper kinds of stupid hogan legal and i know you know my boss no she s so picky. She s so bossy she s so bitchy what a diva. Oh. When i said she s been murdered vss after another loop goes on uh oh amazing you are so professional this man knows what he wants wah wah wah wah wah wah i shall my retainer to ho he commands respect my employees oh he runs a tight ship.

I shall let s go to a dui. A hey go ahead. So. Many have a bully si si.

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I see bullets appendage. Horrible over there i m sorry to say. But i have a ten opinion. I am of the thinking that maybe para maybe.

I was thinking to write america tortilla. He shiet. If you don t mind maybe. Under.

Kahani co production half ecology. Maybe i don t know i am. Not i don t have anything in here. So i am just thinking.


I m asking the room. I wonder what the room three yep. It s a big away all right look. Why such good people numbers are to be taken seriously.

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I learned from lab tech tip same well until next time bye. ” ..

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