(Tabantha Frontier and Rito Village) Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Part 20) – YouTube

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“Youtube. If you want to stay updated on the videos i upload make sure you you hit that bell hello. Everybody. This is waiver stop on my channel for everything and art related.

Thanks for watching music. Hey everybody. This is wafer welcome back to another episode of breasted. A wild and today.

We re finally going to uncover this area these areas. This is too because it is borderline. But yeah uh yeah um again. I m a man of my word.

I didn t really do much as far as progression. I told you i wouldn t so i didn t but i did grind a lot i found some shrines i easy kind of stepped out a little and did this wrong. But but but that s all i said i promise all right so uh yeah go there alright the tenneco saw shrine yeah rolls right off the tongue okay so yeah we re liking a call a series of columns ancient ruins just something and some hablen over there doing his thing probably ought to pick his nose. Need it keep the booger like i i seen it it happened it happened.

Oh wait. I forgot i got some masks from mr. Hilton yo bro yogurt shop so i m just like you it s about a smoking hot blonde. Yeah i m just like you except i m handsome and you obviously can t see my eyes.

I guess get out of here. You ve been ruining. Oh oh. I ll see it i think i think he knows now let s take this off it skedaddle.

I don t feel like fighting. What are you can t get me. If i m zigzagging aha. That s what she do you like like me run away from an alligator that s what you zigzag.

Oh. I like to do something awesome guys. I m about to do something awesome. Oh my god i didn t have a bow oh god um hey guys wonderful weather huh look i m going to take your stuff and then run away how we have i m like robin hood.

I m good i m getting away. Oh. You missed. Oh.

It feels a lot. Like. Robin hood ha ha. I took it well.

I was going to take their goods. But i have enough blows all right so guys just get out of here feels like a bit of a waste to just use mine uses weapon gives keys destroying the durability. We ve got the flying fortress. I think that s a bird.

But i don t know oh no again and puke. We re doing this again to puke of no century what s that orange thing it s a fairy fountain. Yeah found it this was the easiest one to find not in a secluded area well. I did find a desert.

One that was kind of hard to climb because you know it doesn t smash it. But yeah. Another 100 missile. This is the distal tip oh great magic fairy.

Yeah. Yeah. I know i know yep. And you want like a thousand case you want a thousand rupees.

Freaking. Greedy fairies tara are you kidding me no i don t have enough freaking greedy. My gosh wait is this hyrule or america let s start from the bottom explore this area. I want to break my feet.

Yeah no breaking feet is the last thing we want to do like oh. No it s another mob line. It s difficult to sneak up on them. Let s put the mask on you know what s up bro that grows.

It all no no no he got you got other people they re not going to be fooled. Okay all right look look at it wiggle look at it wiggle..

It wiggles just like theirs well. I m rumble. I m on the one more one more one more one more one more okay. Alright let s move on to the tower.

So the tower is all the way up there. But i m just going to scale it because you know it s more fun that way. And this is the brightest midnight. Ever like wow.

Oh. Up you know you see this okay. No chorus cut. I ll shoot you man nice try.

Though haha blow up stuff like call of duty. Oh. My god another ye go i m tired you guys especially the big guys gonna earth then the edit you appeared right in front of me that wasn t very smart of you well hey what the heck now we can move on because of your stupid all so run run don t worry fox. I don t bother you i only bother animals.

Who bother me oh money ten thousand rupees god it s just like getting the rupee reminded me of that seriously there it is it s the beast. I think that s the divine beast look at it yeah definitely looks like a bird that s the next one guys oh man. I m ready to die you re a lot of rough here. But oh noes the thing.

It s a talent oh no problem i have fawn arrows. Oh. Good here have some more some more yay. It s fun right ha ha.

Have plenty of palmeiro s. Oh. My god i got it. Hey bro.

I m over here. Oh kyle closer no i don t want to use it i ll just destroy him with light weight. I got hit. I was like what looks like a smash 4 hit box go under we re gonna climb up like a man ah there we go give me your gemstone stop fartin opal droopy ruby rubies sorry diamond oh.

My god yes if i sell these i ll have enough money to pay that greedy fairy alright. So i know the piece is over there and the towers over there. But you know i get distracted. I saw something here.

I thought i saw a watchtower and i see some enemies. Oh boy. Let s just hope they re the same kind because i could put on a mask and blend in with them then they ll be jealous because i got there i got their face. But i got a smoking hot dog.

My knee is going to go it we got fine ah hylian got a sexy body. Unlike you guys got the limp lizard. Bodies. One biscuit.

The roof protection is now ready to roll alright like fur bunch look at me. I m just standing like okay so um trying to get up there hardest thing ever especially wieners like no ladder or stairs or boxes. Like it used to get up there. I m gonna have to go light.

There it s the only way i don t see any other way. I m just gonna have to glide. But let s get to the tower for pete s sake look at the beautiful divine means. There s nothing beautiful about it right now.

I m gonna have to destroy it and then get killed by the ganon that s controlling it yeah. You know how it goes. I always die guys love it when i die. Oh.

God i want to blast. You sorry. Won t leave. Me.

Alone. In sorry. Oh. Let me take this stupid thing off.

Here. We go..

Oh. No. The gun is my mac. And it s solidified.

Oh. It s like chunky chunky. Spiky puke. Chunky pukes spikes.

I can t get rid of them like i can in a dungeon because there s like no source. You know i could destroy those the eyeball thing and look. I thought he was like swimming in it that mob ln just flying around reso village. I m guessing that s what that is over there that long phallic shape thing with the hole in it yeah well this puke is shiny.

It s shiny puke like from pokemon. It s the rare of kind ready your pokeballs trainers. Because we got shiny puke for your shiny hunt actually this would be the easiest shiny creature to capture because it doesn t go anywhere does it run away it doesn t like you don t have to catch you can t even catch it can t catch it because if you caught it you re poking your pogo voltage is rot in it you know this one gets to the tower. This is probably the hardest tower.

Nothing can be as hard as the woodland tower with the ghost lightning well that s a lot of puke. Okay oh. It s puke on a tower. My god what did he eat ganon all over this place like we re break the tabasco tower.

We re in sebenza that sounds familiar to me alright so before i i think i want to go to that pillar. It s not covered in puke on the other side. Speak all over the place is disgusting uh uh makes me quiver okay. But um.

I put on the climbing gear. So we can speed this up. I m going to go that place over there i think that s a town. I m not sure hopefully.

It s the rito s town i don t feel like going to bullcrap and then dying noise pew ah you wrapped around it and like there s no oak oh hey hi there thank you thank you tailwind for helping me out destroying the vomit. Is it for everything. No. Shit for that oh boosh that was the key ah okay.

But ah well thank you when. Oh my god the wind is awesome today look. This was easier than the stupid woodland tower shocked by some sansom force. It was probably all the becau blends.

I killed they re like they control they could control lightning as spirits they can control lightning. They like yes for killing. Me you blast. A tyrant.

Yeah. Like oh. Screw you yeah okay. So everything s good so far climbing up the tower.

Climbing. The patellar here. You re you re going up the eyeball going up the eyeball. The eyeball is the hole.

You can t you see it okay. Yeah put the champion stuck back on because we re chance for doing this way to go link music. And now tabitha is uncovered and now we have a whole new region to explore i m tired of exploring the other regions. I ran through it like five hundred times trying to look for shrines and stuff.

I m pretty sure i m missing more. But you know what to move on he ll happen there we go. It s a very small region all right so now that i will cover the region. I ll just do what i like to do the taband saw frontier khujo mountain.

A narrow hill all right piper ridge rain highlands okay pasture he ll pass gas okay then the hembrough plunge lake to tori all right so what am i looking at over here this must be i don t know let s gly okay thanks to all the shrines. I got i have a whole lot of stamina well it s a very high land like area see the bridges peak fitness. I m gonna have fun here i m going to fall and die and then link is just going to go and that ll be one for the compilation. But i have fairy so hopefully they ll be no compilation okay only after three fairies all see i m distracted.

I see there s like a decision. Now mountain little mountain. There no darn it yes sorry. That s right come here nope stop that you what the heck get it like god nope.

Not today uh. It s the thunderstorm rod..

Oh. My god oh my god. There has to be space. There must be space for that i love the electric weapons uh uh uh uh.

I love you spear. But this rod is good man. Okay wolves can sense you when you re in error. Is when you re right in front of them it makes no sense.

Some ancient ruins over there again. But i m still interested in this area this structure looks like there is a town there so it must be maybe. They i did talk to a retail and say that they re their home is somewhere in the tabata area. So oh my god there are a lot of wolves here tired tired of killing wolves okay.

What the heck what i m too scared to look at a cloud or oh. I think. It s the beef right ok this is the beef ok cool because all means no okey dokey. Ah.

Whoa are you look at that you try that one more time were you scared. Scared. That i have the shield up okay. All right fine.

Bye. Bye run. Deer. Run.

It s a very dangerous. Place. That thing. Aidan spamming in a vault in trout that s pretty awesome run animals.

Clear move out of the way i m about to blow this guy up another one to police simply advances pull them off a collar all right so let s go talk to people. And i see a stable was stable close to this area over here which i m assuming is retail village. The rito stable hey guys curry rice. I guess yes you can never have too many arrows you could never have too many hours this is why i m your regular.

I m this is why i m a regular you always have arrows burning for you your pal. I like his mario laughs yeah el torito hey dude. Yeah. Good day gusano or just sunny.

The rito like to tory archers. Yes. Yeah. I m been living under a rock of proverbial rock let s go going the right way also lets just water down there okay it s face it s not just you know rocks and stuff season is the shrine irvine.

I see it like right there oh it s right so it lets write the draft right the drab brother. Yeah right draft. Okay that didn t really help okay ah. So over there are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet okay yeah.

I know swine detector. I could turn it off foot. Yeah. Wait is it a new kind of mushroom nope.

They re also highly from fuzz as common as the super mushroom from mario. What s up also be i forgot yeah every time music you well that was scary the screeching. My face like what probably say f off. Like no i want to say hi cerritos.

I m in retail village. I heard that the song is a remix of dragon ruth. I can t hear it because you know i have to keep the volume low when i record. But i believe them and that s freaking awesome.

What s wrong dude. Bison yeah. I saw it it actually screamed at me. Oh no are you a teenager.

Oh yeah. He s a teenager watch when you grow up it s a you know running age of 24. Whatever you ll you ll learn to love your mother again well. I don t know i never had the teenage problem.

I always loved my mom ha ha. Oh..

This is a guy. Oh shoot. Yeah. I m doing the tarrytown quest.

And i couldn t do it. Without a rito. So you know i wanted to record me going to the tabasco area. So.

Here. We are yeah. Yeah. It s like wow.

Music. Yeah. Yes. Ah.

Okey. Dokey. Careful. And i will.

Liberate. Meadow music. Like the little music. That plays every time you find a person everything just so beautiful here.

I mean like wow. I don t i don t even want to touch anything you know oh the swallows roost our in is the perfect place to smooth your troubles away keep talking yeah okie dokie hello cecilia swallows ruth rito down oh that sounds awesome in the morning thank you i think i wasn t getting molested by gerudo and and gorons. Oh god goren actually shouted he most of you must have hit the climax. Well just say that s what they re giving me.

Oh. Three. Yeah thank you very much i love 11. Very people i love the de retail design in this game.

It is cute. I know furry lovelies you just go nuts with it oh no let s see no quill headdress. Looks pretty awesome. Don t quote resistant all the cool resistant outfit.

Oh i got everything. But my money my money my wall is going to cry if i fight the wall. I must get more money guys okay. So what do we have here.

Oh little edge like odo harder to do let s move on i don t want to cry okay all right i ll go we re gonna go to the shrine and call it a holiday uh uh look i know i m not gonna embarrass myself. Anymore set that before my broken record okay so windmills oh boy this looks fun. Oh boy okay. So oh i get it so we re gonna have to find a way oh all right so you don t music okay.

They re blue and not in the way. Most adults would think when they hear the word blow music. And you yeah. I was pretty easy.

Oh big goodness no more headache and oukie vocals. Please have mercy have any like bonus treasures and the shrine no behind baby baby nope. Okay all right let s go okey dokey. Oh.

You know what i have four spirit orbs time to do one more thing. I saw a goddess statue oh. But there we go that s my plan. All along to fall down and hurt my feet just to reach the goddess statue ha ha ha.

Yeah music yeah. Thank you i will next time on dragon ball. The breath of the wild tenon and antenna and after a 10 10 nnnnnn judges in these paesanos are dedicated supportive warriors. Okay.

So what do we have here. Oh little fledgling. Oh don t y all ready to do no. Let s move on i don t want to cry.

” ..

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