T Mobile LG V20 Unboxing And Initial Impressions

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“What s up ray. But it should boy chris and today were going to be be doing an unboxing video of the lg v. 20. This is a t mobile.

I just got it today just about half an hour ago i upgraded from the lg v10. I m a person who has had lg s now for like the last. I would say five about two years. I think there are wonderful phones.

I m until you have the bootloop issue hopefully this phone doesn t have that issue. But let s begin. The unboxing video. So this is a lg v10.

The case says life s good. When you play more. So i. Go overboard mac s not sharp.

Enough let s open up this bundle of joy. So i have the gray version of the lg v. 20. It comes with a charger.

Which you know that there are right the last time. I were actually the charger that came with my v10 which i would assume this is the exact same one because it looks like the exact same one it didn t actually charge my phone that fats and it also comes with a usb..

I think yeah. These are called type c. Usb connectors. So is not a microsd.

No more know what s in here battery. Okay. And let s open up this and looks like it comes with a sim card already so it definitely feels a little different. Let me put.

In the battery. This plastic off of it. Yeah. Okay.

Oh wow. See the v10. When you open up. Your phone.

You had to basically just like crack it open around the sides whatever with this phone. It s just like a simple click and a pop then it s open and let me put the exercise should still use my old sd card words. That act nicely it doesn t matter. I ll do all that in a second yeah put this back on also the case feels like it s a metal.

I d be very careful with it don t want to break. Nothing..

Oh okay. Snap. Snap. Snap.

Snap. And then there. s also this is a piece of plastic. Right.

Here to try and turn this bad boy on oh. Yeah. I forgot. What s that they got rid.

This. Is touchscreen. Right. Here.

Though so so i wanted to talk briefly about the lg v20 and the second part of the video. So this fall in the main difference is that this phone instead of having two cameras on the front like the v. Tendon. The v20 has two cameras on the back side of the camera.

And only has one on the front and the one in the front is a wide angle and one of these is like a regular camera. The other one s a wide angle camera..

Which is cool for someone like me who s six foot five. And you know a lot of times people will turn to me for selfies. It just makes the picture look a whole lot better because of my arms are so long anyways. But also the phone is rocking.

A snapdragon 820. The v10 was rocking. A snapdragon 808 quad. Core processor.

The graphic processors arduino 530 v10 was a 418 still four gigs of system memory. There is a 200 milliamp increase in the size of the battery from the the. V10 because the v10 had 3000. Milliamps the v20 has 3200 milliamps.

Which is good more batteries always better you know let s see what else you know there s a whole bunch of other you know added things in there that i ll have the link in the description below. But you know let s look at the camera now obviously from looking at the camera through a camcorder or a sony handycam. What you know is a nice thing you re not going to see the actual fool you know the full like visual. I don t know master piece or whatever you want to call it of this phone.

You know i ll probably make some videos tomorrow. Highlighting the v20 and how nice it looks or whatever. But i mean you can change. The frame rates you can change let s go to ultra hd.

You know you can change all this stuff around you can change. The bitrate..

Which is awesome. I mean there s so many things that you know if you re a a youtuber who likes to go around and and i don t want to do that right okay. Yes. Sure allow.

And if you re a youtuber. Who you know was on the road alive. This is this phone even though it s not going to replace a dslr camera. It s still something where you know for most people who are watching videos on youtube.

They re not going to notice the difference if they re watching if you let us say a mobile device or whatever i mean yeah. It does look better on a dslr camera. Sometimes when you re recording or whatever. But you know it then that day it s you know it s i don t i don t think.

It s that big of a difference. But all right it is a big difference. But you guys get what i m saying so at the manual camera which looks pretty sweet. I can definitely tell that this is looks way better than the v10.

It s definitely more improved. So i wanted to be a you know making a couple videos showcasing the v 20s camera please subscribe to my channel. If you want to see more and thanks for the ” ..


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