T-Mobile LG Stylo 2 Plus [UNBOXING first impressions!

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“Is the silo from t mobile. It took them forever to get this phone and and i m glad they took their time because it has an upgraded strain to looks a lot better and the pen on here. The stylus actually has some real functionalities. You ll see no functionality.

Let s get into it alright. So box look familiar yeah. This is the same box from the k10. There s my beautiful k10 you haven t seen any videos on this.

But still had good phones being used. However this box is just like buckingham this box is just like the box on the k10. I think this is where they re going with their boxes somebody posted it something saying you know hey that looks like a prepaid or something like i want to do else. But it s not so check out the specs here the t mobile version has a 1080p display 57 inch 13 megapixel.

Rear you know it s flash five minutes on the front 14. Gigahertz processor. Octa core and a fingerprint reader. And the stylist.

Stylist style. Oh. Now has actual functionality with the the accuracy s. Pen.

But i mean blatantly that s whom they re mimicking with this particular phone. They re mimicking the note. Because it has the screen off feature as you can see here. I m not gonna bore.

You with oh just into the book. Nothing s gonna get the battery out of here. There s a charger and a sync cable and that s it and let s. Check the.

Battery the battery should be 3000. Milliamps oh 2900 i m sorry 2900 and it has wow this is light without the battery so it means. It s going to be really light with the battery. If it has the screen off memo and we both know that this is a functionality of the samsung galaxy note line the note 5 to be exact so i m not gonna put myself card in here yet.

I m going to go ahead and just get it fired up and here s your well. I have this open here sd card nano sim slot right there. I m not i can t say that i m a fan of this. But you know it is what it is i want to get this fingerprint reader set up i like the new look of the stylo they took away the g.

It s just now that was kind of annoying to say the style old lg g style. Oh. Because it was actually the other model that t mobile. Has is actually like the g4 is what it s called so let s peel this off here because on the back right.


There would you see me peel off. There s actually a fingerprint reader. Now so you know they re basically. Telling us.

This is super light folks with the battery in this is a light light phone hands down is really light you re getting a lot of affordability with this phone right here. It s a for 230 bucks. This is a really good buy so you get a 2900 milliamp hour battery so i want to check the processor. I m going to get into cpu z.

In a little bit and give you a confirmed processor. Here because it has some octa core 14. Gigahertz. So it s probably got the snapdragon 430.

But we ll see in this video. This has two gigs of ram 16 gigs in stores. So it s two five this is the 530 model. Technically this is the 530 model.

So i need to find out which processor is in here. And it s probably. It s going to be the snapdragon 430. But the adrenal 505.

The gpu is in here. So that s good 13 megapixel on the back there s different variants of this there s a three gig version with a 16 megapixel camera that is nice so it looks like timo will kind of blend it the two together because it has a 1080p display. Really really nice and i m going to fire. It up here.

I m going to set up the got a little vibration. I m going to set up the frame pro reader. Because i really want to see how fast. It is maybe i ll kill off some of the lights here.

But i got the prints. We love might not need how s that looking oh yeah. That s perfect. I changed my entire house to led lights.

This is because i didn t want to go to my mancave. I can sit in any room. And do a video with led lights so 2900 milliamp hour battery basically 3000. This is a light light light phone okay looks like there s plastic all around here.

I was kind of wondering what that was now you guys probably get annoyed with me. When i peel off the plastic in the videos. But you know it s still booting dude. It sound crazy right all right.


There s a lot of plastic on here. I have a great lineup of phones. I want to say i have flagship phones that are the same price as this i have a killer 200 lineup i ll say i have a killer killer killer 200 lineup i mean fantastic looking around the phone here in the back you can see here is the i keep wanting to say s pen. But it s the style.

The style is here and it s a oops our part wasn t in view just as before really nice goes into the top of the phone and on the back. There there s that 13 megapixel camera and these the volume buttons are very textured. I mean very texture. There s a lot of texture on these when i compare it to this phone.

It feels a little bit more texture than the kate. The k10 there so let s go through the setup. Here let s just skip through. I want to get to the actual fingerprint reader.

So this should have the 5 gigahertz fan. There it is so i m going to put in my password. And i ll be right back all right so as you can see they re. 5.

Gigahertz is on deck. I think. It s great this phone is a super light weight phone. I mean extremely lightweight.

It s like it s not even there this is a really really really nice okay. Let s address. Some things here you ve got the 1080p display on the front here once this gets going. I m going to sign in and just go straight to the homepage because i want to set up the finger provider and show you how quickly it can unlock.

The phone. So this is a hundred and forty six grams. This is a really really light weight phone. I ve got some other phones laying around here maybe now i have them here.

So i can kind of give you a demo about size and stuff. But i ll bring that in in just a second. But let s accept and i m going to sign in here and i want to get to the fingerprint reader. Which is one of the most important parts of this phone besides the screen.

And it looks a little different. It s got like this gold accent around it it s definitely. It s like a bronze type of deal. It s definitely different from the original style.

Oh. This one is a little bit more stylish. I really like this like gold bronze look i like that there s no t mobile branding on here. I think that s a really good thing that they re starting to do that so let me sign in and i ll be right back alright.


So i got to this point here. When i was going through that i saw something that said 5l lgk 550. So there s all these different models and everything. But let s go next and let s set up the fingerprint reader right here start and kind of see what we need to do so.

Let s just do a pattern. My same old pattern that i do if you want to break into my phone. This is what you ll need let s go next. And then let s create a pin here won t give you that all right let s show information.

I m fine with that and now let s do the fingerprint let s see here. Oh. I pressed it oh that button is real sensitive. It looks like this will be one of those phones.

Where it s going to take a few taps. But this isn t so much what i m concerned about i want to know how fast it actually unlocks the phone all right so i ll do both here kind of difficult behind the camera just place your finger in a different spot every time rear mounted fingerprint readers have grown on me when i first saw this i was like what the heck a rear mounted fingerprint reader alright so now that s done and i agree low power and i just say let s go alright. This is all the t mobile things there s no sim i know this and we are in to our brand new lg g lg style oh i kept want to put that g in there lg s hello plus so at first glance here it looks pretty nice man. I mean i don t see the also famous app tray but look at what they ve done they ve grouped all the things together they ve got some recommended apps up here which i won t use.

But the first thing i want to do oh smart. World is already in there you ve got tools here and this is t mobile. Things so let s see if i can just go ahead and do my famous uninstall here or disabled nope not going to the um. It s only the nikon up there.

But i guess with no app tray it won t allow that so let s get into cpu z. Real quick. And let s see what s inside this phone. This is just my initial hands on unboxing first impressions.

Let s go into the settings here. I like the list view for my lg phones let s get into a pouch and there s the lg silo two plus and let s see we ve got. Software information it is running. 601.

Security patches from may 1st 2016. That s actually really good and the model number looks like it because i saw something like that they say lg k550 and so maybe. That s what the number is for this. One is the lg.

Even though in gsm arena has something different now let s get into cpu z. Where soup easiet. I was installing come on buddy oh. Let s go okay fail not going.

And i go edit that out it s giving to it okay there we go looks like it was having some initial boot up stuff all these apps during the initial start. Okay installing okay here we are yes. I m tall all right so it should appear over here. There it is so let s get into cpu z.


And see what s inside this beautiful new phone from t mobile and lg. So you ve got a quarter yep snapdragon. Okay yeah look at that one point four gigahertz octa core. There s the adrenal 505 gpu clocks be up in here and course.

So yeah we re looking we re looking good here. Oh oh. This is ads. Yeah so the model is the lg k.

550. And there s a all the screen and everything all right looking good how many sensors do we have here. Oh yeah. We ve got a bunch of sensors.

Look at all those sensors. So that s what you re looking at there. You ve got the ache. The arm cortex a53.

So this should do extremely well for performance. But i m going to take it to the paces. This isn t a review unit. I went over and bought this this morning cuz today is launch day today its july 13th.

I believe it is and this is a new device to the market so for t mobile. That is so i m pretty happy with this purchase is this screen resolution at 720. Oh. That s something i need to check out because it says screen revolution is 720 by 1280.

But on t mobile s website and everywhere else it says 1080p. So that is pretty strange hmm. That s strange you guys see that so it says here resolution is actually 720 by 1280 and this is the screen density that s kind of strange because on the t mobile website. It shows that it actually has a 1080p display.

So let s go to it and i can show you here let s go straight to t mobile that is kind of weird t mobile don t mislead us when we get into this website you re going to see that the phone shows it has a 1080p display. So i m going to filter by lg excuse. Me so we go down and catch this phone here you re going to see that it is showing 1080p even if is not 1080p still actually really good looks like there s a software update. I know this button combination alright.

So here are the specs and you re going to see 1080p boom there you have it so who s wrong t mobile or uh cpu z anyway this is the style oh let s check the fingerprint not the fastest. But it does work see i mean they got to put in my code for the first time there we go that s pretty fast works on your every. Try let s need to put the coat in for the first time pretty good lgg style lg style ode to from t mobile each man jane will i ve got some other phones here this is the little baby cousin. But as you man jay will i will see you guys in the next.

Video stay tuned for more on this new a pocket friendly flagship for those who might consider the flagship. This phone is gorgeous on cameras like a bronze alright see you guys next video. ” ..


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