Sublime Text or Atom – Which is Better?

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“There i m aj from aj s design lab. When we talk about software and and tools that web designers use every day. One of the first that comes to is html or text editors. Which one s better today.

I m going to look at two of them sublime text and atom and i may as well cut straight to the chase and tell you that i m going to pick sublime text. Every day of the week as to why i can probably answer it with this scenario. If i was offered the choice to use atom for a day or be forced to sit down and listen to a long playlist of taylor swift music much as i dislike taylor swift s stuff. I m going to choose her every time the.

Reason is atom is soooo slow it..

s ridiculous . Now that s not just me. It s the same on any system that s well known i ll just give you an example of that and i ll start up atom. So we ll just wait for it a little while thinking about it.

And it s having another quick think not ready yet are we getting there. But still not ready to use yet still not ready to use ah here we go so i m not sure how long that took. But it was quite a while let me compare it to sublime text. Let s just start that up well that was blisteringly fast in comparison.

So with atom..

I m afraid the speed is just a deal breaker for me. I ve got things to do and it s just driving me mad. I cannot wait that long type a line of text and then wait for the cursor to catch up takes ages to boot up previewing. A page takes forever everything that you do takes longer and the more files you have the longer it takes now if i want to preview.

My page here in sublime text. I ll just right click here select open and browser and there we go it s open so as far as speed goes sublime text has it all over atom now one of the things that you want to consider when you re choosing an editor is what s the package management system like and if you re not familiar with the term extensions for your chrome or firefox browser or perhaps plug ins for wordpress theme. Just basically bits of code that you install which make your job. Easier and customize things to the way you want them that may not have come out with the default settings.

Now if you want to learn sublime text..

There s a really great channel on youtube called there s a series of twelve videos are on learning sublime text. If you haven t got time to watch. All twelve then at least watch the first one and then the one on installing packages which i think is number five and number seven which is about emmet that s really going to be all you need i promise. If you use sublime text.

You won t regret it. If there are drawbacks and i m sure raving atom. Fans will point this out one of them is that it takes more initial work to set up sublime text. The way you want it then atom does adam has a nicer interface.

But it s a one off job setting up the packet managers and installing packages once you ve done it you don t have to do it again and the other thing is sublime text comes with a free trial that lasts forever and as long as you don t mind clicking the reminder to buy then you can keep it for free for as long..

As you like adam is totally free and there s no purchase option. So those are the only two ways that adam has it over sublime text in my opinion anyway. I hope this helped and we ll catch up with you next time bye for now if you enjoyed this video. Then you can subscribe to my channel and click this icon to get notified about new videos and of course.

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