Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 The Sith Lords – EP69 – Starport Visa!

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“Guys welcome back to star wars knights of the old republic through the sift lords lords we re in the cantina and i believe we were going to talk to critic cryptic. How do you say his name first off iseman to say someone commented saying. Let me tap. And it s loud someone commented saying.

If i go to my character. I gotta head to your level my level 21 sometime number 22. So i was 21. When he commented so see i do record these in you know a few fewer head.

So sorry i didn t get to it sooner. But you said if i talked to creo so i named creo. I feel like i forgot on a name i can choose my speciality other than all the word is my focus. I guess and i i missed that so i need to go talk to creo at some point.

But we re talk to this dude. Hopefully we go back to the ship. Today. And do that it s got my planet wrong uh.

Oh yeah. But to make that guy s murder. Oh. Yeah.

Veron oriya for ball. Okay. You just hold to them um ok. I ll be going i m not gonna do the sweet bracing.

I m not i m not fan timati. I ve got talked to some dudes you zoom zoom. Much fungo. Okay.

Uh. Hi. Ma. Is that the only word.

He knows no. I don t sleep. I don t sleep. I can still be you he wasn t the right one.

Then you madagascar two are one smooth skin all right scale face come on no i ll be going oh who am i supposed to talk to you hello one not your new super miron got boobs share a drink the general badly with my stranger uh. I think i drink i m shroom maggie kisa struggle cavity the master oku papa. He bought a new touch america cancer javis. Corbel central.

Me jessica roanoke soul. While she tools are suckin deal um. I don t know hundra mother conquered planet clemmie clutch. The tuple by pilot is on mama potaka.

She be done then i got very angry sense of the republic has been bad for onderon. But i probably truly saved you from an even worse fate. I don t know i don t know anything on iran. So i don t feel like i should be saying anything like this hey the entire galaxy was a wall.


Why would you think your planet would be spared come on andi samar chixa pooja back. Talking pal. Michael cutter. Trouble one got cool not to hit that kiss.

But then you have the mandalorian wars here. But now you re under protection of the public of all resources. You are safer than you ya allah. She yell at us achieve our child right up my son gokou shall not cheat on like only one space work on some java squabble sector energy sucker and look so well she turns herself into you as a long census.

Oh from an hour then no other people were there for them sprinting towards me gonna kill me or something oh you were a guy which talk good to meet you sent it wow are you interested in a friendly game of berserk. Yes warm. The drink is plentiful and the company s treatable and i tempt you wait isn t this don t quote me on this guy s but if any of you guys know um. I believe there was a contest or something when they were developing this game.

And some 11 and they modeled one of the characters after a fan. I believe this is him they are some seriously right ears. Ah julia s mother business. That is like most nights.

I was here what do you want to talk about do you know take him again no. But he s probably my best friend on this planet. Honestly he s not a very good doctor. But he is a great drinking game man well i to ask you something else they d much rather talk about something else focusing on the negative.

It s no way for a gamla to live. Nice guy didn t really help did it at all um. This is the way out isn t it let s check doctors alibi you discover the day again mandalore s contact on isis has been picked up for questioning evolving. A murder at the local cantina.

You should talk to captain rican at the oh yeah. The turrets how that s what we ve gotta go. Yeah. Okay.

Torrid ow. Let s go okay naturally can we go to the map. Where s a man was another map and the old game needs to be able to go somewhere here can i remove people on the fly on the fly you used to rather travel back to your ship. Yeah.

I think i want to go do that choir thing i m sorry i ve forgotten your name. I can t check now either because it wouldn t be a long pause in the episode. I want to go check. And talked creo.

Oh. But getting back to the ship is irritating hit build this planet isn t it. Because we have to go through the shuttle two eyes two duxan from isis and then walk all the way back to the ship for android. Okay these guys look nasty.

We saw mogadore see shabad nt school. Most irregular heart beat direction soldier. The co made you smack mickey. But money why am.

I wonder coming up pikachu diene monomer grab how you re frightening me pattaya touka ruin rica. 13. Money mirada wakata. Watching and lightning worried about what do you want purple like them we should take it a golf ball.


I think i should really do that and dead heck for that maybe. I should have answer. Those really were horrid cut. The heads off wow.

Oh wow. Well we gotta. Stop or visa. It mate.

We can give that to someone cool shouldn t all these people have stopped or tweezers cause. A lot of good stuff. Well okay. And this is back to the main area which we need to go.

I think yeah. I will stand instead end. Yeah. Okay well this guy s go.

There. Then to the merging quarter general. We have found them again have we tobin or is this a preface to another of your failures. Consider the whole field tobin.

Why would a jedi risk. All of this just to come to isis the crew of the ebon hawk is elusive general. We were warned about that that we still underestimated them. But the fools are here in isis.

The intel on this is certain i m ordering men loyal to us to take care of them. Now. I think i have an idea hold that order have him watched instead the jedi may prove a solution to another one of our persistent problems. See i wish this game.

Didn t do that council one didn t show you stuff that you didn t know. And that s why the story was so good this just tells you stuff. But now we know i can t even watch by someone it s not a surprise anymore for the sir are you standing in the middle of the road. Just standing.

There let s go talk to this dude to get into this tower. I believe back again offworlder. I m sure you have a starport visa. If i were you i d leave before too.

Many more beast cages are stacked in the streets. Um. Do men think they don t get we certainly do he and several other people were picked up in connection to a murder here girl murdered captain sully. Oh.

She was in charge of the starport checkpoint. A good soldier your friend was one of the last people that saw her alive so far. He s just a suspect. But if he did the punishment is death.

They gon get the only person. I know with the contacts to help us out we need to get dagon out of custody uh until we either eliminate him as a suspect or find. The real killer. Dagon has quite a record with the authorities colonel thinks.


That murder isn t too far a stretch for someone like him can i see him no way we re under orders to make sure no one sees the murder suspects command is taking this very seriously. I know dagon personally he s one of the worst doctors. I ve ever heard of but i can t see him deliberately giving something he was one of the last people seen with captain sully. Oh.

In the cantina. Ask around there. I ve heard. He s got a good motive.

For killing. If you can somehow clear that up and prove. It wasn t him commando cut him loose. If i say any more i ll get in trouble.

Okay. What else do you want to know about um stay out of trouble. See the thing is i ve just been round. There asking everyone and they didn t say anything all access to the royal palace and the jedi mass and the jedi master.

Oh cassie. But as we have to do it spot. A main quest you can do that oh this could talk to these guys. I don t know her i want to give the stop obesity so you re back my offer.

Still stands two thousand credits for an open starboard visa. You know what i don t need the credits. Through measures be nice back. Please tell me you have an open starport visa.

I don t have anything for you i have to go don t i have a bounty hunter stop on that start for visa. I don t understand what that s for stop up ease up um. I ve got a bounty hunter. One i don t maybe that s for a different thing and we re gonna have to go back aren t we i don t like this come back and forward guess.

We re gonna have to i have speed run speed. All i know maybe we ll go back to the ship. No no what we ll do that later. We ll have to go back at the venture.

Anyway. I know every time i level up without. Why am. I love health.

I know every time we level up without choosing my focus or whatever you call it i am good knew you i want you i am sort of missing opportunities. Because i m i think i get less points or something. But i it s not big deal anything i just wish there was a fast travel back to the ship. Because it s just such a long way on this planet so start talking people again.

I guess welcome back my deck is still warm. If you re up some huzzah foul business. That is mike. Most uh do you know any reason.

Why they won t get would kill soon ever dagon thought. Very highly of the good captain. I did too got a sharp wit that one sad to see her go home tell me how you know who knows me. He s probably my best friend on this planet.


Honestly he s not a very good doctor. Yeah we ve had this he didn t help um far more people in that you have a name. If you ll excuse me know if you will excuse me. No.

I will not satire give a name nope. Hello. Saccharin ivz. Yet.

I m still paying very well for it some unique items you won t get anywhere. Oh. This is the woman. What literature.

Is not actually. I was want to taught. You ah yes. Oh come on not matter.

Let me. Help. With that i might have been in the same detention cell. That night that day dawns in now the soldiers were asking me some entertaining questions that night.

I ve got no idea. What was going on i wants to talk to you about what were they question you about let s just say i m one of their usual suspects sort of comes with the territory that s all i m going to say okay that s all i want to talk to you about anyway. Oh mother okay um well jeannie the open stop always before why are you what i ll deal with a visa maybe i ll just take a vacation. Maybe i just want to visit my mother on nar shaddaa decent citizens like you really don t want to know what i m going to be with i have an honest face your answer.

My question you have an honest face. I will answer your question. I need to transport permacrete explosives for the exchange. They re going to use it to take care of some competition.

And some local authorities okay. She tells anything anyway go suck fug fug for uh panel. You were named talk to you. This room is reserved offworlder huh.

If you ask me she got what she deserved she looked down on us beast riders good riddance do you know if they don t get i know his face it s about it his office is on vac l s turf here s bikel she s a beast rider like me and are leaving you better never be speaking ill her her where else do you know any reason. Why they gonna get what kills soo. Do flaming right. I do night she made a great flight she lived a gone apart not literally.

But we could hear her laying into em over here. We got a good laugh at it take on with so mad. He was sputtering then he stormed off best entertainment. We had that night the only good thing about that soo lee oh is she had a good tongue on ah.

How about you know dagon. I m always now we ve had that okay we got a journal entry added and you know what guys. That s going to be only end of the episode. So next episode.

We ll talk to some more people try and solve this murder. So i hope you guys enjoyed and i will see you next time goodbye. ” ..


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