Sprint Exclusive Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Speaker Review @Sprint

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“Was response here from the each response should i come to chris bosh. Oh calm. Calm. Here.

We re coming to here. With another review of a great product. This rc an exclusive product you can get through sprint calm at sprint communist carrier. Well this is a product that s made by harman kardon.

It s one that s exclusive to your sprint..

So you can go to the website check it out tell. Chris vaughn sing it and of course we re reviewing it along with several of the sprint wireless mobile phones you can also get namely the htc one maxx in the htc one m8 that we ll be reviewing on a chris bosh offer search for that also you ll be able to see those reviews. So this is the aux studio. It s pretty freakin amazing.

It s a giant speaker that definitely has all the wonderful harman kardon qualities inside of it it s got iconic design its transportable sound. Actually has like a handle on the back meat and carrying around it connects wirelessly to your favorite bluetooth devices. And it s got four powered speakers inside of it in dual passive radiators outside the back it puts out some great bass on it and it s got great looks of course tons of wireless technologies aside to access your bluetooth enabled devices and quality sound all around according to their website. The four powered speakers and dual passive radiators give you extraordinary acoustics.

You ve got your bluetooth connectivity which will connect wirelessly to any bluetooth device..

And it s custom assign an iconic styling for a highly distinctive shape and it s very cool. And what s really nice is it has five hours of battery life in it so you can either plug it in or you can take and put it into a you can just carry it around and work off the battery. So it makes a great party speaker makes a great speaker you can take wherever you want to take and set up a great sound and everything else pretty cool and so in the box. It here now it has this great beautiful round design that just looks really really good from the signing back of course.

It s very beautiful. It s got these kind of chrome looking legs that come out from it and you can see here. We ve got the several different controls around the outside of it we got your volume up volume down your power and then across the back you can see here just really good looking even on the back. There s a handle on the top.

You got your base right here..

There on the back the two chrome stem and just really really good looking. Am unit down at the bottom you have two different ways you can charge this you can either charge. But directly plugging into the wall plug or you have a microusb area. Where you can charge the device through micro usb plug in down the right hand side you ve got your bluetooth pairing button ok display the harman kardon sound the sound is beautiful of course it fills a room the base is there just awesome the mid range is awesome the high and is awesome.

It s a wonderful wonderful beautiful gorgeous speaker. Let s go ahead and play a little bit of a piece of music you can take a listen to you won t probably get much from the youtube video in and of itself and sound transference of the quality. But will give you a good idea just by playing it here with me of course playing at full volume. Also okay.

I think you ve got a good idea as to what it sounds like definitely sounds awesome and of course..

Beautiful and fills up a room. And it just looks so good when you have this thing sitting on your desk. The handle of course really helps make it so that you can easily move this if you want to for parties. So there you have it it s the hogs studio from harman kardon exclusively it s sprint calm calm go ahead and check them out tom.

Chris vasya. Chris fox tested chris monster proof be sure to check in to the christmas show calm often give us a like subscribe. ” ..


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