Sony MDR-XB500 Unboxing & Overview

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” s up guys. It s lou from unbox therapy. And today. We re taking a a look at the sony xba.

4. Now if you follow the channel. Then you i ve unboxed and looked at a shitload of headphones. Some a lot more expensive than these in fact.


I only paid 59 for these and let me tell you something these things do not sound like 59 headphones in fact they sound a lot better the cost of performance ratio on these is incredible if you got a spare 50 or 60 bucks. I totally recommend picking these up now one of the downsides is that the unboxing is pretty lame. All you get is an old school headphone container and a little piece of paper from sony. That no one s gonna read then the headphones as well as a carrying pouch this one actually has a special looking cable.

It s a flat style instead of the normal round one and hopefully your st gonna get tangled up at least. I m pretty sure that s the reason why they went with that design so as you guys see these are super cushioned. I mean i ve never put something like this on my head. This is like putting two pillows on your head in fact these have been nicknamed the princess leia headphones for obvious reasons you ve got a nice adjustable headband now the only thing that kind of sucks about these.


But not really a huge deal is that the cable is not detachable so they re fixed on there so if something does happen to the cable. You can t just throw another one in there but they re 59 bucks. Don t complain there s a better look at that flat style cable and a nice right angle connector. This is not a super long cable.

So depending on your use case scenario that might be a good thing or a bad thing in my case. It s good i hate having all that extra cable. I don t need so here s a closer look at the materials in use here. There s a lot of metallic portions to these headphones.


And there s a better look at that area that is not detachable and a better look also at that flat style cable. You can see a big huge 50 millimeter driver. In there ready to bring music to or years and a better look at that pillow. I m not sure if this is real leather or leatherette.

But let me tell you something these are super comfortable the most comfortable headphones. I ve ever put on my head. So here s a look at that pouch that comes with it it s a nice big pouch. So you re not gonna have to struggle to slide the headphones in there let s go ahead and make sure that they fit in nice so there you go y all ready to travel anyway.


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