Sony Explains VUDU For PS3

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“America lempel vice president of network operations here with a preview of the vudu application application on the playstation. 3 similar to other applications. We released recently you can get from the media section on the playstation store. It ll end up under the video icon on the cross media bar and once you launch.

It you ll end up on this page. So here we are on the main page of the application as you can see they re a bunch of categories across the top of the screen and below. You ve got a lot of the most recent releases..


Let s take a look at scott pilgrim. So when i jump into the movie. You can see i ve got the standard description on the right side below that i get some information about the cast and all this is interactive as i go through this i ll jump down to cast and crew it ll switch over to this screen and then i can click on anybody who is involved with the movie and get some of their other movies so there s a partnership with rotten tomatoes. And this is where you can look at a lot of the different reviewers and see what they ve said about this movie as you can see there are three different formats.

That the movie is available in there s sdhd and lulu s hdx hdx is a 1080p ee digital 51 surround experience if i jump down here it ll give you the wikipedia article tour. The movie. So..


This is where you can read the entire wikipedia entry for the movie. You can also click on any of the highlighted items in the description and the link you over to those wikipedia pages. So as you can see if i click over to the right. I can rent this in sd hd or hd.

X or i can own it for 1999. Now all of the movies through the service is streaming so if you rent or buy something it ll all be saved on the cloud for you for viewing at any time. The guy can wait that moved by clicking raid and moving back and forth to select the number of stars..


And as you can see that rating will be contributed to the community and next to that you also have the rotten tomatoes percentage for that film so as you re browsing a movie you can easily add it to your wish list and then will be saved for later and your wish list will grow. There are also brand new trailers available for movies currently in theaters. And those can be added to your wish list as well so when they come on who to you can then buy them a rent. Though so this is another great option for watching movies and tv shows on your playstation.

3. So even though we re just launching. This today voodoo has already announced an update to the application that will be available in december..


That will include enhancements to the ui as well as playstation move support thank you and we look forward to your feedback. ” ..

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