Solved! Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing – or Mic Problems – Here is the fix

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“Everyone having problems with getting the realtek hd audio manager to work on windows 10 10 64 bit if your sound card chip is on your motherboard and the realtek audio manager is not working then your motherboard actually does not support the version of realtek audio drivers you have just downloaded and installed from the realtek website so if you re going to their website and you re clicking on downloads and you re trying to get the high definition audio codecs and you ll notice here audio drivers available for download from realistic website. Our general drivers for audio see ics and may not offer the customizations made by your system. Motherboard manufacturer. So your motherboard manufacturer has changed.

The realtek drivers to to suit. What they need and so let s take a look and see what we got to do to get this fixed. So. The first thing you ll want to do is get your motherboards name by going to the windows menu and typing in cmd for command.

Prompt. And what you typed in cmd..

You ll see it says command from pierre go ahead and click on that okay. And what s your in the command. Prompt you re going to want to type wmic. Baseboard.

A space get product baseboard stands for motherboard and go ahead and hit enter. And now you ve got the name of the motherboard you can go ahead and highlight that and copy and paste it to google. If you want or you can just type it into google. So once you you ve pasted it into google go ahead and search and you ll find that it will come up with the manufacturer of your motherboard their website.

You ll want to go to that manufacturers website specifically to find the realtek customized realtek drivers for your motherboard. So here..

We re going to go ahead and go to support and my motherboard is made by asus drivers and tools please select operating system and it says here the menu options are windows 10 64 bit or 32. Bit. So then we re going to go ahead and scroll down until we find the audio you ll notice realtek audio drivers. This is the version that we need that s specific to the motherboard that you will have again your motherboard website may have looked different than asus if it s not an asus go ahead and click download once it s downloaded you ll want to go ahead and go to.

Your downloads folder i look for the audio. 60 01 08 2 etc file that you downloaded it ll be. Compressed. A zip folder.

Most likely go ahead and open that and then once you ve opened that folder. You ll want to go ahead and scroll down..

Until you ll see setup application now if you are just running the sound card chipset off your motherboard and that s it you might be actually just be able to install the new drivers and you re good to go you don t even probably have to uninstall the old ones. I ve heard that it worked for people just by installing the new ones as the most recent update. If you want to do a clean install you can uninstall the drivers and then reinstall the new ones just downloaded from the motherboard website. But i can tell you this will work for you and you ll be back on your way to gaming.

Watching your media. Having your microphone work now if you have mic problems and a third party sound card. So let s say you have of the chipset on your motherboard. But you also have for example like a creative labs sound card as well in a in a piece.

A slot. Yeah and sound blaster software additionally above and beyond the real check software for example with 51 audio parts in the rear and a headset and mic port in the front..

And you re and you re connected with that third round card third party sound card and you also have the chipset on the more the board which probably has an optical port you will still need the realtek hd audio manager downloaded and working simultaneously with your third party sound card management control software as well like the sound blaster software for the creative labs sound card many times this is not done right and the realtek hd audio manager will not work properly and the mics won t work so in my next video. I m going to show proper installation of how to avoid any conflicts by installing in the proper process for installing the drivers for the realtek hd audio manager and then the sound blaster or a third party card and just so you know. This is what the hd realtek audio manager should look like as you can see it says asus. It s a customized version of the audio manager and if you do see more of a customized one for your motherboard.

Then you ve done the right thing. If it comes from the manufacturer your computer codes for the manufacturer. And has the older version. They may have just actually just downloaded directly from realtek and again that could be causing mic problems your maybe your audio manager isn t showing up maybe you reinstalled the realtek audio manager and it s not working.

But this should solve your ” ..

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