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“I m sarah i m a student here at smith college and one of the the things i first loved about smith was it s amazing campus. I volunteer here give tours on campus. But if you can t make it let me show you around smith is unique. Because we have houses not dorm.

There are 35 houses on campus and all different styles and sizes each with its own unique charm. There s a strong house community..

Where you can always find lots of support dining at smith is also unique there are 15 dining rooms across campus with diverse menus including vegetarian vegan gluten free and kosher plus smith. Uses locally sourced foods. Whenever. Possible smith s campus center is one of the busiest places on campus.

There are lots of places to get together with friends study groups or student clubs plus there s a great cafe and our radio station bo s eq lousier athletics are big at smith and we have some great facilities for both serious and not so serious athletes. There s an excellent gym and even free fitness classes during the school year from humanities to stem majors smith s gives students whatever they need to succeed there are cutting edge science and engineering facilities of writing center and the world s largest women s history archive..

The arts have always been a big part of smith. The smith college museum of art is known as one of the most impressive college art museums in country sage hall is home to the smith college department of music. The mendenhall center for the performing arts. Includes several theaters to both dance and see their productions.

One of the things that smithy s take great pride in is our beautiful campus. It makes even walking to class fun smith students have studied botany since 1875 and the campus has been a living lab for students and faculty..

The botanic garden was established by the college s first president. So. The whole campus. Would be of both scientific and hysteric value.

Paradise pond is one of smith s most treasured spots. The boathouse on the bank of the pond serves as both a classroom and an outdoor center..

Where students can check out canoes kayaks and row boats often you ll see students just relaxing and enjoying this gorgeous setting. I hope you ve enjoyed our little tour. But to really experience smith s campus. You have to visit i hope to see you around ” .


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