SlaveHack 2 Tutorial – Episode 2: Getting Starting With Missions

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“Guys welcome back to lesson. 2 episode 2 whatever you want to call it obviously obviously this looks a little bit bland. The theme of our slave hack. So we just going to quickly change the theme here and i believe we can go to let s see here.

Where is it theme right here and we ll go to the gallery. And i like the obviously. The number 1. That has been downloaded is born live died.

He s been playing for a very very very long time. However i like jesse s jesse s theme. Here. It s just a little bit nicer so okay and this is now asking us to join a faction so let s go ahead and join a faction real quick and we ve joined the white hat faction so all right wonderful so now that we ve joined the faction.

We are all good there and actually that didn t even change. Let s change to born live dies. Because it makes it like a little bit cooler. All right wonderful so we ll close that out now here s our terminal.

The first thing that we want to do is get some software as you can see our. Software absolutely. Stinks we have a water wall with a level of 01 we have a firewall of. 01 we have a pulse sensor of 01.

And we have obviously our nudes now the nudes you definitely want to back these up immediately right now. So let s go ahead and do that because if somebody else has your nudes then that sucks so what we re gonna do is type in nazz and now stands for network attached storage or also your external hard drive. Here. So we re going to type in nas and we re going to back up and we re going to put a name flag.

There and we are going to put just djay red and that will actually be sufficient enough to start moving over our nudes and it says right here. It s got two seconds zero seconds. Awesome and then we just go ahead and click on this little green button right here and we have successfully moved them over to our external hard drive. But that s not just enough what we want to do is to remove them from our hard drive.

So we ll use the remove command. Which is rm and then we will just type in dj red. Because that s my name and we are going to remove those nudes obviously it takes a little bit of time because we haven t updated. Our cpu once you upgrade your cpu.

The remove tasks the remove task will go a lot quicker so three two one and there we go we have successfully removed them from our hard drive. Now. Nobody has access to them whatsoever. Okay.

So let s worry about getting some better some better software and let s first of all go ahead and do some missions. So we ll keep the terminal window open and we are going to need a couple of things down here on our taskbar. So the first thing that i always like to put is my computer let s open that up the second thing is finances..


We ll also bring up slaves will bring up gateway will bring up missions and what we ll do is we ll right click on our my computer. And we ll pin every single one of these my computer finances slave list gateway and we ll also pin. The missions. Now let s go ahead and get rid of these windows.

Because we don t need them open right now and we will also open up inventory and forge and we ll leave the chat closed for now. Because that s not really important and that is yep that s all we need alright cool. So we ll also pin these two as well that s the inventory. And that s the forge.

I ll get rid of those and the first thing that we re going to do is get some new missions. So obviously you start out with some low level missions. Here and then we move up further and further to higher level missions. And you can check your level by going on to your my computer and checking out slave that s obviously level one as you can see level 1.

This is prestige. This is a prestige level and after every 50 levels that you get your prestige goes up and it resets back to level 1. That s automatic and it cannot be stopped in any way so the higher prestige. You are the higher level.

You are the bigger the software levels that you can use so let s go ahead and do some missions. We ll accept these five missions here and what we need to do is delete single files off of each one of these servers. Okay. So we re gonna need a logs window open.

And we ll get rid of these logs here just by clicking that red button and we can also resize these windows too. Which is really really nice so i like to put my terminal down in the bottom. And i like to put my logs window right about here make that just a little bit smaller. Awesome and make it there we go perfect and now we have our missions that we have to do so.

The target is this ip address. So let s copy that ip address and go ahead and connect to it and then once we use the ssh command. If we don t have the password for it already what we ll have to do is crack. It so we can just type in hack and then the ip address and then it ll crack the password again this process is going to be increasing.

Once you get your cpu upgraded. Etc. So go ahead and click that green. Now.

The slave has been added and if you look at your whoops not to my. Computer if you look at your slaves list. Here this server the one. 362.

125 45. 9. That is actually twitter and that s the password for it obviously we don t need this window..


This big. So let s try and minimize it here just a little bit all right cool. I ll put this down on the bottom. And now we can go ahead and ssh into it or connect to it so let s type in ssh.

We ll get rid of our log. There we ll get rid of our log. There. Now.

We are deleting the zero 3 f. 3. 6. 3.

C. 3. File. Now you can take a look at all the files that are on a server by typing in ls and as you can see here s the zip file right here somebody installed a miner and i ll explain more later on what that is and then there s some other books and stuff like that the books you do not need zip files.

You do not need all you don t have to download them whatsoever. You can go ahead and just install or delete. Them. So you can type in rm 0 3.

In order to delete it. But what i like to do is create an alias so we ll just type in alias and i like to use just the letter d and then that s going to be for the remove command. And then we ll also create an alias d id. Which is the remove id command.

So let s go ahead. And just type in d. 0. 3.

And it ll start removing this as you can tell this is going to take a while to do so let s try and look at our gateway. See if we can upgrade some things as you can tell. It s going to be a little bit slow going at first we need 3340 150. To upgrade our cpu.

The first thing that you definitely want to start upgrading is your cpu. But once your cpu gets into a good level and your hard drive and your network gets into a good level. Then you really want to focus on your external hard drive the external hard drive. If somebody hacks you they cannot access the external hard drive whatsoever at all so i definitely would suggest taking a lot of your time.

Upgrading your external hard drive first that s probably. The number one thing then cpu then network and then hard drive last hard drive is really easy to upgrade. If you would like to get the tracer you can it s not necessary it really hasn t helped me throughout the game so definitely you know start out by you know doing your missions..


And then as soon as this is done we will come right back and i will show you how to complete your very first mission all right so this has now completed. So we ll go ahead and click. This green button right here. And that will actually remove the file.

But as soon as we click this button a log will be created in both our remote logs and local logs and we want to remove those as quickly as possible so click on remove and click these little red icons here and then that is good to go so now that we ve deleted this file. This mission is now complete. We can hit the green check box. And that will give us some reputation and some money as you can see we made a hundred and eighty nine dollars by completing the missing and 183 reputation.

So your goal it for the next little while is to complete as many single file delete missions as you possibly can and then we ll move on into episode three. So this is just getting you started episode three will start upgrading our our hardware and learning. A little bit more about different missions and stuff like that so stay tuned for the next video and thanks for tuning in you to them and at some point. I even thought they were real.

But i was just a silly kid the entire time i was also really interested to see what gawain rapidash look like the suspense was killing me i wanted to know if it was going to be a pegasus where it had wings or if i didn t have wings at all i just imagined it day in and day out trying to imagine what it could be unfortunately glorian rapidash. Didn t have wings. But i will say i m not all that bummed out by that i was too really excited about the way how it looked i remember as a child. I used to eat the lucky terms of the magical unicorns.

So glaring rapidash just reminded me of those another factor that really says fide. Me. Too was the fact that glaring rapidash was fairy and psychics. So the parties in conflict that were saying it got what they want it with a fairy.

Tapping editor repetition it satisfies both parties and i think the dual tapping a fairy and psychic works. Really well to the lore. Behind unicorns make sense of the second typing. But the fairy typing also makes sense.

I mean when you see a pokemon ligurian pony 10 rapidash you immediately think of fairy typing. I miss glad i got to use this pokemon on my team i also have to say gloria nita and rapidash are now in the number three slot of my top five favorite pokemon of all time the last pokemon on this list was the most unexpected pokemon on this entire team i needed a 16 member and i wanted a water type pokemon. But then i saw that none of the water pokemon were honestly not all that great looking like they re just not then i thought about using a previous gen pokemon being gased rodon gastrin on is amazing. It has a great typing and very powerful move availability.

I would even argue. It s won the best water pokemon available for use i didn t want to go down that route though and i wanted to use something different then i was at the sixth gym and i found this cute little ice bug called snob. I was really curious to see what it was so i captured. It then i saw its evolve form and i immediately fell in love with it frost muff popped up on my screen at the sixth gym.

And my jaw just dropped. Because of how majestic it looked a nice tight bug is exactly the kind of pokemon. I ve been waiting for since it always have all corona that one pokemon to rival it and finally it happened. It s funny than an iced bug pokemon.

Even came out and it wound up being a moth. I look online for a lot of fakemon concepts. And all the ice buck tapings..


I saw were ice moth like pokemon like this one. So. I m glad. The concept that wanted that specific typing was used unfortunately though just like volcarona once that poor old bug gets hit by stealth rocks.

It s over the other tragic part about it is also at speed 65 base speed is really horrible in comparison to vall cronus. Do that i don t think. It s a pokemon that will have very much competitive viability. Almost rick or miss present or something a special attack is nice.

Though i guess. But the design is also nice i really do enjoy using it in game play through well. They re not it will make a best team. It s hard to say.

But i still love frost moth and i want to put it on my top 10. Very pokemon well they re upset my finalist team for pokemon shield. I had so much fun using this team and exploring the depths of the gala region using brand new pokemon also gave this experience. A new sense of adventure and excitement that i m glad i got to experience again it literally felt like being a kid again playing these games.

The first time well i liked pokemon sun and moon those games. Didn t have the scene phylis pokemon sword and shield. It poked him on certain shield with a pokemon introduced to us and some of the characters make me want to replay these games. Again.

I haven t felt this way in a long time when playing a pokemon game. So it s satisfying to be able to fill this way again anyway so sorry for going on a mini rant. I hope you guys did enjoy this team end video be sure to tell me what pokemon you guys used or planning to use down in the comments below. I love hearing about everyone s first adventures and experiences.

If you enjoyed the video. Why don t leave like and subscribe. My channel on vacations on that way never miss an upload. If he wants to put me further consider following my twitter s from a lot of pokemon content.

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Person for going above and beyond it means the world to me. I think i m wrap this up. Though i missed again bran and i will see you in the future from roslyn pokemon content. ” .


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