Skyrim Special Edition Alduin s Bane Mission Bug Fix PC

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“Everyone welcome back in both here and today i m gonna show you how to to fix the alduin bug. When you re trying to learn the dragon grin. Which know where is during one of the main quests where we have to fight alduin and in order to do that you have to learn dragon ran. But i ll do it never freaking shows up so it happens sometime this bugs and sometimes it happens a lot like to me.

It was killing me. And i tried everything like safe and load restart the game restart my computer. But it didn t work so yeah sometimes it doesn t just work so i m going to show you how to fix it so let s go to our items and then it s not in a scroll by the way. The elder scroll is in a freaking book.


So we re going to read this thing drift back to time to learn dragon ran. We re alduin never decides to show up he actually never lands so i m just going to and i m not going to wait for the whole thing to happen because you know it s kind of sucks. Because i have been watching this episode for a long time now like maybe over 50 times. I have repeat.

And yeah. So what happened is they will kill this freaking dragon and they walk up over there and alduin was supposed to land on that rock. But it never does he never comes down and i will be like waiting with this three dudes around here and wasting my frickin time so. What you want to do is press.


The console button. Which is one of the squiggly line and as you can see that the codes right in front of you so for the first code. You want to type is set stage set stage space mq. 2 06 space 70.

What this code does is when you press enter you will learn the dragon ran as you can see i learn the word dragon ran. Now after that you want to get out from this ram. The trim time rift. Eating it because it will be still stuck after when you learn the spell.


So you want in order to get out from this data. Try and time travel thing images. What you want to do is type the same things as not stan set stage and press m cues to 0 6 space hundred so what this does is when you press this and when you press this code and press enter you will be out of from this time drift. So when you press the console button so now you have learned the dragon ran and also you have gotten out from the time drifting so when you do the freaking thing will be flying right in front of you right over there let me press this again so that i don t get attacked by the damn thing so anyway.

So the code is the first one as you can see says states mq to 0 6. Space 70. That s the first code to learn dragon ran and after when you learn the dragon rent you have we want to get up from the time drift. So what you press is says stage mq to 0 6.


Space 100. So what that does is it will take you out from the time drive. And then you will find the elder wayne who s going to be right in front of you flying on top of you showing that he is almighty and hey hoo hah. So but anyway you can kick the ass as we all know right so yeah.

If you were having this bug where you were not able to learn dragon drain and alduin was not landing so here is a fix and i hope this helped you by any chance because it helped me a lot and yeah. ” ..

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