*SIGNED BY REGGIE* ULTIMATE Super Mario Odyssey Unboxing!! (Amiibo, Guide, Controller, etc)

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“Right ready jordan. I got you all right you guys. What s up it is is c and to the d back at it again directly to you i m join with jabari. A new friend we met out here in the switz line.

I see on the odyssey life is a season. Three new character. I don t blockhead cuz. It s his studio and then this donut wake up alright so he s the 27 today.

It is the actual launch of odyssey. Even though we got it on counter the 26 kind of not not dead tired this time like the switch or whatever my voice is gone no because i ve just been talking so much and it off and he had a big celebration party last night someone suddenly everything was broke. I literally bought as much odyssey stuff as there was out there so this is the main event right here oh marcus last but i m gonna show you this now this is who check check out that you guys all right first of all iiiii so yeah. I finally met reggie guys.

And he signed it he signed my box for me that wasn t on the actual vlog itself of him signing it but the manager at the nintendo store. I asked him i was like you know dude do you know if you could sign it cuz. Like i didn t want to like do it right there and like impose or anything so he s like he s like i got you and he took that he went back behind the scenes and then came back out with this and and reggie had signed it for me. So it s a sandy thanks for all your support reggie.

Which is means a lot actually. It s pretty crazy so yeah we got the switch. I m taking the droid cons. I m keeping the box and i you gonna do something with the extra switch.

I m not if i knew joy woolsey. That s that carrying case here. It is a yeah odyssey. Carrying case is kinda like this between two one.

Oh yeah. This is the wired controller which i even realized that why are you controls because without a seat so it s wired. But you can plug it out like yeah. But it has to be plugged in yeah you can change the number collector s hardcover odyssey.

Guidebook here really cool favorite thing ever the freaking amiibo the 3 pack of them as you can see the event and you got any stamp this stuff. And then you ve got oh. This was some of the best buy things for an upholsterer and these are the post cars that they had yeah..


This isn t the best buy thing actually. But huh. I just grabbed everything i have here is the the sticker book you guys already saw that so there s that pin and then there s that cappy pin and then there s a luggage tag which one how do you get this luggage tag yeah pictures you have to purchase the actual switch itself so your boy got all of them oh and then of course. The game itself.

So i have to get the other physical version. Because you can t put it on the shelf. And i ll show it off all. But it is obviously the full game down below on here as well so anyways let s get into hopefully you know the first thumbnail game.

First open this somehow so open it over. Oh. He s just opening it like whoa. I ve never seen that you just open it while the the plastic so on just screw it just just just that s just average.

That s what s that oh all right i love it that s what i okay oh. So check it out here. Martin s on a globe trotting adventurer oona invented item. Okay doo doo doo.

Oh. That s cool it has two breaking lyrics inside. And there is the cartridge now. I did hear that they have updated it and this one actually tastes like super mushrooms.

So we want to all right so that s the game. Yeah. The carrying case here is gonna be really hard to unbox don t you don t hurt me i take care of my stuff you guys i do why would they do that why would they do that if they dip or connect. Like a knife cappy is literally on the zipper that s cool.

So. Oh my god is the foam edition. I mean hello spats and another one if you imagine what if there s like a version of odyssey inside of here. I love this smallest is the smallest the world s smallest nintendo switch cartridge case one all right so that s that one wired.

Controller good choice. So yeah. It was pretty cool..


Oh oh. Oh dang. There s there s the lighter. Okay.

That s a nice that s a nice see wow. See nintendo you don t mess. It okay. Yes.

Where was this with the nes class that is the weirdest passive thing. I ve ever seen oh here s more nubs yes. I broke it oh. I think i see the difference.

Too like they have some that that that is so help me some the curve down to our k like joystick. It s so high up now and like this one isn t yeah okay. But anyways there s that it looks really good actually i m not gonna lie plug it in oh yeah yeah i m playing in it s literally just a micro usb. Probably think pc games.

With this. So we re still on top. You still got all these evokes all right how many and then he just kind of shimmy a hand in like open sesame princess toadstool and marvel. This is a dumb bowser.

This is king king koopa. Oh yeah. It s like actually shines in the light. Yeah.

I m just like lion king you ready yo. Yeah. He s kind of like he s kind of like showing. He s like yo matt matt dance.

No he s feeling like he s kind of like. This. Is stephanie styles..


Those are the unbelievers. Oh dude. Oh. I wanted to oh nurse.

Again. Where did you have the booty. Though underneath this uh this dresser. You think i think she does like i don t know that well oh spoilers actually hold on oh there honestly i m not gonna like double sided posters or like one of the worst best things ever yeah yeah what were you guys thinking.

What is matter this one of the other side other side other side. I like this one. I think there s stuff on it this is a vertical one right now here is the box as you can see there is the crazy signature from reggie again. It is the back of the box.

The side of the box. But if you notice there s like they are like a whole freaking map on their side the bottom okay. No that bottom though oh look at those joy pretty to last wow these are blood where s jaffe. Okay.

I m gonna turn it up with sceeto today that s so weird look. It s not like blood or then it s new came out of box. That s an exclusive one chicago suck our blood and like make red joy cars out of them all right then may look a little bright on camera. These are like dark right aren t there just like red those like dark red because they d be doesn t make it enough of a contrast front of you from the red ones.

That s the real facts. Oh. My god i knew swish. That new sounds new to make any sense.

But yeah wow. Oh. That s nice. Oh.

Wait. What well. That was new that was another first time that whole little music game..


I i don t remember that one did you view this which they won the same time i don t know mario thing that s cool bye. I m turning this off what is this what does this look like what does this look like that is like clapping here. That is weird. I don t know looks good.

Now. That oh wow fire that is fine. Oh. That s like a lot.

Smaller than i don t want that it s really simple so. Just bin bin yeah anyway a soul sleep. Though oh my oh well what is this all the download code inside here no actually don t where s the killed on it oh no it s reggie gotta scratch. It psych and then there s the doc in there there it is oh i forgot they call my lips.

The gret and all the controllers are in so. No i should have been to my regular. That s one odyssey. Thing.

I didn t get a game. Something that s okay i ll save my money all right holy crap. Thank you guys for watching this video. It was a lot of fun what happened well everybody he was a figment of our imagination.

This whole time. Yes our strachan get on video a like if not okay. Let s go yeah. How many lights five five thousand let s do it right now if we get five thousand likes then i will i will lick my finger and i will just rub right over the register.

I m jose jokes umm yeah. We ll see you guys later ” ..

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