Setting up your farm marketing table (Farm Sales Day 45) – YouTube

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“It s johnson s govich with far marketing solutions. Calm and we re here on on day 45 of my 100 days to sell at my csa and i wanted show you because i m at an event. My table and how i set it up and how that all plays into my marketing there s my table there s my tent there s my chicken tractor. I m walking you through everything i have my sign lets people know what i m about i have eggs for sale with a carton open and then stacked kind of like falling forward.

Showing abundance a sign really big lets people know that i have eggs for sale csa email. Sign up for people who want more information in their inbox. I have a card with the bullet points..


That i talked about the other day that i ve made in photoshop. They look great thanks to kelly from fat city printing for these. And it has a form on the back with the option to sign up for the csa. I have eggs on display and i have my picture frame that i talked about in the video for day 44.

Where i take you through a walk through a chick. It s a full size chick in the oven take the full size chicken. The chicken coop two eggs and there s the chicken tractors out on pasture in my hop yard..


So that tells beautiful you know it shows my story. I can t breathe. I didn t bring any chickens with me today. But it illustrates what i ve been doing on the farm.

One of the things you ll notice that i don t have a flat table well i have a flat table. But a created vertical space using these apple crates apple boxes because you know it looks not so great it just adds interest going vertically doesn t look so great. When you have just a few pieces of paper flat on the ground catches people s attention from the distance..


I also have my chicken tractor here as a visual example to go with the meat and eggs because i don t have any meat. Birds with me people always ask about how i raise the eggs and because my marketing. My the way i raise the hens is such a part of my marketing and in sales. Having that example really really helpful so that s it day 45.

I m gonna take some photos of this and i ll post them up on the website with a breakdown of all the different elements. How i created it why i created it missing something right here that s my farm sign with my logo. Kate s coming later with that as people start to show up..


She s a little late with mable. But yeah that s it day 45 hope you enjoy the rest of your day. I m this saturday and until next time i will see you out in the fields. ” .


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The most important part from this video is vertical space. It really makes all the difference. What do I mean by that? I have had many a “marketing table” through the years and some do better than others. The biggest difference that I have found is how I manage to get things off the table.

Having vertical space on your table makes it look like you are walking into a store. I have had tables that are all hand-outs, sign up sheets, and fliers, those always flop. Today I was selling CSA shares and I really didn t have much to sell besides an e-mail list sign-up and some post cards. However, I used apple boxes and some props (chicken waterers), and a picture frame, to give my table dimension.

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