Set Up A Nextdoor Business Page To Reach Local Customers

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“This is nick with experience back for another video and a while ago. I wrote wrote an article about next door and the new business pages that are coming out. It s become quite a popular article and actually it s been sharing around quite a bit. So i wanted to cover it in video.

Also so i m going to just kind of jump right into it i already have a business page set up you ll see i have experience right here. I just recently renamed it everything for my branding change. But i m going to cover setting up a business from the beginning. So if you re logged in to i m assuming that you already have your next door account your personal account signed up so you know you can get that through the app or you can go to next door com.

Sign up for your neighborhood. But once you re in next door you can just click on recommendations on the left hand menu over here and from here you can actually search. What people are recommending for restaurants and whatnot in your local area or what you re going to want to do is and you ll see like this has suggestions here people looking for suggestions. But what you re going to want to do is find and claim your business page and this brings you to the business wizard.

So you have to type in your business. Name and first you re going to have to search for it and your business may already be on here. So if somebody s recommended it or whatever then it will already be on here. But not claimed mine will be on here.

But it will also be claimed because i ve claimed it so there it is already claimed you know i recommend searching for yours first if they won t all be claimed like if i search a grocery store around here those are not claimed so you can claim your business. Already and then you can set up your profile from there. So if you already have recommendations and you re already in there. Then you can just claim your that s pretty nice because then you carry those recommendations over to you carry those recommendations over to your set up profile.

But you probably don t have your profile set up see that one already has a recommendation so if they claimed it then they could manage the profile and already have the jump start of having one recommendation that s pretty great so if you don t have find your business in here or if what most likely you won t find it in here unless. It s already been recommended then you can claim it so it s not you click on create your business page. This is where you re going to put in the name your name your business email address. I m going to just put in i ll put in my new one and then you can create a password and then create a business account.

So now it s going to ask you for the business name. I m just going to make up a name right now and then you can put in your phone. Number and then service category. It has a whole bunch to select from if you type it ll start coming up with stuff authority in there and you can click it and you can add several i recommend adding several relevant categories.

If they re available and then your street address. I m just going to make up a street address in my location so you have to verify that the location is yours and you re basically agreeing that this is your location..

And there s terms of service. So then you re going to hit continue and then you can add a photo. So i added just the logo that i already have because i m probably just going to delete this immediately after creating it and then you can type a welcome message. So once you have your nice warm welcome message that kind of tells about your business.

You know use friendly welcoming text don t be overly cold or corporate here you know you re trying to establish yourself as a local business and hoping to open the lines of contact with local customers okay so once you do that you get congratulations. All right. I ve claimed the page experience local on next door cool. I m going to close that and so i don t have any recommendations.

So nobody can see my page right now. It s that doesn t have any kind of reach so. The first thing you have to do when you set up a next. Door page is you know maybe you found a customer on next already.

So you want to send them an email in the description. I m going to i don t have it ready yet. But i m going to put a link in there for a template you can use to contact by email. Some past clients or customers from next door.

And you can send them a link in the template. I say you know paste your own personal link in there. So this is copy link right here so i can copy that and i ll paste that up here. So you can see it and it has experienced local roseville.

Recommend and then a customer can recommend it so i put that address in and since i m not even. This is a private account. I haven t even created a next door account. But they ll be able to create because they ll probably already be logged into next door and it will open directly in an app.

They can create a recommendation for you. But that extends the reach of your business in next door. So people can see that recommendation all over and the rec. Patience tab you know for any neighborhood in a certain area so i will want to quiz this so i don t have any recommendations here zero.

And you can go into your business profile and there are additional things that you can complete so this is also in fact before you send the request to get a recommendation you ll want to fill this out completely. So it has a street address..

My phone. Number that s a lot of mystery. So you put in your website. And your email.

Address and then you can also add ours and then of course here s the categories again. So you can modify and change. Those. And this is going to create a profile for you and you can even view the profile.

What it looks like to others. So there s what this profile. Looks like and i can return and see i get this bar across the top to verify when you sign up for a business account it puts it ll send you an email that you have to verify your email address or else. It s what i m going to make your profile live.

I m sure it will delete it after certain you know month or two months or whatever okay so here. I am back in my profile and you ll see you know places that i m i ve been recommended so and it will also give you the reach that you know give you neighborhoods that you re recommended in and it will show you the areas that people can see you know the reach that you have for your profile. So they can see you in the recommendations list for this area so if you get a customer and they review you over here. That s going to extend your reach to a pretty large area around that also and that can keep spreading out in your whole local neighborhood.

That s pretty cool so i m in fifteen neighborhoods right now and there s a potential 9000. 160 neighbors that could see my page recommendation outside of that nobody s going to see my page. Even so. Then you can see what the comments are you know what the recommendation was when it was made i even have an inbox that you you know you can reply to people and you can send messages directly to a business or people can do that to you so.

Here s mine. You know i have the hours filled out everything is all filled out i have multiple categories. My website and there you can see that my profile is a little more filled out it s pretty basic right now and you can get more info. And then this is going to show up in the app.

Too so it s kind of you know to look also we ll look at it an app next you can see my business in the next door app. So right there once you set up your first profile. You can actually set up more you can do claim another page. So then you can claim more businesses.

If you have multiple businesses. So that s it for the setting it up and getting it going i recommend you do that on the web instead of trying to do it on the mobile app..

Don t even know if you can do it on the mobile app. But you can view the recommendations keep watching i m going to go over the mobile aspect of it too and we ll see what you can do there. So keep watching okay. Here.

I am inside the next door app. And you know i see regular posts here. The cool part is if a customer once you ve created your profile and have your recommendation. Then customers can find you through the next door app.

They can tap up here and search and type your business name and they ll find you there s my business right there. And it has all the information their recommendations all legs and stuff right there in the app and people can recommend it from there and they can contact you directly from there so they could visit your website or they can call you either or right. There that s cool and the best part is it doesn t have to be a search from your company. Name.

So you could search for a general term like web designer. So you re looking for somebody to design your website and it ll show up companies who have been recommended and there s mine of course. With my old information. And you can look at the review and type the company or tap on the company.

Name and it brings you back to this company page. So people can see who else has recommended your business and get your information through there. So for you if you go to the little menu down. There you can go to recommendations.

And this is a general browsing place where and you know people can can view just general. You know people can recommend your business from here and search for it and will search there s my business and they can leave a review right from here. I m going to cancel that and here are categories. So people could find your business in here.

And see you know you can see companies with a whole bunch of reviews in here and you can actually read the reviews. Too. So. It s a whole review app for local businesses for your local area.

You know. This isn t people travelling stuff like that this is for your neighbors..

So then you can see more categories. Also and you can find electricians all that and people can find your business through this the and it keeps showing just a group of categories each time you push that so for my category. Cuz. It s a little more specific you know it doesn t even show up in this list.

But when people search for web designer. Then it comes up alright. So there you have it nextdoor is a pretty good opportunity for you to reach out to local customers. It s you know it s local people just in your vicinity.

The first thing you have to do is set up your profile. Make sure. It s complete image contact information. A nice welcoming message and the second thing.

You have to do is go out. And get your first recommendation contact 20 or previous customers or clients. And ask them if they can leave your recommendation don t push them too much but i m going to put a link to a template that you can use that s kind of a friendly urging to leave your recommendation and then again from the website. I already showed you where you could get that link and make sure you get your first recommendation.

Without that nobody can see your profile and it s useless. So make sure you get that recommendation all right thanks for watching make sure you watch another video and of course subscribe. Because there will be weekly videos at least. That s my goal so every friday.

Keep an eye out. But anyway. Thanks for watching have a wonderful weekend. Now that you ve checked out an experience video to help you expand your small business online.

Presence be sure to subscribe so you can watch more videos as they come out or you can check out the ebook that will help you grow your email list without even having a website in case. You don t have one or you could check out another video. ” ..


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