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“Hey everyone jimmy with jim s review room. I tested sennheiser s traveling pair of of headphones. The pxe 550 s several months back and they feature these same active canceling technology. In this pair of.

Headphones that i m reviewing today these are these sennheiser s 450. Bt and z s that sennheiser sent over for review. And i m just gonna call them the 450s in this video for simplicity s sake. But the biggest reason why i m interested in this pair.

It for goes. Some of the extra features that some may not want or need. And because of that it s 50 cheaper than their flagship. Again the pxe 550 s yeah.

It s also cheaper than some of the competitors out there so of course. We ll see if the sound is good at all or if the active noise canceling will perform as good as the competition out there. As always i ll place my amazon affiliate links in the video description below click on my links and they ll give you the most updated prices in real time so without further adieu. My channel is here to help you make a purchase decision welcome everyone to jim s review room you gover the physical features first the headphones are all plastic and not cheap feeling plastic either they are well made they don t rattle or feel finicky.

They ve been a confident product to test now to admit i wish the inner band itself were it does adjust was metal or at least. Where the hinges are were metal as well for peace of mind and long term durability of course. Only time will tell now the headband up top is very thin without too much padding. But i m discussing my comfort in detail later.

But going over the ear cups..

They do fold in for stowing and fits neatly into the provided carrying case. There s no structural protection. It s not rigid. Which is fine for most people.

But surely it does protect from scratches nicks and bumps. When you do throw them into your bag now getting back to the ear cups. Again looking at the controls. The right ear.

Cup. Has your power on and off a very smooth multifunction switches right below that that allows you to skip and go back on your music. That same button is also used to answer phone calls as well and when testing this in public. My voice does come across clear.

However light to moderate background. Noises are still picked up by the person on the other end continue with the physical buttons. A vine rocker is next. And if you press up and down at the same time.

This turns on or off the active noise cancelling. When you re using these headphones wirelessly. A 2nf millimeter. Port is offered for physical connections not a three and a half millimeter.

So just be aware of that and san houser does provide a locking wired cord..

So you can t accidentally yank this out of the headphones. Which is great last a micro usb port is offered to charge your headphones better life is claimed to be up to 25 hours on the retail box. But that s with anc off with a and c on sennheiser is expecting 19 hours worth of use now. I also attempted to connect these to my pcs at home both of them here and maybe this is just me.

But both times they do charge my headphones. I didn t see any drivers being installed or any option to offer music playback through usb. Which would have been a seriously great feature. Now also having them connected via bluetooth of course to my phone here and attempting to plug them into my laptop to charge my listen to them once the usb plug goes in the headphones.

Unfortunately turns off you can t listen to them and charge them at the same time now. The only other feature that is included with the 450s is nfc or near field communication for streamlined pairing. With your nfc device. Just simply hold it on the nfc logo any bluetooth connection establishes now regarding signal strength bluetooth technology to be honest with you is really great these days with all devices with the 450s.

I can walk up stairs walk anywhere and basically in my house and the connection never cuts out and that s the connection go through several walls and at times. The first floor ceiling. Now moving on to comfort one day of testing or the first day of testing. I did feel as though they clamped too tight at the jaw line and wearing fatigue did somewhat set in it wasn t until day.

Two and day three and that s when i felt more activated with the headphones and then i could wear them for extended periods of times and wouldn t have an issue at all now the way down. These are quite impressive coming in nearly identical to the pxe 550 s and my very comfortable bose qc 35 s. And because of how lightweight they are many will find the 450s to be a good level of comfort. Now those with a bit more of a sensitive head.

The clamping force at the draw line is a bit more firm than the competition..

And i mentioned earlier about that finn headband up top. I do notice i slight way down at the crown of the head after wearing these for again extended periods of time now jumping into the active noise cancelling performance. I went back into the city and tested this outdoors at the local coffee shop essentially starbucks and various other environments while i was there the active noise cancelling performed practically identical to the px c5. 50s which again are sennheiser flagship anc headphones and just like the px c5.

50s you don t get much if any of that air cabin pressure feeling when you turn on the anc unlikely. Bose. Qc 35 s are these sony 1000 acts and those with more sensitive ears. Who of course value that over the competition and with that being said i felt indeed the 450s did block out a decent amount of noise but same with the px c5.

50s voices around the coffee shop they background music in the same coffee shop or slightly silenced and the flagship headphones did do better. But if you re comparing prices apples apples these sennheiser 450s did black out as much noise as the jbl everest elite 700 and the parrot zik headphones just to name some competitors out there last but not least jumping into audio performance sennheiser provides very balanced audio characteristics accurate and clean is what you re gonna get with these now bass is neutral and not altered or bass boosted. The mids are equal with other frequencies and not being bright or recessed either. However i do wish there was a bit more resolution or detail in the mid range.

Though to get a more vibrant experience you can say but for most average consumers. I am confident you guys will surely be fine the highs does have roll off and it plays it quite safe. But because it doesn t come anywhere close to being tinny and sharp. Which is good the 450s are very easy to listen to there s no listening fatigue whatsoever.

Now those who are not big unnatural or neutral. Sound characteristics may find them not as colorful as they would have light it s simply a matter of preference now. I do wish they were a bit louder. Though as i can listen to these at full volume for some songs and other tracks.

I m usually around 80 85..

Even at times and nine percent volume levels. Now the sound stage is there. And it is moderately open you can hear some audio in different directions. But it did perform more of a mid tier mid level experience as we re sound leaking at higher volumes.

These do slightly leak and it is audible in very quiet environments so overall the 450s at its current price point. I believe they are good they are cheaper than a lot of the competitors out there now granted. There s no extra bells and whistles like touch controls. Ambient and sound profiles and big.

Upfront. Jbo. Averse elite. 700.

And pair at zeke s to name a few that i m familiar with for a few dollars more yes you can get those extra features on them. But honestly if you don t need them why spend the extra money the 450s already gives you clean and accurate audio great battery life and equivalent noise canceling performance as they too recently mentioned competitors. If you re in this price range and you re concerned about money. I d seriously look into the sennheiser 450 s for sure so hope this review helped you in some way be sure to like and subscribe.

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