Security Entrances and Biometric Access Control Devices

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“My name is kurt nissim with blue needham. A global manufacturer of security entrance products products today. We d like to share with you some special integrated entrance solutions that tailgating and piggy banking mitigation with biometric verification. This combination of solutions has special advantage increasing security significantly.

But also streamlining the user experience. Let s take a closer look. And i ll share with few tips about maximizing combined functionality along the way this product is the speed lane swing. Which has been integrated with a more full wave hand reader.


This hand reader is mounted on a custom made fully integrated pedestal when a registered user approaches the turnstile and waves their hand. They are authorized by their individual hand geometry. There s no fumbling for a card or phone. Also the reader and turnstile work together quickly for maximum throughput.

Now here s a tip about using biometrics to unlock barriers. In general install the devices. So they re as close to the barrier as possible and use technology that authorizes the user up close the ability to identify a face from a distance may seem great. But there s a risk of the wrong person gaining access now i met a wall mounted circle lock mantrap portal with two factor authentication you can retrofit it on an existing swing door to create an anti piggybacking solution we have a card reader on the outside and facial recognition technology on the inside this solution requires no guards upon presenting a valid credential the first door opens after it closes.


Stereovision confirms. The user is alone the biometric device ensures the person inside the circle lock. Matches. The credential presented on the outside and unlocks.

The swing door the whole experience is a reliable and repeatable standard operating procedure. And you can obtain a robust set of metrics. Such as authorized entries. Piggybacking rejections.


Biometric mismatches and a lot more here s a tip about biometric technology check to make sure. The biometric device can work. Well in close quarters. And for both tall and short people.

The circle lock is a standalone solution with two sets of sliding doors. You simply place it in a wall opening. And it s read to go the authorization process is similar. But this time an irish scanner is inside let me point out that users should be trained to wait for the first door to close to ensure stereovision confirms.


They are alone after the irish scanner confirms that our identity. The second door will open the throughput of the portal is about six people per minute. So you should calculate how many entrances. You ll need and we can help we hope you have found this video helpful in developing a physical security plan please visit our website and blog to learn more about utilizing security entrances thank you ” .


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