Second Galaxy Basic To Advanced Guide Part 1 For New Commanders

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“Everyone welcome to my channel. This is mikey today. I m gonna start a whole whole new series the mobile game second galaxy tutorial series they happen your player quickly the game this serie is gonna be divided into several parts to covering different parts of the game so this is the first one we re gonna learn the basic game elements. The ui and some essential gameplay tips well then here.

We go now we re in the character. Selecting menu this red box should the five fixed rings in the game. The last. One is locked.

Though difference between them is your commanders appearance original ship and galaxy. You re born later to could be changing the game top right. There is the four classes you can choose which decide original tributes you can develop your commander when you upgrade or you can just reset him and i highly recommend soldier because his skills are more comprehensive that allows you to clear the machine much easier at starting stage and the right side is the appearance of a commander. While they look like mostly to pound affection.

It is important to mention that it cannot be changed. Once the game started in a car version and this is a random button you can get a random nickname the match characteristics of the faction or hit this box to input your favorite nickname. Then you are finished in your captor creating next. We will go through a deep explanation of in game ui and basic combat skills.

Now it shows a screenshot of the game. We re gonna cut it into few parts and explain all parts in detail first of all we need to learn what all of these buttons mean. And what they can do in the game. There are lots of buttons in the screen.

So i put them in a picture and explain all of them one by one there is 15 seconds in each picture. You can pause the video to take good look at them considering. It s very hard to memorize all of them quickly. I seduce you can watch the video and then play the game for a while and come back to watch this video over again.

Because it would be much easier to understand combined with their own game experience now we re getting the game. I m going to talk about two tips of the basic skills that are really helpful. The first one is about manage running double tell where in the space the ship s gonna drive to the point directly and in the process you can also activate a thruster accelerate and the ships gonna go much faster you can tap the pause button to stop the but if you re in the auto combat mode click the pause button but also turn the auto combat mode off your weapons gonna stop fire. Please don t forget that and the second one is a utilize of strategic view.

It could be very useful in some quest. The numbers in the screen. The unit is kilometer. So you can use this to observe the environment around you tap it twice or zoom 200 kilometers and you can know about what kinds of guide in this area how far it from you what s direction you etcetera.

All of this will be visualized clearly have you three times it ll go back to normal size. So strategic view is very useful for you to understand the battlefield..

Generally keep you from being attacked by maori and pc. In maori directions. You can also zoom the screen manually. But it s an audience useful.

It s tragic really i think okay these two tips are very basic things of the second galaxy and now i want you to concentrate because i ll explain the most important part of the game. Which is the extra menu on the left side this man in determines. Who you can tak. What you can in a korean.

Where you can warp each of them is important if you re not familiar with operating manning you re gonna miss the first one fire you re gonna lose the loot because the other players get ahead of me i believe you don t want it happen. There are three types in the manual. The first is hostile or neutral targets. It shows the targets you can attack the second one is friendly targets.

Which shows the friendly facility for any npc women. Teammates etc. The third is special objects and facilities including the space stations and stargates this button is a manual setting notice. It has two sections and i highly recommend you guys change the sort by range to by name because remember in pve normally you need to destroy molly enemy ships and if it s sorted by range the ranges between you and all the other ships keep changing as a result their order in the manual will also keep changing.

It makes you can lock the target you want which is very annoying. But if it s sorted by name problem. Solve and section two is safety where i don t make any change next. We ll explain the advanced operation.

The frosting of the camera slide the screen like this can control the camera manually. But when you kick any target in the manual. The system will automatically pull the camera to it as long as you don t move the camera it ll track on the target. Just selected as you can see no matter.

How i move the camera is always toward to the target. This will give you a good view of enemy position during the high speed battle simplify. The operation. The manual is connected with the interact panel on the right click the target in the menu.

And you neck panel appears you can do a lot of things with this panel. Observing your target approaching approaching target leaving departing from target and upgrading. It orbiting target when you operate around the target. The current distance from it will be the radius of the operating circle.

Which means. This is one of the few operations that you can manually control the distance from the target..

So it is very very useful to poke enemy to make damage from a long distance. And the leaving button is also important especially when you poke enemy from the long distance system will always choose the best way to leave the enemy. It s efficient compared to your manual operation and in the game. You ll see this button.

This is the interactive button normally for the facility or the mission targets. Additionally. The manual will switch automatically when you just finished one pass it ll switch to next target. Very convenient next.

We ll learn the basic combat knowledge. First up the four bars from left to right. It should shield armor energy and velocity take any bar to open ship tribute cannon. You better know the shield resistance.

There are three types of attack damage and same as the resistance. There are electromagnetic 40m shamanic. A thermal the perfection. The resistance will vary and its left side is your path and path and tactical component.

In fact left side is your path or the path. You have now now i activate any device and you can see the path. We should hear all of the facts will be displayed the hex bar on the right is a technical component head. It s only decided by the stripped ass on the right side is the fire buttons.

Including auto combat mode. Three weapons super device and lockable lock on button is very useless. I ll explain it later hold any button you ll see its effect better memorize. The weapon distance and damage.

I burped on an important next is super device they also depend on ship has like the tactical component. There are changeable and different super device had different fact some used to make damage. Some is to reduce. But the cde sun is to make extra shield and this section is your device.

These two are default device. There always been repaired a thruster. They can recover your shield and speed up your ship. Respectively.

Unchangeable these three optional device. The third position needs to be unlocked by passing the level 3 license responding to affection and ship time all of these buttons you can consider is cuter be your skills in moba game..

And the tactical component is a passive effect. The device is equipment you can use in combat how to match the tactical components. Your weapons. Super device and even the order of weapon you use to mechs mind through firepower is that players mutants flora and selves.

It s a big fan of the game ok. This is a basic operation of these powers of bottles next. I will use some in game mission video to further explain the basic and advanced knowledge of auto combat. A fire control moving on to a combat mission.

I ll show you how to do a battle correcting. The first is the aiming click the manual click the leaving button. It s easy also you can use orbit orbit is the only way you can decide the distance you want to keep away from the enemy. And then is a lock on button.

It has three effects first set operating radius. We are close to the enemy. The distance will be always the maximum range of your eternity second start orbiting third set your artillery or auto fire. Nothing else so which means.

It s not the premise of your weapon. Attack. Which means. If the enemy is in the range of your weapon.

Just take the target in the manning and then click the weapon you want to use you can launch an attack there s no need to use block on button at all now. Let s get close to the target and hit rock bottom your note. Is that is set to orbit radius in paint kilometer. It s usually not the distance.

We want to keep with the enemy. Especially when we want to poke enemy from long distance. So i ve been emphasizing the importance of leaving an opening and if we were close to the enemy you can see they re attacking me not sure. It is reducing so here is the situation we want to avoid if your auto combat mode is armed and your shirt is lower than 50 system.

We use your shield recharge on automatically. And this will consume your energy and in extreme case your share is low your energy is low and early in auto combat mode and activate your shield each other and the run out of your energy. You can t even use your weapon to attack back because weapons need to use energy. This is the circumstance we need avoid especially when we were in wormhole wormhole.

Will reduce trips energy recovery must pay attention to this and you can see it s shield is reducing. But i didn t use any weapon that s what artillery to it can attack enemy automatically..

Although it s dps is low in the ranges shop. And when the shield is run out the screen was shaped like this to remind you your share. Nice route your armor is taking the image. If arma is used up to your ship is going to do it and city of weapon is different.

According to type and infection. Some weapon has a shorter city when it s hard to activate all of these devices in weapons in time you can choose to turn auto combat mode on an auto mode is what i recommend you guys to using main plot. Where you can t rely too much on it for reason. We ve talked about before the auto mode will use three weapons to attack the close your enemy.

And then move to next one after killing it. But you three weapons to one enemy will cause the waste of power. Because all the damage of three weapons is more than remaining are more long enemy. It ll make all your three weapons in cd.

And the new enemy shows up and you can attack the next wrong enemy immediately as a result they re surrounded by a bunch of enemies attempted by them for a few seconds without fighting back this is dangerous situation. The next. I ll show you is how to wow me and fire control both of them are close to me and now attack this one to use my weapon one except another one to use my weapon. Too you can see both of their shield is reducing this is what i m talking about simultaneous fire.

Which is very practical especially when you re in warm home. Or your weapon cds. Very long take advantage of this you ll be able to take three targets at the same time clear the enemy quickly and avoid wasting your power. And if your ship is in bad condition.

No armor no shield you want to be at the battle you can choose the facility in the manner to warp and the quest will be reset. You want your reward at least you re alive at last. Let s keep eyes on the menu notice their distance from me. Let s say we are set the manual solely by range in a battle with several enemies.

Everyone s moving distance keep changing the order in the manual keep changing. It s difficult for you to choose to target you one this is the reason. I recommend you to set it sorted by name and sometimes you need a fire boss. A lot of his man around you if you want the hip boss firstly.

It ll be comfortable for you to lock on him in this way okay. So these are very basic a very practical tips in the game you can reveal them properly and practice in your game. This is today s video thanks for watching. ” .


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