Samsung S6/S6 edge Earphones Review!

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“Has been on everybody these days most of the smartphone manufacturers have stopped bundling earbuds earbuds or earphones with their phones. But there are still some of them that give with their phones. And i really appreciate this one of them is samsung just a week ago. I upgraded from one test tube to something like cs6 and we do get ef phones inside the box.

This time. These earphones are a little bit different. So i decided to test them so without wasting any time. Let s go as deep as possible into it these year.

Birds have a unique design..

These are very different from the other samsung gear phones that we get with the previous samsung devices as you guys can see this unique design is perfect for long term usage as they don t hurt your ears. Just like some in east others. After some time. These are a tangle free cable.

Which makes it easier to carry them with you and also the inline mic is very useful we have the volume control keys and one more button. Which can be used to answer or hand calls and to clean our paws. Music these can be used with any. Device which have a 35.

Mm jack..

I think that s enough or the design now let s talk about how they sound these earphones have a 12mm speaker units. Actually i read this from a site and yeah they really perform them it s been six days since i am using these earphones. When galaxy s6 read me and 1 1. Due to the design.

They don t get inside your ears and isolate the noise coming from the background. But still these sound amazing if iphone volume is at full with these ear buds connected the song which i am listening to really sounds amazing and can feel the music going on inside. My head these are not made for the bass lovers. But i still like them the mains and the trebles sounds good with not too much bass.

This sound is literally very clear and i just love it even though i m a bass level..

If you have changed a latest samsung device like the note. 5 on the s6. Then you will get these types of earbuds inside the box. And you really don t need to purchase earphones separately for pleasurable listening experience.

I am sure that these will withstand your expectations. But if you have not purchased the samsung device and want to enjoy songs then have a look at the audio technica ath sea and 100 b k. I have dropped the link in the description. If you guys are interested to buy it so that s it for this video.

And i hope you guys enjoyed and if you did hit that like button..

And i ll talk to you guys in the next. One thanks for watching hey no cash s birthday. Oh wow. ” .


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