Samsung Multifunction Xpress M2675F Unboxing Testing

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“Guys again my name is under of course of today. We have another unboxing viewing viewing and testing of this product. Samsung multifunctional express m26 75f. This is a more lazy moody function print copy scan and fax.

What that s equal pressure bhutan save money award winning bill a for easy apple driver fast feet. We have a for up to 26 pages per minute in a for high performance 16 hertz and 128 megabytes our ecp samsung image technology sharp text clean image okay from the other side we have three years warranty from samsung supporting windows also microsoft 8 7 vista xp today but there is no we understand. But ok minimum system required and tell penny on a cpu 180 megabyte around 15 eg by of hdd. So there are supporting nice.

We can find doubt some guide how to install the toner for your smartphone mobile print ever met your channel from your fox everything some other miles we have the power cord. The phone line drivers course. You can download the latest out virus from the internet and here we are these weighs about twenty four kilos. Forgive sorry.

No 24 14 kilos. A closer look how it looks we do have some tips to take out okay. Most of them are out it says remove this sleeping cover oh. And it s falling down martyrdom and as you remember in this tape.

We need to take out elva to protect it and when we truly move out of that on the toner and removal and this let s take a scissor and before using of course you need to remove that now this is the line that you get dirty and then you can install it down here is you can install your a4 paper moving to the back you can see the power cord. The usb for your line..

Little pc or laptop. And here is the line for the fax extra a line and external ok in the front. We have the scanner you can put in a 4 and a 6 paper here and you can scan. It and print.

It directly to your samsung here is the paper for the fox adjustable plastic for the paper. You are going to install inserted of course here you can insert in paper and then scan. It or insert the paper and adjust it for the fox. Some plastic here it will help you because this paper evoke an out from here now here.

We got the area that it goes. The paper. Let s install adjustables mechanism. Here and come out in the same in here.

Here. And now. The paper is ok and install it again inside and locks next. Let s power tom to see how it looks and how it works.

It s warming up this is this bouton button. You can select the country and after selecting country it says clearing memory..

Please wait and ready to copy 100 zero. One here we got the fox. We have the scanner part way caputo and his wake up warning up again here s the start button. There.

Here is the power wake up as assert power saving button and again stop clear. Whatever you are doing on hoop dial up button redial pals address book they have the numbers d multifunction both buttons 99 pages. Now the menu. Let s take a closer look.

We do have the copy feature copy setup system setup. And again pop hit record feature lets go inside original size we have a4 a5 b5 letter many options a4 save it let s go to reduce we have muharram sound out of feet and four okay. Many setup and here. Many settings okay same to the darkness darkness from normal dark see again many settings here go back original typed text photo photo text okay collection on or off on it s very fast the menu layout id copy and again and again to normal adjust bk k adjustable off on auto you leave it on auto original size.

We already said that let s go back. We are going to the copy setup change default original size copies darkness lecture. Okay. Original side eights for a five same copies much copies.

Okay we re good here it is autofit darkness again original type collections original side copies let s go to the system stop machine machine id. Fax number day and time the in time..

Okay. Let s move on it is about 14 0 9. And again serve it clock mode. 24 hour sabbath language reading selection default more power save 10 minutes it s okay default mode copy wake up event of system timeout job timeout altitude adjustment auto continue papers of the toner save echo settings default mode.

Select and now see an id and again the same and that was all about the menu ok now to scan. Some document and print it to this printer. We can use the module from samsung just open that install this here close it and push the start and it takes about 5 seconds. To do that here.

It is very nice very good printing quality with details no problem we have the ready to scan scan to pc to do that you need to connect your printer to your laptop or your pc. With a cable install the drivers install the software and just like that you can use it next. We have the ready to fox just push the button. Here the number dial start check fox line of course didn t connect you to align the hole.

It will do the job into the copy you can use here front and back it will ask you if you want to scan the front and the back darkness normal of course. One light darkness light. One two four and light one two four print screen full or active and the eco mode eco mode off if you have another process here you can take it out just for papers. The printers is very fast.

I can tell that well guys have done was the samsung multi action. Express and 2675 f..

With. That you can print copy scan and fax about printing for me. It was great of course. I have printed a some pages that it will show us in in a long time how much i can handle of printing.

How much printing you can take up with this toner of course. The compy and that was great i don t have any problems this time that was great the same the fax. I didn t test it of course. Why not it will not be great fax machine.

Why not i m sure it will work for 129 euros. This multifunction expressed from samsung. I think for me. It s a value of money.

It s a great machine and without bad guys. This is the near end of my video thank you again for watching like or dislike my video of course is your choice subscribe my youtube channel. If you want so this video. We need and hit the notification bag because more videos in the future on time.

And you don t want to miss it ” ..

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