Samsung Galaxy S9 Cracked Front Screen Repair – Without Taking Phone Apart

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“Hey what s up guys don t click away. I m gonna show you guys guys how we repaired a front glass screen on the samsung galaxy s 9 without the phone apart hey what s up everyone happy holidays i m xavier with mr. Phone. Dr.

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I would love to link up and get to know you guys alright. Now that we got all that out of the way. What s up guys. Thank you all so much for tuning in and watching this episode so today what we re gonna work on is a samsung galaxy s 9 with the cracked front screen this is going to be our in frame series.

Where we do not disassemble the phone in case you have not seen our other samsung galaxy in frame series. I m gonna go ahead and go over what we re going to be doing today. We are simply going to be removing the broken layer of glass and replacing it with another layer of glass without taking the phone apart. Now.

Why do we want to do it this way. This actually allows us to keep all the samsung om intact. Which gives the phone a more solid enclosed. Feel now don t get me wrong guys our other method of disassembling.

The entire phone and reassembling is still a great procedure..

It s just that now we re going to be able to keep the oem glues intact. And i know we ve been getting a lot. Two questions as far as what liquid or using what temperatures what tools etc etc. I do want to let you guys know that next year.

We re going to be launching a online video series which will go over training and procedures and pretty much everything that we do here on hand. So for those of you guys that do want to start this make sure you guys stay tuned. We re gonna be offering these courses to you guys very very soon all right so that s enough talking for today. Let s step back into the lab.

And let s get this sucker dissected so it s going to dig into the phone you guys know this procedure by now and if you don t welcome to my channel guys i appreciate you guys checking it out don t forget to hit that subscribe button. I m gonna go ahead and want to do a test on the device. And there you are touch and everything is fully working. So we can go ahead and begin on the first step and remove the glass from the device.

All right. The phone is nice and toasty. Let s go ahead. And again alright guys sorry about that um.

My memory card got full. I do apologize so i didn t get to catch the last little segment that i did but i think you guys get the hint you guys haven t seen many of these videos. So i m gonna go ahead and remove the glass caliente there she is and she just sent us a notification nope unable to open half it s overheating. But oh cool thing is this guy has his little fingerprint sensor notification.

Dot on his wallpaper. So you can see that everything is working all right there we have her so our next step is going to go ahead and be to clean the glue off and then we ll move over to the laminating station and apply the new gorilla glass alright. So once again. We re gonna go in and test.

The touch. There your touch is good you know what i do notice is that i did slightly clip. The polarizer right here the good thing is it s on the corner. So the glass is gonna cover it.

But that was a close call good thing that when i noticed it feeling really rough..

I backed out of it and then i went back with the card to clear it out yeah. Luckily i did that otherwise we were too came in through here still been under the polarizer. We really had a polarized clipped all along here so good catch on my end almost had a boo boo so here we are it s ready i m gonna go ahead and put in the gaskets that we have ply in for the flex and for the battery. Once i get those in we ll go ahead and move over to the laminating station.

So i really hope you guys are liking his videos guys if you are once again. Please subscribe share. It and if you need our screen repair of course. Guys let us know alright guys.

We are back at the final two steps on repairing the cracked front screen on a samsung galaxy s 9 in the frame method without taking the phone apart so as you guys know if you ve seen our videos. Before we do want to make sure that we laminate the oca onto the glass first once we have that at laminated. We ll go ahead and laminate. The oca glass onto the device.

So let s go and get the glass and the oca sandwiched together. I wondering what you got for me did you come up to be alright let s squash. It and i ll come right back in a few as soon as it s done meanwhile. This is squashing.

I m gonna go in and start cleaning this and get this ready. I m actually forgetting a couple pieces i got to get the frame tape and then we re gonna replace the speaker mesh so it has a nice clean finish all right let s do the reveal one of my favorite parts. I have a lot of favorite parts are like you know seeing the finished product after we laminate the display. It s really cool how the whole process you know creates this final finish.

You know it s just really cool. I really enjoyed the technology and this is beautiful so we re done with these molds. We re gonna go and grab the in frame molds and squash. If i can find them usually we have all our stuff in bins with all these new molds that we ve been getting lately.

I haven t had time to organize and put everything in bins. So just give me a few minutes. While i look for this alright no. 9.


That s 10 plus no by the way si s. 9. They work together. So it s nice.

You know good buy another one. Just recently got the note 10 molds in so that s gonna be a repair you guys are definitely gonna want to see once we get a device in we just need a phone. If you guys got a phone send it to us we ll make a video roof. I got so lucky on that clip polarizer.

It s gonna cover up just fine let me go to show you guys where i clipped that polarizer if you look right and backwards right there you see where it s gold that s actually the polarizer so i actually went in with the wire good thing i caught it i didn t force it so we were able to salvage the amoled yeah you never want to force guys. These things are very delicate so one key thing is if you got models that fiero make sure that you guys ease up a little bit tone back. And don t force anything um. I was actually really bad about forcing a lot of stuff.

And i ve gotten better this takes practice guys practice makes perfect. This isn t something that s done overnight alright. We ve been doing this for 3 plus. Years get the pressure right once we got the pressure and all our settings accurate we can squash so we re gonna squash this this one takes about three to four minutes once it s done we ll come back and reveal to you guys the finished product.

All right the squashing has finished let s pull her out test the touch x marks. The spot. I think we hit the gold mine on this one money there we have her so you guys can see all the little bubbles and stuff let me get out of here. See all these little guys all these little guys are gonna disappear.

See you guys see them yeah. There s a few right here right here. So we re gonna go ahead and put this in the autoclave for a few minutes. Once that s done i ll show you guys the final reveal all right guys.

The autoclave has finished. I m gonna pull the phone out remove all the little tabs that we have in here and show you guys our finished repair. This is the exciting part i don t know about you guys. But i really look forward to seeing the finished results.

It s amazing technology gotta love it right here..

We have her s9 in the frame. Without taking the phone apart. There she is repaired let s go back. And i m going to show you guys how all the bubbles disappeared.

See that look how beautiful and there are no waves. That s the best part about it guys i cannot stress about how awesome this process is as i mentioned in my other note. 8. Video is um.

You know these amilies are so thin. You know removing with the card and trying to separate the amoled from the frame. It just causes you know indentations and you know whenever you laminate it back there s gonna be some waves. And everything so this is a lot more a delicate process.

So we re not actually pressing really hard on the back of the amoled causing those little waves to show up so really really love this. It s it s just amazing. Oh yeah. Let me also show you guys where i clipped.

It i did clip it right up on top right here. But you can see the glass covered it so we got really really lucky that the glass had this black border so good thing. I stopped when i felt it you know otherwise we would have had a bad amoled and then we were to just replace the amoled for the customer. But in this case.

Everything is perfect and flawless so if you guys liked this video make sure you guys subscribe share with your friends share with your family share with whoever you know that s interested in this type of repairs hopefully soon you know i may come up with some other tech videos. I m a big tech nerd by the way once again. I appreciate your guys s support and we ll see you guys soon cheers. ” .


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