Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Wireless Charging

what charger does galaxy s8 use This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Wireless Charging. Following along are instructions in the video below:

” ll just take care and in this video let me take a look at wireless wireless charging specifically for the samsung galaxy s8 plus i ve never had wireless charging so i decided to you know try it out and a lot of phones do slow android phones nowadays do support wireless charging so i picked this wonderful ebay and if you can get our amazon. I have the link to it in the description down below pick this up for about i think just under 10 pounds of around that and you get wireless charging. So we re just going to open this up and inside. You literally get the sergeant tied and a usb cable and the little quick start guide don t know how efficient.

This is not take a look. It s just a micro usb. So just to test it within a sluggy into this laptop here. I m obviously can plug it into a wall outlet.

I did not double check to see if this does support fast charge and i think it does it s plugged into the bottom a lot of people say it doesn t work in a case. I ve got a slim on my speech in case..

I didn t she just going to put on top yes. I m looking for a little to see if it charges laughter. That is how to open up the laptop essentially does work just take off and you can see it glows at the bottom. If you can pick up these clothes at the bottom.

And you take off because the red you take this off red when it s on standby and you put on it goes blue. So that s pretty cool if you go into say the peaceful swap down just a 30 minutes until for wireless charging. It told you the time until it s fully focused on the bits you can see right there. So he s charging wirelessly you can t charge your book at the same time.

So. It s only it has to be one or the other if you do plug it in the wired will take priority over the wireless..

So i didn t have a case on its a lot of people saying that it doesn t work in case. I m guessing it does depend on your the thickness of the case. This is a silly mama case. And it just works just fine.

I suppose if you have like a still in case. It should be alright next or just charge it so you could just come in or if you if you re an office or wherever you could have this circuit is essentially risk your phone. There and it s charging friday day. So that is pretty cool.

I ll be setting this one up and seeing how it works so either. This is just a quick look at wireless charging..

And it works perfectly fine. With me something galaxy s. Ii. I have no issues with it so yeah and like i said below um.

My saying like i said i ll leave the link to where you can pick this up below. And this doesn t just work with the samsung phone. What s a pretty much any wireless phone. Sm compatible and you could charge up so even if in the future.

You decided to sell it or get rid of it or get different for. But you might have another phone line about as wireless charging is well you can use it so yeah take a look at it it s pretty good it s got less callosity with the samsung logo and got this rubber ring going around it just to make sure that this phone doesn t slide off you ve got the red leds..

There which turns blue and it s pretty simple nothing too difficult about it and yeah. That s about for the video. If you enjoyed the video leave your comments. The conversation below let me know you think we have one having been using one already leave without good stuff in a conversation on below give the video a ends.

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