Samsung Galaxy S 7 Edge Evo wallet review. From Tech 21

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“This is james we take boys want to give you a quick review today of of a case for the samsung galaxy s7 quality evil wallet it s from company tech 21 and we ve probably reviewable 20 cases for this phone a literal monopoly on your home. I m is quite a noise case indeed. I was just given some information here on the back of the packaging. And again on the front.

It s six for drop protection. Credit cards are laid plain warranty. So it s good to equals long warranty with a case. It s not what we see all the coin.

So we pop over the case and presented leak. So i m just trolled interesting inside and straight off the back there we can see text..

21 logo. There and you can see this gritty material you can hear it there and it s pretty broad so it would be great for chris. And this is consistent around the whole case there so you know it does give you that extra grip. We have portland s here two on the outside and the pop it open you get little craters right here like so i m going to go to this um.

You can see the tech21 logo and there and again you can see the bolton here on the inside and again on this side here is access for our parser agency. I ll call it clearly and again here i m across we have a wallet flush here or credit card slots. Which every what you put in and this is soft material here so it won t be any damage to your screen of the noise and comfort of the screen. So what market and anyway let s go to see as well so i will put in our voice.

And it just pops in like that which is pretty handy. And this has got a magnetic closure..

We just killed so just cut down like that and we can see here that the camera is where recessed here so i ll combi. We re protected so we can pull it down on a flat surface like so and as you can see there s no visual from the front. But you ll have an indicator right there you ll soon be able to see and but look now supports and stuff not really a problem and button began here. And again you can see the buttons or the keys on this side too.

So we just give them a check we can still access our side no problem there so also usually. I said you have no issues kids will find i m tara long enough work fine. Too. So that s pretty killed.

So. Yes..

That s the company. There and put a link up and lets you have a look and the case could also be ill is perhaps for settling your phone. There like that as well and i don t think that s being shown on your variables just for messing around with their it can be used like that so if you want to use your device. And you can watch your youtube videos and so on like so with the cases folded over like that which is pretty good and did so so we see and again and if you can see around the edges.

There and though as protected at the top and bottom and sides have enough protection. There for the gamelin edge the form of two edges on the screen. There s only so much you can do when so far you can go with a comas tube making case. But overall the cases.

We call this the soft rubber on the sides here and pull up on the corners. Which is excellent because that s where the voice was tend to land..

And yeah. As you can see all parts are accessibility a no problem entirely retard kids more prone acting walks when this has got at least magnetic closure. Here and it looks quite good as well so doctor is troll a link to the blog post and put some are lots of images any questions attack. Both islands and stay tuned for more reviews coming soon.

We have talked it in and thanks for ” ..

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