Samsung Galaxy Buds Ringke Protective Case Review

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“What s up welcome back for another video interview in two huck s world. And and today. We got our awesome review for you all to check out this one coming from ricky. Now we want to thank rinky in the door for sponsoring this video.

We ve been a ball in this case for quite some time. We were just about to buy it and thank you ricky thank you for the donation not with that being said let s kick off this review first off winky makes other products that the company gets down one thing. I want to recommend is the bezel ring for your galaxy watch and or your gears. 3.

If you have one it will be worth the buy i will leave a link in the description down below for you guys to go have a closer look at some of their products. With that being said..

Let s kick off this check this out this is a ring key galaxy bud case as i said. I ve been eyeballing this for a very long time and let me tell you why first off a case like this is gonna keep this out of your pocket. It s gonna keep it out of your purse is gonna keep it from getting scuffed up like mines have although it looks good on camera. It does get scuffed up rubbing against your keys your phone or whatever you may have this is good to have to put on your bookbag your luggage you can put this on your belt holster and it s easy accessible and that s why i like it you could put this on a christmas list.

Because it is coming up and some of you all who got to not galaxy note. 10. Who pre ordered it the galaxy note efflux. Some of you all ordered your galaxy birds right so now here s a case to put on top of that now it comes in a few colors.

I got the navy color. It comes also in a black a white a pink and what is called a honey mustard..

Which looks awesome you guys gotta check that out i will leave a link in the description down below for this product. So make sure you go check it out alright with that being said let s have a look at this day. And it s not white again like i said i got the navy color. Which is cool you got your specs on the back.

But let s go ahead and let s open this up and have a closer look at it first in the box is gonna be your clip. So you can put that on your hoster. I ll put it onto your outside of your purse check this out now what i like about it it doesn t feel flimsy. It feels really really nice so you got some writings on the back you got rinky and i do not mind because i love reiki products got rinky on the front and this is good.

So listen you ve got to make sure you line this up perfectly. Let s get this out of here as well so we could clip it on alright..

We ll put that right there for the time being and we re gonna take the galaxy bud case now you got to make sure you line it up. Because you know you got your led so you gotta match the led with the hole right here make sure it s perfect. But what we re gonna do is we re gonna go ahead and put this in we re gonna take this off the 3m tape all right here. We go let s line this up.

Now. This should hold pretty good right even it out press. It down real good as it heats up over time it s gonna stick really really good this should be pretty nice right use it a couple of times in the middle. And we re gonna take it off the top as well okay you all let s put on the top now.

The top goes on this way rinkie. It s here on the front and you re gonna see this lip right here..

The back is going to be clean. So you want to put this on the front where the opening is once you get it on there you should fill out a clip on to the front. You ll fill it and just press down on it to make sure the adhesive sticks of course to the case itself. And then voila you re in there and that s how it should look you see how the high clips onto the case to hold on to it close it open it there you go you re all good now the back is exposed for you to charge it again we re gonna check to see if the led light comes on and if it works with wireless charging let s get this on here.

There we go we re in there not bad all right why i was charging this see if it works forswear wife is charging as you can see there you go i ll write you all that s gonna be into the video. I hope you enjoyed it i hope it was informative and if it was please make sure you like button on the way out and if you want to see more videos like this then by all means make sure you subscribe to the channel. And i ll see you all again at the next video. ” .


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