Samsung Bottle Design Speaker Unboxing & First Look

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“Wassup y. all ccent take in finally guys they got here now you guys did didn t know obviously that i was getting this. But well i got the samsung wireless speaker. Here and i actually won this for a while now but just finally decided to get it at fedex took forever to get here like it was like a whole two years.

My god that s obviously exaggerating but whatever. But yeah so we re gonna check this out real quick and by the way yes. I m at the unboxing tape already i know this is where i m gonna be for a little bit cuz i broke my tripod that gets higher you know to the point. Where i can actually record on the pool table.

So this is it for now excuse my sheehan s whatever. But let s go and look around this real quick. So samsung got the speaker right there and it says wireless speaker. Bottle design it looks way bigger than i thought and it says samsung wireless speakers 60 million led colors motion control 360 surround sound and wireless charging so that s why i got this.

If you were wondering and it says in the box. We got the speaker. The charger cable and a quick start guide and over here. It s just how we turned on and off.

And all that and a blue blah blah. Blah. Let s just get into this man. I got the unboxing knife.

Today because we re gonna need that you know let s go and just get this real quick bow alright that s cool. Where s the other one there we go wow. Nope can t do it. Let s do the flossy carter.

Let s do it alright okay did we get it alright. There we go all right let s get this no alright. So open this up real quick man this look clean wow okay nice. I m boxing their samsung.

A nice speaker. Why is the house phone always ringing when i owe every time i do a video. I hate people people really don t want me doing these videos..


But whatever anyways let s get it back to the video here. Oh. My god anyways yeah. Let s just get into this.

So. We have here. The accessory sets bottle design wireless speaker. Alright.

Let s see what s in here. A song just a charger and the manual. I mean. That s what s that was in here.

So i expect it to be here. So let s see so in this little compartment right here. We got the charger. There we go and it is micro usb.

So this came out in like 2016 or some like that so i didn t really expect it to be usb type c. But whatever and we got the speaker here it is looking clean man. I like the design on here like a lot. So that s gonna take that off there.

It says qi or whatever. It s called qi wireless charging at the samsung logo and everything right there at the model number pretty cool and this speaker right here is actually bigger than that thought let me go ahead and get the amazon sap real quick all right. This dam is on tap right here so let s put these side by side. I guess.

It s like the same yeah. It s pretty much the same height except you got this obviously so it does look like a bottle that s i guess you know yeah. That s pretty cool and it does look like a bottle. But it looks really clean like i really like how it looks so we gotta turn this on real quick.

I already got the app downloaded so to turn on and off. I think you just hold on to this so let s go ahead and see real quick press and hold on to this. And something nothing okay..


Let s try that again that thing that might be dead. Though it s looking like it s dead let me get my portable charger. All right got the portable charger right here samsung usual stuff so let s go ahead and plug that in and then we get a little charging indicator. Oh yeah there you go i think we need to let that charge up just a little bit so i ll be back.

But you know what before we actually do that lets try wireless charging since it is this let me go and just put that on there and we get something no yes. We re not getting anything. Oh. Wait there we go wow guys okay.

We got a wireless charging speaker. Here man that is cool. I never had a speaker with a feature like that or not a lot of things that wireless charging. So that s pretty cool you just put it on there it just starts charging at me.

I guess you got to give it a minute. But it ll just start charging reo so i m back so it s about night time now something like that i ve been playing around for a little bit with this in to be honest. With you i m not really impressed with the sound quality that much but i can t rock it that much either you know there s not me being the samsung knight or anything. This is just like how i feel like it i think.

It is like how what i think is going on here about not really sure so this damn was on tap and the batteries in here obviously. But i think it s somewhere in the bottom here like just around these buttons. But you can see here. There s no light or anything.

There s just buttons and stuff like that and the rest is just speakers. But in here. If you look at this one half is actual light actually probably more than one half and the other half is a speaker top. But that it s not just a speaker.

It s the battery tooth so. It s probably worse somewhere around here and the speaker s just here. So i can see why it probably didn t have that much role for a speaker and probably doesn t sound that good now. I m not really sure why i still kind of you know.

It s kind of still. Upsetting that doesn t have that good of a sound called you it s not really that loud that s that s the problem right now. But it s decently..


Loud so let me go ahead and just show you like everything about it real quick. So you just turned on by person hold on to the play and pause button here and obviously these are to turn up and down the volume person hold on to that go to the previous track. A person hold on to that to go to next track. So.

Let me go and turn it on real quick and you get that little sound right there so typical samsung sound when you turn on headphones and speakers and stuff like that and then you get this sound when you connect to them wait hold on there we go yeah. That s what it sounds like and the speaker. Just lights up like that now it doesn t do that by the fall like the little change of colors and all that yeah she had to go over here and hit light wave. But that s how you do it.

But you got some different things. Here so you gotta boost your energy right here. You have cheer up you have take a rest and your take home and if you want you can go and tap on it you can go and just like change it around it okay. I m just changing the brightness right now.

But you could tap on there and drag it around if you need to like i still haven t really learned that like i don t know if you tap it and then drag it around i really don t know right now. I think the other turn off that light wave and then try to do it. Oh yep there we go so now you can see it s like changing all that and then you got some colors down. Here.

And you can also turn off the light just to say some power. You know just a regular speaker and then like i say you could just turn that back on to the brightness up. And it is actually pretty bright. So let me turn off the light real quick.

So yeah. The lights are off you can see it s relatively bright. So it doesn t look as bright as it does in the video. But it s still pretty bright and you got some other things here like i go over to here.

I could choose some other options here like breathing light music like candle mold. And well. Yeah. I see.

And you also got two things called my color here. So you can go and just choose some colors that said as default and you got sleep timer. So i haven t really messed with this year..


But it says light and music will be turned off after the delay you set so you just go ahead and set your timer there and yeah. That s it so yeah pretty cool stuff right there let me go out turn the light back on. But what i m gonna do real quick is i m gonna go ahead and just set this light wave back on because i really like that for some reason. I ma go over to youtube and i m gonna go over and just click on chuckie beats real quick.

So we re gonna do a quick little sound test let s go ahead. And just do this real quick. And yes. This does work just fine.

So you can see here wait hold out for it maybe i gotta move it around. But you can see here you give it a minute yep. There we go so now it s wireless charging. So that works just fine for any regular wireless charger.

Like you don t need samsung s i already knew that. But yeah. Let s go and do a little style test real quick. So i guess i m going to flamingo.

Let s listen to this real quick actually let s just skip forward a little bit let s try to listen to this see like if you put on headphones. You can kind of see it s not that loud so if you re going outside with this. It s not gonna be that great so i recommend you get some like this if you want to go outside. And this for like indoors and stuff like that because will not that great like you can use this outside like it s not a bad speaker.

It s just not that good you know so i don t know if jb. Oh sounds like way better than this or what maybe it does probably it does i really don t know i d see about that because i know they got their little light up speakers and all that but well this doesn t sound that good so i hope they refresh this i feel like they probably won t. But they probably will they might surprise us they surprise us sometimes with these things so we ll see but guys. That s pretty much it so i ll have another video on this and all that you know see whatever i could do with it maybe a sound.

Comparison like i really don t know how to be because it s way loud in this right like double the loudness. I really don t know. But yeah guys lets me watch it hopefully enjoyed this thanks for watching i will see you in the next. One.

It s quite balls is real quick peace out ” ..

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