Samsung ArtPC – Unboxing and Review

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“Youtube komodo gaming here bring you guys a another episode of tiny town vr and and yes folks we re back once again and today. We are back with a new build so it s been about a week. We can have since we ve last on our tiny town episode. And i just kind of took a small little break kind of got my creative juices flowing again now if you missed the last episode.

We did the bridge warm and i ll flash it in the top right corner now i have one little correction that i m gonna need to do to this bridge worm has arms and yeah. I m gonna need to fix that i ll try to fix that here soon so today. We re gonna move on to something else because i have some really cool stuff from the workshop. So the workshop became really active again there s two creators.

There s one called framed one called redacted and yes. We have some cool new stuff. So today. I think we re gonna do a little bit of like a half life 2 themed episode check those out who those are impressive.

So yeah. We got a lot of half life 2 or i guess i should just say half life items here from headcrabs to the walkers. You ve got the gunship here. And we have some new weapons also we have a portal gun.

Which looks really cool. But yeah. We ve got some really cool weapons. So i think there s gonna be another attack happening and i m gonna do it right over here and we re gonna have instead of the grandmas fighting.

We re gonna have like resistance fighters fighting so we re gonna use some of these cool new weapons like crossbows and we have like bow and arrows. I think there s a couple other things like some swords some knives sawed off shotguns so yeah they re gonna be fighting against the half life 2. And i don t know what i should call them another call like the combine. But should i say that or should i just say.

It s just like a general attack. We could acknowledge though affect their half life creatures or creations. I don t know i ll let you guys decide that down in the comments section below. But anyways.

We re gonna be doing that here today. If you guys are excited for some more taneytown on the channel. Maybe hit that thumbs up button. And if you guys have any suggestions for future builds comment below you know i feel like some of this stuff is going to be showing up the worst time.

So i thought about it i was like how do we want to make this happen do we want it to be a portal and say these this army or creatures are attacking through that or do we want to try something else so i ve always liked the idea of the sinkhole and i think maybe they came from the ground now. If you recall war of the worlds. The tripods actually came from the ground. I know they came from the sky and they struck down into the ground.

But then they came up out of the bottom. So i m kind of thinking something like that i would really wish i had a lightning strike that would be kind of cool. I didn t like one of the clouds. But i don t think it would work.

It s like a dark cloud with a little lightning coming out of it i don t know we ll see what we re gonna do there. But anyways. They re gonna be coming from the ground. So let me go ahead and get that all prepared all right so i m in the middle of making the the collapsed hole.


Here. So this is gonna look pretty cool. So i kind of pictured this part of town which by the way. We re by the big robot invasion.

This part of town is probably a lot more of these kind of a little houses here that are put together some a little bit older shops. So i m gonna try to decorate it like that and then of course you have the beach over here to the left side which i don t know if we re gonna really do anything with that this episode. But yeah. This is gonna look pretty cool because we re actually starting to finally swing around and head towards the prison.

So we ll make the town look a lot more complete alright. So i think the hole here looks pretty destroyed. I had a whole bunch of debris around here so yeah. I m liking the way this looks you can kind of see down the street now it s so weird because if you look like directly down.

There you can see the the bridge warm. Yeah. Buddy alright. So let s see what this is gonna look like now.

I want to go ahead. And let you guys know that things are probably not going to be to scale. So say if this is the correct scale of the walker or i guess i should call it the strider. I m not gonna make it like that i want to make these things really big because i want them to look really frightening.

So i don t know if we re gonna call this like a half life thing. But i guess we probably still should because everybody s gonna notice what these are but i m gonna scale them up a bit so yeah they re gonna be coming up through the hole actually i ve got of these what s what s the difference here grab one too they kind of look the same to me so so yeah. I don t think we need to use the second one all right so. This one s gonna be coming up from the hole here these are kind of creepy looking.

I really want to actually use a lot of the headcrabs. I feel like that s gonna be really cool have them attached to some of the people s heads. There we go i get another one here that s kind of epic. Looking.

We probably should put one more further down the street. So say this one s been out of the hole for a little bit. I m kind of making them different sizes. That way they they vary up a bit with how they look.

There. We go. Oh yeah. We can have resistance fighters here fighting back.

That s gonna be pretty sweet. I guess we should go ahead and put oh look at this here s one of the gunships. I m gonna shrink this down just open oh that s a little too small i m gonna shrink it down a little bit here so these will be coming up and say they came out of the ground. There we go oh yeah.

Buddy all right that looks pretty insane all right. So over here. You have the crab and then you have the head crab. What if we put the crab on somebody s head no maybe they ll be using as a decoy.


I have an idea with that horn let me go ahead and grab this oh those are big. So i would say those are a little bigger scale than they are in the game cuz hon. I m gonna grab a person here so a lot of times ahead crab can attach to the person s head well you know what maybe it isn t it s fairly close. I think it might be a little bit big.

But normally you see like the person or the head crab on the person. But i also don t think two people in half life have square heads. So that s why you re kind of seeing it poke through so we ll have to kind of set it like that oh that s gross looking all right we definitely need like a whole bunch of head crabs coming out of the hole here all right so i m currently putting these things everywhere so yeah they re flying out of the hole. They re attacking people we need to get some people down here.

Let s say oh no they attacked the clown. I says put the clown in here clowns probably getting his face eaten there we go put it like that let s go and grab. Let s grab this one here here. We go.

Oh yeah. That s a that s horrible looking. That s great so we ll have that we ll have of course. It possesses people so we ll probably have a couple people going forward like they re possessed well attach that to your head.

There oh yeah. That s that s pleasant. All right i need to add quite a bit more to this all right so we have quite a bit more headcrabs coming up this guy s got like a stun baton. You know.

It s probably actually really smart to be wearing a helmet during this see how he hit one of the head crabs up. But he s actually he s getting surrounded right now so you got that this lady. She s got two headcrabs that are jumping on her you know what s crazy about this like look over in the background. There s a tsunami coming.

They don t have any clue that that s about to happen they re more worried about the walkers and stuff. Oh. It s pretty crazy all right we need to get some resistance fighters. So i think for them.

We re gonna use probably the apocalypse looking people like this so maybe there was some crazy underground people and they knew this wasere. The logger fan. This is the loudest the system gets in terms of thermal stability. I grabbed i 264 trial and fired it up after about five to ten minutes of running the stress benchmarks we can see that actually the system is stable and not throttling at all unleash not really i did not get any video of kenan digital photo professional.

I did on my own five photo benchmark on both machines to get comparable results. So after reviewing that tiny rpc for a few days. What s my verdict well like i always say it depends on who the target audience of the product is and what competing goals they have in mind this pc is marketed as a plugin and go creative centre gaming machine and multimedia center. And it excels.

I think at all these four tasks admirably with the size while comparing it to a high end x79 desktop design for 4k production gaming and video work may not exactly be fair. Unfortunately don t have any other systems at the price point to the art pc on hand to readily compare apples to apples that being said. I was generally surprised at how the sixth generation i7 chip kept up with my overclocked 4930 k. I7 at four point three gigahertz mother that s a few generations old the art pc.

It with its incredibly. Fast and vimy drive is easily sufficient for photo and video editing and included gpu. While granted you might have to turn down some settings and make concessions and some titles can game at respectable settings. The harman kardon speakers.


Had crystal clarity good base and cements this little machine is something that you d like to actually put on your desk. Leave out show. Your guests have attached your tv or use as a media pc. Rather than leave it tucked away.

In a tiny corner samsung. Is eying. The rich aesthetic appeal of apple products in similar display fashion and i can t blame them it wouldn t be a tech video without briefly discussing the vom or build of materials for about 13 or 50 to 1500 sure you might know the build a better system yourself with slightly more expandable components and a better selection compared to this all in one. But keep in mind for that price this machine still includes the rx 460 gpu.

Which in early 18. Because of crypto mining has gpu prices still at all time highs after some quick google amazon and newegg searches. I was able to break the prices down pretty easily. It s about 300 for the 6700 cpu about 230 for the included.

So it it s 110 dollars for the nvme ssd and the per grudging 180. For the erik s 460 gpu. Thanks. Crypto mining for the remaining parts.

I was a little less sure because i could not id them. But let s take some guesses. I guessed about 60 for the one terabyte slower hard drive 50 for the wireless keyboard mouse and usb adapter peripherals about 100 for the harman kardon speaker module and 200 for the custom case. An unknown motherboard and power supply along with about 100 for a windows 10 home license.

This brings us to roughly thirteen hundred forty dollars so for somewhere between 1350 and 1400 could i myself or my viewers build a better system than what samsung has provided here potentially if you have a small form factor build and a little more flexibility on parts. I m sure you could but we do have the exact same specs probably probably not alright to say feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below. I still feel. Though that this machine is a good value for those seeking moderate cpu power.

And who d like to game. Lately keep in mind. It s not really 4k capable and it might struggle depending on your game title of choice. Another small point since how it s not able to really id a power supply or motherboard and looking around the bottom of the case.

Here only has four power locks screws in place. It s not really able to get into the system at all to see what if anything is user upgradeable. Most online literature. However suggests that everything is centered in place and is not user upgradeable hey guys so i think that s a wrap.

I m gonna give this machine for other 5 stars. It does a lot admirably and as a really great tiny form factor machine. The cpu and gpu certainly have enough power for most tasks. The machine can game pretty well depending on settings.

There s the included speakers hard drive cool led light that you can change color with the nvme drives. Blazingly fast. The fans are whisper quiet. There s a lot that this machine has going.

But as a fair tech reviewer and unboxing overview video. I can t to show of course. Where there s also some shortcomings on the products and where a samsung or any other company can improve here s my thought on some of the criticisms for this machine number one the included wireless peripherals locking up during usb drive copy operation was infuriating absolutely frustrating to go from a comfortable user experience that s blistering fast to everything frozen because you re copying to a drive. I don t know if this is a particular usb port problem the wireless adapter problem that peripherals themselves or what.


But it made me just toss my heart self in frustration and go in and plug wired devices in to the machine to solve that problem. That s an area. Where samsung definitely needs some improvement number two while we re on the topic of wireless peripherals. Well.

I understand. The keyboard is compact minimalist in design. And very slim and i can appreciate it for that at the same time. All the peas are scrunched together making typing in a home world memorization.

Quite difficult. There is almost no indicating back lights on it at all and the key travel distance is very slim obviously for the profile coming from a mechanical keyboard. This is night day and well it s certainly serviceable for a regular user. I d recommend the power user grab a different device and number three the lack of an included hdmi cable now guys.

It s 2018 hdmi cable. So ubiquitous on your everything i get that so it may seem like an unfair nitpick. But hear me out this machine is touted as a you buy it take it home plug it in and go all in one moderately powerful system your average user who gets this either online or from a best buy and the salesman probably don t know any difference. It s gonna be surprising to get this home plug it in turn it on and oh wait you re met with a black screen.

Because you don t have an hdmi cable. Now sure you could as a tech reviewer. We have extra cables laying around you could rip one off a tv. A cable box a place and what have you it s solvable with a little frustration.

But that s not the experience. I m sure either i or samsung would like out of the box to take your nice. New machine home only to become a nice new paperweight because you re staring at a black screen with no display signal samsung please spend the three extra dollars and include an hdmi cable in the box for a full computing experience. All right guys so the wrap up.

I think you can get the idea from the graphs. As well as everything i ve said so far. The samsung art pc. Is a pretty capable little machine.

The cpu is powerful the gpu you can actually game on it it s pretty decent. They included them being the ssd is super fast. The audio is crystal clear sounds. Great the acoustics on the machine are nearly an audible and even when the fan ramps up it s still pretty quiet.

So kudos to samsung for making a competitive product in the small form factor space. It s not perfect. But it does a lot of things very well as always feel free to look in our video. Description.

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