Samsung 8k QN85Q900R Overview

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“When you think tvs have reached their npinnacle. An engineer somewhere says. I m pretty pretty sure we can fit more pixels onto that nscreen and here we have it 8k tv hi. I m carl with abt.

And this is the samsung nqn85q900r. And it s finally on display here at abt nelectronics in glenview illinois. And we wanted to do a quick video to talk about some of nthe specs and show you how it looks so we ve got an 8k demo running on here nright now and it looks absolutely stunning and i know there s not 8k content readily navailable for you to watch as of the filming of this video. But there will be don t forget we were saying the same thing nabout 4k.

Not all that long ago. The picture s really quite good the blacks obviously aren t quite as dark nas..

They re gonna be on an oled. But i m definitely catching a lot of detail in the ndarker spots. Plus. This has full array dimming and uses nthe same quantum dot technology you ll find on samsungs other qled sets.

Which provides na hundred percent color volume in the dci p3 color space. The whole setup s pretty amazing you can get within a foot of the screen and nyou still can t make out the individual pixels now. I m not discounting the fact that we ve ngot a demo made by samsung playing on a samsung tv. So i know it s supposed to look incredible nbut even when we throw some 4k and 1080p footage up here.

It looks great here s a quick demo for you to check out nso clearly. The upscaling is very good..

Too. The pedestal s a two footed design as it nneeds to be to hold this monster tv in place. And they don t look bad they re a simple design you can also mount this to the wall. If you nchoose.

Samsung. Does make a no gap wall mount for it and the bezels are pretty much non existent nwhich. Adds to the overall sleekness of the appearance lastly. Let s talk about the one connect nbox yes.

This does come with one and this is where you ll find all your connections. You get..

4. Hdmis with one having arc. An rf nconnection for an antenna three usbs rs232c ethernet and an optical output. The onc connect box is also where all your npowers gonna connect so you don t need two power cords.

Which is nice i ve found the biggest benefit in the one nconnect box to be in applications like we have here. Where you re installing the tv non a stand. Because you can just place the box right behind the set or right underneath nin. The tv stand if you re putting this on the wall.

Though nand this goes for any samsung with the one connect box. You ll want to make sure to nplan the install space appropriately as it can sometimes be a little challenging to find nthe best way for it to fit like i mentioned in the beginning of this nvideo..

We just wanted to do something quick to give you a taste of how the q900r looks nand performs. We ll have more videos coming throughout nthe coming months that showcase more of the features and specs so stay tuned for those so. What do you think are you gonna be an early 8k. Adopter or are you gonna wait until 16k s available nbefore you upgrade from your 1080p set let us know in the comments as always we appreciate you checking out nour video.

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