SABC to dispel confusion on COO s salary

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“Sabc has now sought to dispel confusion about the match. Reported salary of it see see or cloud in joining this after the communication workers union asked the sabc board explain they are police within any organizations. There are regulations to polish the cro responding to questions about his salary last week. But the union says it has more questions it wants the board to clarify he was an acting ceo.

He became a ceo. We became a coo. Obviously your celery changes because prior him peeing at sea. Oh oh.

He was at a certain level. He s now pointed. It is now appointed ceo go. But as communication workers union we take a few get aboard.

Which is the board of a cpc must come clear on this matter because we strongly believe that ac coo cannot increase his own salary their processes must be followed and we believe as a union. Their board must be accountable. They must clarify the issue of the celery of cow to mutiny and clear the end because it s only the board who can do that the chairman of the board that just that we don t just give people salaries that up said we look at things like the market rates and actually. According to the 2014 2015 market rates.

It should be ending three million nine hundred and thirty six thousand and we are giving him 290000. Less than what he should actually get they are also other a soul is out there where there exco members get more than what saudi s getty. I was reading an annual report of another soe the ax salaries rent from. 37.

254. So i believe that those who are a against sabc and after they see who are doing that for their own purposes or essence. He also dismissed media reports that the sabc is in crisis. Sabc is doing very very well as compared to five six years ago.

Where there was a stage. We had only 15 million in our account currently we are having over a billion. So to me we are performing very well. He said.

The sabc will continue to fulfill its public mandate. Let me also a correct this sabc fulfills. A public mandate. We are not a after a prophet.

Because our mandate is to is to give services to the public. Obviously if you are in business. They are times that we will incur losses..


The sabc released its annual financial. ividual nand. Forth column will give information about quantity demanded in the market. So lets say nwhen price is zero.

How many units person one would be willing to buy nfifteen. Fifteen how about the second person nten. Ten ten. So what we are going to get is ntwenty five twenty five lets now change it to one if price nis one how many units person one would demand.

Ten nten. How about person two seven point five nseven point. Five and total is seventeen point. Five nseventeen point.

Five similarly lets do for two three four and five nso. When two its going to be five. And this is going to be again nfive five five and total is nten. Ten ten.

When it is three its going to be nzero zero and ntwo. This is going to be ntwo point five two point five. And this is going to be just ntwo point five. When four it is zero nzero negative.

And this is zero nzero and this is nzero zero how about when it is five nzero zero zero zero zero zero. But when we are saying zero nzero zero. It means we are not following this equation nhm because if you follow the situation and you nput p is equal to five q. One is going to be negative nminus ten.

So its good that you understood on your own. Although we are writing q one nis equal to fifteen minus five p. But what we mean is the maximum of fifteen minus five np comma zero demand cannot be less than zero. Why cannot be less than zero.

Think about it nit doesnt make any sense it doesnt. We are talking about your buying ndecision when you are buying something in the market you cannot buy amount less than nzero so at less amount that you can buy from the market is equal to zero. So although we nare saying. Fifteen minus five p.

What we mean that either fifteen minus five p. But if it nis negative. We are taking it is as equal to zero and similarly here nok..


So now if you draw we have done the table. Lets draw. Q. One then lets draw q.

Two. And then we will draw nq. One plus q. Two if we draw q one how would it look like nstraight line straight line ndownward slopping downward sloping q.

One is going to be fifteen nwhen p. One is equal to zero and q. One is going to be equal to zero. When p is equal to three nthree and as we know that it is a straight line ntwo points are good enough to figure out this line.

And this is what we get ok fine how about nthe q. Two this is q. One how about the q. Two when p is equal to zero.

Then quantity demanded nis. Ten nten and when p is equal to four. Then quantity demanded is zero of course. These lines are nstraight line.

Even though my drawing says that they have some curvature. But please take nthem as two straight lines now we are talking about zero one thing. What you said that we ncan simply add them. But be careful.

When you are simply adding them up because notice when nprice is above three ok. When price is above three. But below four in that zone q. One is nequal to zero.

But q. Two is positive number. So in this zone total market demand will be ngiven by q. Two only so we cannot simply add them up and why it nis happening again go back.

Although we are saying colloquially that we are drawing q. None is equal to fifteen minus five p. But thats not the demand function..


Demand function is this it is maximum of fifteen nminus five p. Comma zero demand of a good cannot be less than zero. So even though we are drawing njust this line as q. One.

But in actual sense. Q. One is this let me use a different color npen probably that will help us and this this is q. One.

Because above p. Equal to three quantity ndemanded is zero for person. One similarly for lets take another color for person. Two nhis demand function is not only this part and this is straight line mind you although nit doesnt look like.

But please take it as straight line and above four its going to nbe equal to zero. Now if you want to obtain the market demand function. We will have to nadd these two curves horizontally. What we mean by adding up horizontally it means we nhave to keep p fixed.

And we have to obtain q. One as well as you two and then add q. One nand q. Two to get the market demand ndemand.

The quantity demanded at that particular price so we are adding. We are picking so lets nsay at this particular price at this price let me so lets take price two what we are ndoing. We are calculating here q. Two and then q one and we are adding.

Keeping price at two nwe are adding this q. One and q two and we are obtaining the quantity demanded by the nwhole market. But notice if we take here price above three. But below four lets say three npoint five whats happening in this case that q.

One is equal to nzero zero and q. Two is some positive numbers so nwhen. We are adding up q. One plus q.

Two basically we are adding zero. Plus. Quantity demanded nby person two at that particular price so quantity demanded by the whole market is just nquantity demanded by person two so we cannot simply say this..


This is wrong you know because nwe have to be careful about it because this we are getting because we are thinking our ndemand function is fifteen minus five p. And ten minus two point five. P. Thats.

Wrong. Our ndemand functions are maximum of fifteen minus five. P. Comma.

Zero. And maximum of ten. Minus. Ntwo p.

Com. Two point five. P. Comma zero.

And we are adding these two up so be very careful nok. So how its going to look like its going to nlook like if so what we had basically is something like this and now we want to get the market nso till till. This point. This is the market demand function.

This is three this is four nthis is ten this is fifteen and from here. What we need to do we need to super impose nthis curve on this curve. So its going to look like we have to do the parallel shift its ngoing to look like this and this is going to be equal to twenty five so in this zone nin. The earlier page you were saying twenty five point seven point five p in this zone nits going to be twenty five minus seven point five p.

But in this zone its going to be nten minus ten minus ntwo point five ten minus two point five p and in these zone nits going to be zero. So market demand function. If we want to describe it completely market ndemand function. We can write it like this zero.

If p is greater than or equal to four nis equal to ten minus two point five p. If p is greater than three. But equal to four nand its twenty five minus seven point five p for p. Less than three and thats.

How we get nthe market demand function be be very careful. ” ..

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