Rupaul s Drag Race Season 10 Episode 4 {REACTION}

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“What s up you bitches and sluts in horse. It s dandy and handy today. Today. We re back for the fucking next episode of fucking you seen last week video.

But we saw miss van g. Miss veggie and she was so incredibly sweet. Amazing. We are back in the comfort of our own home yes ready for this fucking show as always we re gonna read our favorite comics from last week.

Mine is from angie uniquely made look like fun. But i prefer you guys indoors. Like hermits. Hello.

Well we get better reactions. But still love you both in van g. Man. G.

Man. Ged had such a blast..

But we are happy to be back a lot of you guys said that you prefer us to be here. So we are listening and yeah hine was from a holt greene. They said. It was sickeningly pierce and iconic that you had a miss angie.

With you i always enjoy your videos. Yeah boy were yeah yes. It was so cool you guys. She literally just hung out with us at our table and was like watching the show with us well.

We could watch. Yeah was so fucking loud yeah. It was it was intended we missed you guys so we re back so of course. We re gonna go ahead and make our fucking drinks.

We re bringing back these bad boys because we do you guys miss them. So. Let s go ahead. And get a full bottle of wine up in here literally.

This is so perfect like holiness for you crazy girl you need some water like this step myself lucky like that alright cheers. I m gonna use you guys drinking this whole thing babe who s drinking with us..

He s you guys you know damn well i love you guys oh. She was our team leader and when she sees this live and in color. I kept going back to make sure were you okay were so quiet. I m really she did but sometimes you gotta trust your captain and go with it.

But she did what does this time get a word any bottle sense. But what s done in the dark tonight. That s right i do a lot in the dark you better not brought to light. The lights are well.

I thought are you kidding me you see that body beyond oh poor. Jess. The hair. The makeup or the green hair on dashboard.

I mean has she not told me about my hair. I mean if i was like care for it alright nick look you guys who mayhem. This is a much better look on me my core. She loves a lot i love it s a little different color.

I don t know i m kind of like you you recon this and then really giving me martian okay. I like this love it..

She s giving me um. What s that movie. The time. Okay.

Reveal. Yeah. I m not like dad. So michelle do you think i like this long cuz.

I am by aquaria aquaria when they both want our power else then you slept where we did come on this is the dawning of the age of aquarius. Oh. My god who said the bottom you got cameras. Oh.

My dear. But you are up for elimination. Yeah. Not asia.

Oh. My god dusty cannot go home that s who you said was gonna win this damn thing go brian doesn t not gonna fight right come on dusty..

I m ready to get the biggest fight. I have to show group. My device there this is the last moment to make it count he lost his crying and his fucking interview of don t meanwhile back in 71 exchange shante you stay no whoa. This is not the last year.

So i bought up and my oh will be out for you guys sad because dusty is fine. And he s leaving in the sad so we right i m literally not dusty winning. Yeah you did i don t know why you bought me out saying. I was thirsty and i am thirsty so that s why i got a big bottle of wine.

I got a big thank you guys so much for watching. We are so glad to be back and let us know what you guys think are you guys sad dusty. What are you happy are you happy who s next. What do you think of all the drama.

What do you think the drama wouldn t love to throw you off the drama. And we all love y all. So thank you guys so much for watching in just remember. ” .


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