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“Yo. What s up you too is patrick. And this is a guide to the the tower of life quest on runescape 3. I ve doing some old school runescape.

Do have version of this guide for that as well leave description below anyways. Ours. Great now is everything needs to repair itself as quest and the rewards to start the quest head over to tower life located south of east artie talk to fg select. The first option.

It says sure why not then accept the quest you go northeast and talk to bona fide. Oh. You talk to black eye and select the options run on screen to get a builder s hat. You talk to the guns to give him your beer in exchange for a builder s shirt.

Talk to gummy you go to the southeastern corner of the tower. But on the outside search the plates until you find some builders trousers um. If you can t find it there are more plants that you can search around the other parts of tower. But definitely should be here because i managed to find it around here every time.

But once you do find it go back to the area with the builders. But talk to no fingers after talking to him now you have to pickpocket him for a pair of builders boots. Which you can fill it in which case you have to keep trying once you have all four pieces of builders outfit. I ll put it all on then talk to bonafide oh again and select the chat options run on screen you enter the tower and you ll see a bunch of crates search the big open crate on the east wall.


Which should contain item called valve wheels. You ll need to get four of those by the way sometimes when you search the crates it ll say you don t find anything just keep searching that same crate. It does that sometimes you on the west wall. There s open create a search stat to get three metal sheets.

You the search the open crate just south that this one until you get a four colored balls. You go northeast to the two open crates search. The one closer to the south and get four pipes. You search.

The next closest create city east and get five pipe rings. You search. The next closest crates. A southeast and get six rivets.

These are stackable by the way you once you have everything go up the stairs to the west click on the pressure machine to north and select the first option. It says yes to fix it after you fix it you re going to get calibrate at which my instructions for his may sound a little confusing. But if you watch the screen. While i do it it might make more sense.

But i will get the screen turn the first wheel to left which you do just by clicking on the left side of the wheel. Until the ball and the first pipe plugs the hole. That s leaking water. Then turn the same first wheel to the right until that same pipe is completely filled with water next click on the left lever to pull it down and turn the second wheel to left until the ball.


And the second pipe plugs the leaking hole. Then once again turn the second wheel to right until. The same pipe is completely filled with water next turn the third wheel to right until water is leaking from the hole in the third pipe. Then turn to left just once to plug the hole finally turn it to right until the third pipe is filled lastly click on the right lever to pull it down turn the fourth wheel to the right until there s a leak in the fourth pipe turn to left just once to plug the hole.

Then turn it to right again until the pipe is completely filled. If done correctly all the leaks should be contained and all the pipe should be filled and screen will close by itself after a couple seconds. Saying the machine is working then go upstairs clicking machine says south and select the first option said yes to fix it this machine is going to be needed calibrated as well. But it s a lot simpler you just put the pipes in place.

So it looks like the image. I put on the right. I also number the pieces for you guys a little probably not necessary. I think it s self explanatory without it but yeah you move the pieces by clicking on the piece.

You want to move then use the arrows on the bottom. And the incomplete circle to the right of the arrows is to rotate the piece. I believe the only piece that actually has to be rotate as big one number three. I just rotated twice and you should be good the pieces should snap into place.

We can get them close enough to correct spot after you move the last piece into place the screen should close on its own. It ll say the machine s working go all the way back downstairs. You search the open crates have very south and get five metal bars also in the crate right next to that has something called binding fluids. You need for those as well these are the last two items you ll need from here.


You go up three floors to a very top floor of the tower. You click on the cage and select the first option it says yes to fix it now you have to calibrate this as well the way this works is you simply have to replace the register parts of the cage which you do by first selecting horizontal vertical based on how it is on the cage then you can adjust the size using the plus or minus sign. That s what the numbers are for number or size of the bar. You currently have is shown next to minus sign once you have to correct bar or you think you do you just click place bar and they ll put it in the correct place for you assuming.

It is right. I m also assuming jagex doesn t change anything the instructions. I have written on the right should be perfect. If not this is not difficult to figure out on your own at all also i forgot to mention.

There is actually four sides to the cage. That all has to be fixed. You ll see that says click on the right arrow. Which the arrows are at the bottom.

That s to turn the cage. The right to work on the next side do not turn it to the left unless you re doing it on your own because you ll end up on a different side. Which will throw off my instructions obviously if done correctly the screen will close by itself. And you get a message saying.

The cage complete then go back to fg outside you talk to effigy you go back in the tower and go all the way back upstairs. You you ll get a cutscene when you climb up the ladder. Just go through that cutscene you go back to fgm outside. You talk to effigy you go back in the tower.


And go all the way back upstairs. You talk to the creature. And you have to adjust this mind to be more about magic or logic. It doesn t matter.

Which one you pick. But you get a bunch of random questions and you just select the answer that relates to either magic or logic. I personally picked magic and the options i selected on the screen. I don t know if the questions show up in the same order for everyone or if they re randomized.

But it got the job done for me and either way. It s not that hard to figure out especially what magic just primers select. Any option has to do with you know magic spells runes things. Like that the screen should close on its own.

When you re done just make sure you finish the conversation before you move on go back to fgm outside you talk to effigy you go back in the tower. A trapdoor to south go down the trap door you go north talk to creature. And that will be an end the quest. So i hope you found this video.

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