Rona Kachta Shrine – The Forgotten Temple

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” s up guys. This is jeremy from the tendo gamer welcome to my channel and and for those who returned welcome back to another video tutorial on how to get the rhone account your shrine alright. This is the shrine that s in the forgotten temple. Which first time i look forward i give up because i didn t take why don t see the time to look for it.

But um so those ones that you can detect with your radar. But it s not where it says. It is because you have to get in the entrance point in a different area when i actually sat there and thought about it for a second. It made more sense than anything so what your random tell you is that the shrines located somewhere right here quite obviously you can see that it s not and if it is a hidden shrine that you have to do a challenge for quite obviously your radar would not be going off for it so it must be in the open.


If it s not there it s not there so what you want to do is you want to make your way down this line to the end of the forgotten temple top area. I m just gonna switch out to something just be a little quieter. There will be guardians up here you can defeat them if you want. But it s also easy just to pass them and you re right to the shrine.

If only it was night. I d be able to run with that dark link armor. I ll post a link for how to get the dark armor in the description below all right so as you can see i m it s a very long long path so path and sides pretty long as well to make sure you have food or at least amount of hearts. It helps alright so here we go first.


I thought this was the entrance because it says i m right at the forgotten temple and i was wrong that s all along here can find anything and that s when i gave up then i realized holy geez. There s another place you can jump down. And then this is where the real entrance is it s covered by a big bomb. So shoot your way through you can see your way through at the bottom arrow or you can use your paraglider and just drop them as you can see there s a bunch of guardians.

You should be able to just surf your way past them and they shouldn t be able to kill you she s not that bad the next room sucks a little bit more by the way do not try to walk out of here. If you re gonna get out of here teleport you will die on your way back up it s not the same just pass these other six by the way. It s a good way to get money if you kill all these you can collect their parts. And either get money or get more armor for the for the guardian set.


And there you go we have the roenick counter shrine in the forgotten temple. When i go down. If you liked this video. Please like and subscribe and comment below on things you are having issues with the game.

I will help you as soon as i can so at the end of this challenge. All you do is walk up grab your chest. And you get teleported out also if you watch my um. My video on how to get the shrine in hyrule castle at the end of it i show you what you get for having all 120 shrines completed.


Which is the of the wild harmar don t wear that right now it s normally green. I liked i ve always liked the goron version like the goron tunic from the ocarina of time so i changed mine red and you will get it right here forgotten temple. This is the oldest goddess statue in the place that she will spawn three chests for you and you complete the challenge a gift from monks anyway. Thanks for watching you guys have a great day.

” ..

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This video is to help you guys if you haven t done this shrine yet. Its not difficult just not exactly where the radar goes off on the surface!!
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